Obama’s Myriad of Scandals

My article, “Obama’s Myriad of Scandals” was published in Arutz Sheva today. Here is a sample of it:

How many scandals can a country take?

…It began with the sensational Benghazi hearing in early May, where previously muzzled whistleblowers testified on the administration’s mistakes before, during and after the terror attack. A couple of days later ABC released a report which revealed that the talking points Amb. Susan Rice used on five Sunday TV shows on the weekend after the 9/11/12 Benghazi terror attack were changed 12 times, removing all references to Al-Qaeda and Islamic jihad.

On the same day as ABC released the report, the IRS admitted, and apologized that it had targeted conservative groups for additional reviews. Groups were singled out based on keywords such as “patriot” and “tea party.” This would be the start of a still growing scandal, with the IRS’ director of Exempt Organizations (the office that targeted conservatives) Lois Lerner was put on paid leave; yes paid leave. That occurred after Lois Lerner stated in front of the House Oversight Committee that she had “not done anything wrong,” and then invoked her Fifth Amendment right to silence, thus refusing to answer any questions from the committee.

Moreover, the head of the IRS Douglas Shulman was reportedly fired, but it turned out he was due to resign a couple of weeks after his termination anyway.

Obama claimed that he found out about the IRS scandal from the news. That is highly doubtful considering Mr. Shulman had visited the White House 157 times during Obama’s first term, far more than any cabinet member.

The scandals did not end there…

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