Glenn Beck: ‘I Personally Am Calling for the Impeachment of the President of the United States’

For the very first time, Glenn Beck called for President Obama to be impeached. Why? Because Beck believes that aiding al-Qaeda affiliated rebels in Syria by targeting the government is “the height of insanity” and illegality, and anyone seriously proposing that has to go.

Beck made it clear exactly who he wants gone and why.

“I personally am calling to impeach the President of the United States. This is impeachable. He is arming known terrorists, and people like John McCain should be impeached as well.”

He asked if arming a sworn enemy of the United States isn’t an impeachable offense, what he hell is? He made it clear this isn’t about politics, saying he wants people like McCain and Lindsay Graham to go too for lining up behind Obama on this.

Beck sighed, “We did not get into bed with Hitler to defeat Japan.”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

Beck brought in Frank Gaffney, the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, to weigh in on the issue.

Beck highlights ‘total massacre that the media completely ignored’ – and how it relates to Egypt & Syria

The Blaze (September 12) — Many Americans have been horrified by the violence and lawlessness gripping “Arab Spring” countries, despite the administration’s confidence that the wave of revolutions marked a bright new chapter for the region.

“Once the radicals came to power, the systematic targeting of people who disagree with them – especially Christians – began,” Glenn Beck said on his weekday television show Thursday.  “Today, kidnappings, murder, forced conversions, rape, and forced marriage [are] rampant throughout the region…How’s it looking, Mr. President?”

But while “the situation faced by the Christian minorities in the Muslim world is dark,” Beck said, “it is nothing new.”

“In 1955, Turkey committed one of the most unthinkable acts.  Nobody even talks about it, because most people don’t know that it even happened — and this is after they tried to wipe out the entire Armenian race through genocide in the early 1900′s,” Beck said.  “Which according to them is just a rumor, didn’t really happen — in fact president Obama has refused to call it a genocide.”

Beck also asked TheBlaze’s national security adviser Buck Sexton to appear on the program.

In Sexton’s opinion, “There is a rising tide of Islamism that is much more pernicious, much more evil, than anything you are seeing on the news.”

He displayed a map of locations where there have been terror attacks tied to Al-Qaeda recently, and it spread across the entire Middle East and North Africa.

This is the reality,” he said.  “The black flags flying all across here are tied together.”

When Beck asked why the issue matters for Americans, Sexton replied: “It means that we’re heading for some very tough times.  It means that at some point, what’s happening here is going to spill over into our world.

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Glenn Beck: Why I am against war in Syria

Glenn Beck is the most insightful, honest, and informed political commentator out there. I highly recommend that you read the entire op-ed, or you can find the highlights below:


Glenn Beck is the CEO & Founder of Mercury Radio Arts. Beck is one of America’s leading radio and television personalities, and author of #1 New York Times bestsellers in both fiction and non-fiction. The Glenn Beck Program is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks and is the third highest-rated national radio talk show.


…War with Syria is suicidal and here are just a few reasons why.

China’s Foreign Minister said American should ‘think thrice’ before acting and exercise ‘extreme caution’ in what is a clear declaration of support for Assad’s regime. Russia has unabashedly come to the aid of Assad by sending a steady stream of weapons and recently they bolstered their naval presence near the Syrian coast with a missile cruiser and a destroyer among other ships. Iran, of course, has vowed to support Syria ‘to the end’ in the face of possibly military strikes from the United States.

Since the Arab Spring the Middle East has come unraveled – something that didn’t seem possible given its already volatile nature. Egypt is on the verge of civil war, Libya is suffering in lawless ruin, and Syria is mired in a deadly civil war that’s killed hundreds of thousands of people. The Assad regime, the radical terrorists fighting against Assad, and the Obama administration itself all admit a limited and measured strike from the United States will neither end the civil war nor change regimes.

So why bother doing it? What is this really all about? Here are a few of the keys:

– Assad saw what happened in Egypt and Libya and he’s making sure he does not suffer the same fate. He’s a dictator desperately trying to hold onto his power through any means possible.

– Iran doesn’t have many allies around the world, but Syria is one of them. Iran depends on Syria to funnel weapons to terrorist organization Hezbollah, whose main base of operation is in Lebanon. Hezbollah views any threat to the Assad regime as a threat to Palestinians and Lebanon.

– Syria hosts a Russian naval base on the Mediterranean and Russia needs the access to warm water ports or else they are either land locked or ice locked.

– Another major factor is oil & natural gas. Syria is one of the most strategic places for pipelines to flow into Europe. Qatar proposed a massive pipeline that would weave through Syria, but Assad turned that down in 2009 and instead partnered up with Russia and Iran to get the pipeline, which is due to open in 2016.

…But there is another factor at play: Destabilization.

