‘Moderate’ Rouhani Attended Rally Calling for Israel’s Destruction

380ba9ba962d4ac7a98c41ad17434c8b-e1379696521265President Barack Obama called new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani a “moderate” in his remarks to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. Yet Rouhani, who snubbed the president before giving a strident anti-American address, attended a rally calling for Israel’s destruction a few days before arriving in New York.

Ha’aretz reports:

Iranian President Hassan Rohani took part in an event in which there were calls for the destruction of Israel just days before the United Nations General Assembly.

On Sunday, a few days before he left for the UN meeting in New York, Rohani participated in a military parade in Tehran. Trucks carrying long-range missiles passed in front of him, alongside signs calling for the destruction of Israel.

A picture of the event, published on an Iranian website and by the French AFP news agency, show trucks bearing Shihab 3 missiles, which have the range to strike Israel. A sign in Persian hanging on one truck reads, “Israel must stop existing.”

In Obama’s defense, however, Rouhani didn’t call for Israel’s destruction right away. Moderation, indeed.

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