The political commentators nearly lose it trying to give a dramatic reading of Anthony Weiner’s steamy sexts

In case you haven’t heard about the Weiner story, he was a Democratic U.S. Representative who resigned from Congress in June 2011, due to a sexting scandal (he sent naked pictures of himself to random girls even though he’s married). He is now running for Mayor of New York City and it was recently revealed that he was caught sending steamy chats to another woman last summer even after apologizing for doing just that in 2011. And while you may have even read the sext messages, you likely haven’t seen TheBlaze TV’s Will Cain and SE Cupp try to give a dramatic reading of them.

That’s right, on Tuesday’s “Real News” episode, Cain and Cupp chose some of the more G-rated messages and tried to deliver them in dramatic fashion. They nearly lost it:

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