US said to weigh gradually unfreezing Iranian assets

This is a disaster. The Iranian Regime will not stop their pursuit of nuclear weapons. They should not be rewarded for “negotiating,” a stall tactic they have been using for about 20 years now, while the centrifuges keep running at full speed.

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“US said to weigh gradually unfreezing Iranian assets,” The Times of Israel, October 18:

Coming off a round of talks with Iranian representatives this week, Washington is reportedly weighing a proposal that would alleviate some of the sanctions-generated pressure on Tehran, giving the Islamic Republic access to billions of dollars’ worth of frozen funds in exchange for concessions on its nuclear program.

The plan calls for a graduated unfreezing of Iranian oversees assets without rescinding the sanctions themselves, affording US President Barack Obama the capacity to respond to offers made by Iran in the course of negotiations without undoing the years-long effort to put the existing sanctions regime into place, a unnamed senior official in the Obama administration told The New York Times late Thursday.

The official reportedly likened the plan – said to still be in debate in the White House and the State Department – to a “financial spigot,” which could be opened and closed at will.

Negotiations this week between world powers and Iran ended on an upbeat note, with a new round of discussions set for November, but Tehran has yet to put any concrete offers on the table regarding its controversial nuclear program, and US lawmakers are pushing ahead with new sanctions initiatives.

Demands grew in Congress for a speedy escalation of sanctions against Iran as the two days of nuclear talks ended, setting up a potential foreign policy clash with the Obama administration while it seeks a diplomatic end to the standoff.

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