I’ve talked a lot about the Archduke Ferdinand moment. When Archduke Ferdinand (of Austria-Hungary) was assassinated in Bosnia in 1914 it triggered a chain reaction that ultimately led to World War I.

Here’s what happened:

Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist who was protesting Austria-Hungary’s control over Bosnia. Serbia at the time was trying to gain control over Bosnia.

Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

Russia mobilized to give military aid to Serbia, an ally.

Germany then declared war on Russia.

When a Tunisian fruit cart vendor set himself on fire in protest and died, the President likened his actions to that of Rosa Parks. High praise considering Parks helped spark one of the most important civil rights movements in history. I didn’t see it that way –I saw it as 1914 all over again and another chance for extremists to attempt to redraw the map through war.

…The cost of getting involved is far too high and it’s the people of Syria are the ones who will pay the price. It will eventually cost all citizens of the globe as it will put us another step closer to World War III.

And for what? America to save face? To Secure pipelines?

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U.S. & Syria: Glenn Beck’s dire warning, “this is World War III in the making”

Glenn Beck warned America in the strongest of terms on Tuesday that military intervention in Syria could lead to World War III, with the United States squaring off against China, Russia and Iran.

Beck’s warning came as Secretary of State John Kerry said it is “undeniable” that chemical weapons have been used in Syria, something President Barack Obama has called a “red line” that would change our approach to the nation’s civil war.

“I learned my lesson [in Iraq], he didn’t,” Beck said.  “[John Kerry is] now going to repeat exactly the same thing.”

But unlike with Iraq, when it was asserted that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destructionand was a clear and present threat to the United States, Beck said he hasn’t heard the second part of that case made yet. If anything, it can be argued that intervention is what poses the threat.

“Why?” Beck asked. “Because today Russia and now China have added their name to the list of, ‘Don’t do anything in Syria.’  So now we have Russia, Iran and China telling us, ‘mind your own business.’”

Unless the U.S. is willing to get into World War III against the aforementioned powers and poke “another hornet’s nest” of Islamic extremism, Beck said, you have to be “out of your mind” to intervene.

“We don’t survive that,” he said.

“You go against China, who buys all of our debt?” he asked, adding that Russia has already begun turning arms shipments from America to the Middle East.

“Don’t screw with this,” he said.  “This is World War III in the making.”

Watch the entire segment below:

Over 45 churches & Christian institutions reportedly attacked in Egypt – Where’s the media?

As the Egyptian government attempts to disband supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, a wave of devastating violence has swept through the country. The AP has reported that 638 people have been confirmed killed and nearly 4,000 are injured. It’s now being uncovered that much of this violence is being committed against Christians and their institutions.

This morning on radio, Glenn gave his listeners a rundown of the institutions that have been attacked and what is happening to the Christian Egyptians as their nation unwinds into chaos — something the mainstream media has been deafeningly silent on.

Click here for full list of attacked institutions with photos and sources.

Much like Kristallnacht was blamed on the communists, the Christians are being blamed in Egypt. And Glenn believe’s that Israel will soon be blamed as well.

“This is, by the way, the Muslim Brotherhood,” Glenn continued. “The Muslim Brotherhood is the one doing this. Because they needed somebody to blame. They couldn’t blame it on their fellow Muslims who threw the — Morsi out. So they had to blame it on somebody. So they are blaming it on the Christians. The next target will be the Jews, but this is what’s happening to the Christians. And we’re sending $2 billion a year to them, and our government is playing footsie with the Muslim Brotherhood, and this is what they’ve — this is what they’re doing right now. Right now.”

Glenn went on to state that it is time to cut off support and aide to Egypt.

Glenn Beck explains the ‘real reason why you should care about the Middle East’

One of the hottest topics in the news day-in and day-out, oftentimes, is the Middle East. On his weekday television program Wednesday, Glenn Beck addressed the fundamental question: why should you care?

Beck began by explaining why he cares, saying his approach radically changed after 9/11, when he vowed to do all he could to better understand the region and the world at large.

One of Beck’s main motivations, which he said you may or may not agree with, is the Bible, and how we are “wound in so deeply to Israel.”

“If you disagree with the Bible, that’s fine, whatever, but you have to understand the role [it] played in history, and why this matters,” Beck said.

“We are a nation that is based on Judeo-Christian values and the Bible, period…But there’s no way to deny that the majority of our laws come directly from the scriptures…and the Bible comes from Judah,” Beck continued. “The people of Jerusalem – we owe our existence in many ways. We owe our laws to them…We owe the people of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we owe our support and our allegiance. Not blind allegiance – and I’m not talking about putting troops down on the ground. We have to be not only on their side, but God’s side.”

Beck looked at a number of pieces of American history illustrating the country’s connection to Israel, from the Statue of Liberty to the United States seal. Watch the entire segment, below:

So what does that translate to?  If you accept that it’s important to pay attention the Middle East, what should you be considering today, in Beck’s opinion?

