Tel Aviv celebrates white night

Tel Aviv celebrates its ninth annual White Nights in grand style with live music, cultural events and huge parties.

It may have been a decade since Tel Aviv was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but that hasn’t stopped the city from celebrating. Since the declaration, which recognized 4,000 buildings created in the Bauhaus and International architectural styles, the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality has celebrated every year in the best way it knows how – with a huge party. The annual White Night celebrations are an ode to the “non-stop city” that is Tel Aviv.

As part of this year’s events, held on Thursday night, June 27, commercial establishments, cultural hubs, art centers and clubs throughout the city will stay open late, and outdoor performances will be held until the wee hours. As always, the events are open to the public and are free or cost a nominal fee.

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Here are some of the highlights of the night-long festivities. .

The Hatikva market will be kicking off White Night with a party full of music and street theater. The market will come alive with dancers performing among the stalls, and the entire area will be filled with human statues and street performers. The stalls, shops and restaurants in the area will be open until later than usual. Events begin at 5:30 p.m.

From 9 p.m. on, Summit Park in Old Jaffa will host an indie rock festival with performers such as Electra, Geva Alon, The Angelcy, Brigitte from France and Reines Girls.

As with every year, Rothschild Boulevard will host a huge street party throughout the evening, complete with live music, dance workshops and street performances.

In the main plaza outside the Habima Theater, ballroom dance lovers can enjoy dancing from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. with the band Nostalgia and soloist Yossi Darom. Everyone is welcome to tango, waltz, samba, cha cha and rumba, as well as many other types of dances.

There will also be a Bollywood Dance Workshop at Gordon Beach.

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