The One Speech About Islam Every Person Must Hear!

Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly

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One thought on “The One Speech About Islam Every Person Must Hear!

  1. I listened to the video of brigitte gabriel as u asked. All I can say is — WOW! She’s right. I never thought of it that way. The Nazi’s with their superiority ideology were nothing but evil murderers – & the “peaceful majority” that were swept up into everything – were truly “irrelevant”. It wasn’t until the rest of the world recognized the evil it was causing – that it got it’s just rewards and was moved against by all – and *stopped*!!

    Al-Sisi was right. If they don’t stand up and reform & separate politics from their “religion” – it will eventually become another huge war – perhaps WWlll. And it will end for them like it did for the Nazis.

    …sadly, millions will die – but the ppl of the entire world will call the hypocritical “religious” fascism OUT — and they will be recognized as no better than the Nazis — & then it will be the end for it.

    …I’m so tired of all the inhumane atrocities being commited all over the world every day to innocent non-muslims in the name of this “Religion of Peace”! AND – now with Daesh – inhumane atrocities to even Muslims themselves that are caught up in their evil way!!

    …the “moderates” everywhere across the Islamic religious world of the “Ummah” better get with it before they too become “irrevelant” victims of these Nazi-ish, Daesh-Isis, “Islamofascist”, kind of evildoers; because by way of their “say nothing do nothing” irrevelance — it will ultimately bring *nothing* — except the distrust and wrath of all the world down on them.

    Just like it did the Nazis…

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