He pointed to three things that he said the media has largely ignored:

1) Egypt could collapse soon, Beck said, “and it will throw the region into absolute chaos.”

2) Libya is also on the brink

3) Turkey just gutted its military, which was “the biggest force for stability and modernity in the country and that part of the world.”

Beck described the situation as a “trifecta for chaos,” adding: “Global war, I believe, is coming.”

He brought in TheBlaze’s national security advisor Buck Sexton to weigh in:

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TheBlaze’s national security advisor slams absolute ‘counterterrorism catastrophe’ that you may not have heard about

TheBlaze’s national security advisor Buck Sexton appeared on The Glenn Beck program Monday to draw attention to a “counterterrorism catastrophe” that he said many in the media are failing to adequately address — a series of international al-Qaeda-linked prison breaks that freed over a thousand criminals across the Middle East and North Africa.

“I think [if] people understood what this was, they would be much more frightened of this than any sort of nebulous threat that’s out there right now. This is a counterterrorism catastrophe,” Sexton began.

He continued: “You had a prison break at Abu Ghraib in Iraq in which 500, they estimate, hardened al-Qaeda fighters are now on the loose…These are individuals who have fought against U.S. forces on the ground, they have extensive bomb-making skills, they have networks in place for international jihad. That alone would be cause for major concern, but oh, Glenn, in the same week there were over a thousand people who got free from a prison in Benghazi…And oh in that same week in northern Pakistan, a prison was overrun…”

“These were all very complex operations,” Sexton added, noting that a series of coordinated prison breaks in separate countries in just one week requires an immense degree of coordination and planning.

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Glenn Beck’s emotional monologue on the horrific gang rape story he says is being swept under the rug because it doesn’t further an ‘agenda’

It’s very difficult to listen to this story. But it’s important to be aware why the mainstream media and politicians act the way they do.

The Blaze — Glenn Beck confronted society’s morality on his television program Thursday evening, shocked and disgusted at the events of recent weeks.

He primarily focused on the horrific report of a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly gang raped by up to ten men in Austin, TX, before being sexually assaulted by another man after being dropped off with “nowhere to go.” Doctors said their findings were consistent with the allegations.

“Where is the outrage? Where’s Al Sharpton?” Beck said, pausing briefly with emotion. “Where’s Barack Obama? Shouldn’t the president give a speech saying something like, ‘This girl could have been my daughter, after all my daughter is just turning 14?’  …How about speeches on the dangers of letting illegals live in the shadows? How about the speeches of let’s just be good to each other? Where are the marches?”

President Barack Obama spoke several times about 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was shot by George Zimmerman in what a jury recently ruled was self defense. The president said Martin could’ve been his son, or even could’ve been him 35 years ago.  The issue aroused sustained national fury over the death of the 17-year-old.

But Beck said the 13-year-old girl should expect no such support.

“See, nobody really actually cares about people anymore,” Beck said. “It’s really only about politics.  It’s not about Trayvon Martin. They had to make him look like a little 13-year-old-boy…Why? Because it would help them get elected, or re-elected, or get them to cause trouble or get more trouble. But see this little 13-year-old-girl, you don’t have to doctor a picture of her…she is 13.”

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Beck puts his money where his mouth is in impassioned ‘Christians United for Israel’ speech

Glenn Beck gave the keynote address at Christians United for Israel’s Washington Summit Tuesday night, concluding a day that featured speakers from Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Miracles do happen, Pastor Hagee got me to come back to Washington, D.C.,” Beck began with a laugh.  “I’m proud to be here. I’m humbled to be here. I usually take about five minutes to write a speech. This one has been weighing on me for quite some time, and I have prayed a great deal on what to say.”

Beck spoke about the turmoil in the Middle East, how America’s founding is tied to Israel, and backed up his vocal support for the organization with a generous donation.

“Last time I was here, Mercury One and my wife and I donated $10,000 to help with CUFI on Campus,” he said. “And I spoke to my wife before I came and we were prepared to do $50,000, but I am asking you to be ten times what you think you can be, and I will put my money where my mouth is and write you a check tonight for $100,000.”

The crowd erupted in applause as Beck continued: “The students and our youth are the answer and the key. We must not just have a hand, a palm on their back — we must have our shoulders behind them and prop them up and do all that we can do. These are the days, and it’s exciting to watch God work! It will be amazing to see what God does in Israel. It will be amazing to see the miracles when our back is up the wall and we don’t think we can make it. This is it — watch not for His finger, not for His hand, but for the whole arm of God.”

YouTube Preview Image

Throughout his speech, Beck warned the audience about the “terrible, terrible days” that could lie ahead if the people of America don’t “wake up and turn around.”

