Video: Robert Spencer on Sun TV on 9/11 Museum controversy and more

Robert Spencer is the best jihad analyst in the world. He is the director of

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On Michael Coren’s Sun TV show, guest host Alex Pierson and Robert Spencer discussed:

1) Hamas and the PLO reconcile to form a unified Palestinian front, potentially scuppering the never-ending Israel/Palestine “peace” process.

2) Outcry over a National September 11 Memorial Museum movie that correctly identifies Islam as the motivation for the terror attacks.

3) Has the U.S. switched sides on the War on Terror?

4) David Cameron has the temerity to pronounce Britain – you know, the united kingdom with a flag that is the amalgamation of the St. George’s Cross, the St. Andrew’s Cross, and the St. Patrick’s Cross – Christian(!), to the outrage of a number of very unimportant people.

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