Muslim Brotherhood official says Israel will be wiped out within 10 years

‘There will be no such thing as Israel,’ Muslim Brotherhood’s Essam al-Aryan says after creating uproar by calling on Jews to return to Egypt ‘to make room for Palestinians’

Muslim-Brotherhood-G-620x402A top Muslim Brotherhood official is calling for Egyptian Jews to return to Egypt to make room for Palestinians who will take their place when Israel is decimated within a decade.

“Palestine houses people who conquered it and those occupiers have previous homelands,” Essam al-Aryan, an adviser to Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi, wrote on Facebook,according to the Israeli Ynet News. “There will be no such thing as Israel, instead there will be Palestine which will be home to Jews, Muslims and Druze and all of the people who were there from the start. Those who want to stay will stay as Palestinian citizens. Those who conquered Palestine will have to go back to their countries.”

…“I want to enable the Palestinians to return to their land,” he said. “I call upon the Jews, Egypt is worthier of you than Israel.”

The comments set off a storm of controversy across Egypt, with a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman disavowing the statements, saying, “Egyptian Jews are criminals who must be punished for what they did to Egypt and the Palestinians.”

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