“We are entering a time where most people can’t see the difference between light and dark, good and evil, and our humanity is slipping from us,” he said, later adding: “It is essential that we remember and everything we have is set up to remember who we are.”

YouTube Preview Image

“God bless, and God bless the state of Israel.”

National security expert explains ‘vortex of instability and violence’ that could be next for Egypt

An incredibly insightful and powerful monologue you won’t hear anywhere in the mainstream media.

TheBlaze’s national security expert Buck Sexton, who warned of the protests that led to the ouster of Egypt’s former President Mohammed Morsi the week before they happened, appeared as a guest host on Glenn Beck’s television program Monday to explain what’s next for the embattled country.

“The true freedom-seekers in the Middle East are in an almost impossible situation,” he said. “Any time they rise up, jihadists will just hijack the revolution away from them.  They’ll take it away from the secularists, from the ‘Twitterati’ of Tahrir.  The liberals, those people who believe in women’s rights, they’ll take it away from them with ruthless violence.”

That’s not to say there won’t be some semblance of unity before that, however.  “They’ll pretend to stand alongside them, only to turn on them afterwards,” Sexton asserted.

He proceeded to explain how a “root fallacy” of the Arab Spring revolutions has been focusing on the overwhelming number of protesters.

“It’s not about who has the numbers,” he said. “It’s about who has the most conviction. This is a basic revolutionary principle…from the Jacobins to the Bolsheviks to the Ayatollahs — you don’t need the most people, you need the most [committed], and the most [ruthless].”

“Radicals don’t seek to convince others, they seek to control them. Why do you think they show videos of themselves eating dead soldiers’ hearts or chopping the heads off of priests, or what we’re seeing today in the streets of Egypt?”

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Glenn Beck explains why World War 3 could be on the horizon

Screen-shot-2013-06-04-at-7.36.58-PM-620x310Glenn Beck dedicated the entire hour of his television program Tuesday to the follow-up of what he says got him into “so much trouble” during the so-called Arab Spring: a chalkboard that predicted the protests would cascade, and that radicals would work with Islamists overturn stability.

On Tuesday, Beck told his audience where he believes the road will now lead: World War III.

“The one thing that always gets me in trouble is usually I am way ahead of the game, and I have no perception of time,” Beck said. “I see things on a flat wall.  They are coming, but it won’t be tomorrow.”

He added: “I hope with everything in me that I’m wrong, but the pattern of history is incredibly consistent…Everything is up for grabs in the world, and the rush for power is on.”

Beck argued that there are currently three dominant groups:

‘The Caliphate’:  “It is the stated goal of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and many far left Islamists to re-establish the Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, or the global Islamic state,” Beck said, playing video of Islamist leaders across the globe saying just that.

But, he added, this group is divided between Sunni and Shia Muslims.  While Sunni Muslims — who dominate much of post-Arab Spring North Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood — aim to implement an Islamic state, Beck said the radical Shiites who wield influence in places like Iran, Assad’s Syria, and Pakistan are more focused on hastening the return of the twelfth imam.  They believe he will only appear when the world is drowned in blood and chaos, so they aim to create those conditions.

“But either way, they both [believe] they control the entire world in the end,” Beck said.

‘The Controllers’“Whether they are communists, socialists, fascists, progressives, Fabian socialists, bankers, Bilderbergs, Nazis, drug lords, Mayor Bloomberg… ” Beck stated.  “[This is] anyone who wants either wants power in their own little fiefdom, or wants to control the planet through the United Nations or whatever.  Anyone who wants a slice of that ‘control’ pie.”

He put countries like Russia, China, and North Korea in the “control” category.

‘Those That Just Want to Survive’:  But throughout the world, most people aren’t thinking in terms of global domination, Beck said.  Most people just want to live their lives, or, depending on where they live, just want enough food and water to get by.  Beck put about 90% of the world into this category.

“That, unfortunately, this is the group that loses in the end, because this group is always forced to choose between stuff and sacrifice,” Beck said.  “They have to choose sides eventually.”

“The problem is, nobody is offering you a real choice,” Beck said, proceeding to draw out the potential “new map.”

“The only way we stand in the end is to stand for something.  If we don’t, we’ll have to choose between one of [the first] two groups,” Beck declared.

At the end of the show, Beck invited Patrick Poole, the national security expert at PJ Media, and Frank Gaffney, the former assistant secretary of defense and the founder of the Center for Security Policy, to weigh in on his conclusions.

All three agreed that Syria is a lynchpin, and that intervention will have major, international ramifications.

“We’re watching flash points developing all over the world,” Gaffney added.  “North Korea, China, Sweden, Venezuela and what’s coming next in Latin America, Africa…The problem is, we’ve got these tectonic shifts that are taking place, and we’re not an anchor.”

Watch the last segment below: