Report: Immigration is making the US blue

naturalization-ceremony-immigration-reuters-e1397574309482The Daily Caller (April 15) — Large-scale immigration is coloring the United States of American a deep shape of Democratic blue, according to a new report about the impact of immigration on elections.

“Each one percentage-point increase in the immigrant share of a large county’s population reduces the Republican share of the two-party vote by nearly 0.6 percentage points on average,” according to James Gimpel, a professor of government at the University of Maryland, College Park.

“The conclusion is inescapable. … An urban county that cast 49 percent of its vote for the Republican candidate in 1980 could be expected to drop to 43 percent by 2012, just as a consequence of a rising immigrant population,” says the report, which was released Tuesday by the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that favors low levels of immigration.

That slow-motion process is also splitting GOP’s business wing from its political wing, which includes the party’s voters, leading advocates and legislators.

The business wing profits greatly from the inflow of immigrant consumers and workers, most spectacularly, from 2003 to 2008, when the real estate and banking sectors expanded with the wave of new Hispanic workers and homebuyers.

The business wing is now working with the Democratic Party to pass the Senate’s immigration rewrite, which would triple the inflow of legal immigrants and temporary guest workers over the next 10 years, up to 40 million.

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