Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah to Hezbollah: “We are in the same trench, and are resisting the same enemy”

Fatah salutes commander of terror organization Hezbollah as “hero” and “Martyr”

Palestinian Media Watch (Jan 28) — Earlier this month, Hezbollah commander Jihad Mughniyeh was killed in an Israeli airstrike. Jihad Mughniyeh was commander of the terror organization in the Syrian Golan Heights and son of Imad Mughniyeh, a senior Hezbollah member assassinated in 2008. According to Western intelligence sources, Jihad Mughniyeh was planning and preparing terror attacks against Israel, including firing of rockets and explosive devices meant to target Israelis.

“We are resisting the same enemy,” said Rifat Shanaah, the director of Fatah’s Lebanon branch who headed the “high-ranking delegation,” which Abbas’ Fatah party immediately sent off to convey condolences upon the death of Mughniyeh. The delegation “laid three wreaths on the grave of Martyr Jihad Mughniyeh… on behalf of the embassy of the State of Palestine, the PLO and Fatah.” Speaking “in the name of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement – Fatah; in the name of the PLO and the resisting Palestinian people,” Shanaah said:

“We hereby express our heartfelt condolences to [our] brothers in the Hezbollah leadership and to the families of the Martyrs. We are in the same trench, and are resisting the same enemy.”

[Ma’an (independent Palestinian news agency) Jan. 21, 2015]

He further emphasized Fatah’s, PLO’s and the Palestinian people’s “adherence to the principle of struggle and Jihad between us and our brothers in Hezbollah”:

“Cowardly acts such as these (i.e., the Israeli airstrike)… merely strengthen our adherence and determination to resist this enemy… We will adhere even more to our goals and Palestinian national principles… and that of struggle and Jihad between us and our brothers in Hezbollah and all the forces acting to liberate Palestine and Jerusalem.”

[Ma’an (independent Palestinian news agency) Jan. 21, 2015]

Abbas’ Fatah party was also quick to greet Mughniyeh as a “hero” and a “Martyr,” posting the following text on its Facebook page:

Jihad_Mughniyeh1“Rest in peace, a hero’s rest, and give greetings to your father from the free men. Martyr (Shahid) Jihad Mughniyeh.”

[Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page”, Jan. 18, 2015]

Abbas’ advisor and Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein also sent terror organization Hezbollah “our best wishes for its Martyrs”:

“We convey to Hezbollah our best wishes for its Martyrs, and are certain that its reaction is inevitable, and that it will not pass over this crime in silence.”

[Facebook page of Fatah Central Committee member

Sultan Abu Al-Einein, Jan. 20, 2015]

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that Al-Einein glorified the murder of five people in a Jerusalem synagogue in November, blessing their “quality weapons.”

He has also previously glorified terrorist killers like Dalal Mughrabi and blessed  “the breast that nursed” a terrorist who stabbed a man to death.

Several Western countries, among them the US, Canada, France, and the Netherlands, have, like Israel, designated Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Others, among them the EU, Australia, New Zealand and the UK have only listed the organization’s military wing as such.

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