NYC police commissioner: Hatchet attack by convert to Islam was terror

HatchetmanJihadWatch (Oct 25) — The question of what is or is not terrorism is one giant distraction that takes up far too much time. The real question that matters is, was this a jihad attack, motivated by the Islamic jihad doctrine that is held and taught by mainstream Islamic authorities. But this is an important step nonetheless — much better than calling this jihad attack “workplace violence” or dismissing Zale Thompson as mentally ill and letting the whole thing go at that. And of course in this and many other contexts, to call it a terror attack is tantamount to admitting that it was a jihad attack, for jihad is the great enemy of freedom and of the United States that cannot and must not be named, on pain of charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia.”

“NYC police commissioner: Hatchet attack was terror,” by Tom Hays, Associated Press, October 24, 2014:

NEW YORK — New York City police Commissioner William Bratton says the hatchet attack on four rookie officers was a terrorist act by a homegrown radical.

Bratton said Friday the suspect, Zale Thompson, was a Muslim convert who ranted online against America, but had no clear ties to international terrorism. He believes Thompson was self-radicalized.

Thompson was killed by police. One officer is hospitalized with a head wound.

Bratton says investigators are trying to determine whether the attack was planned.

Police are examining Thompson’s computer for clues. Bratton says investigators found that Thompson browsed for organized terror groups, as well as beheadings and the shooting in Canada earlier this week.

Authorities also are trying to determine if Thompson had any history of mental illness. But Bratton says he is comfortable calling it a “terrorist attack.”

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