Kerry to US Jewish leaders: Peace is “strategic imperative”

You have to (not) love it when other countries tell Israel what’s best for it. Also, of course Kerry mentions the “settlement” constructions as a major obstacle to peace. Yes, Jews building an extra bedroom in our eternal capital Jerusalem is what’s hindering the peace process; not that Palestinians launch more rockets at Israel than Germany launched at England during WWII. You have to admire (?) the audacity of this American administration. It is becoming more and more obvious that the Obama Regime will force Israel to a peace agreement.

“Kerry to US Jewish leaders: Peace is “strategic imperative’,” from the Jerusalem Post, 9 August 2013:

WASHINGTON — US Secretary of State John Kerry met with leaders of the American Jewish committee privately on Thursday night at the White House, making a case for support on his push for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

The meeting lasted 90 minutes and was dominated by Kerry, who gave a prepared speech to the group. The secretary’s remarks were followed by a brief statement from National Security Advisor Susan Rice and twelve questions from the small crowd.

In a break from public pronouncements, Kerry addressed other regional events and repeatedly told the group that the Muslim Brotherhood was not returning to power in Egypt. He also mentioned that Hezbollah and Iran were distracted from their plight against Israel with the Syrian conflict.

Kerry told the Jewish leaders that peace was a “strategic imperative” for both Israel and the Palestinians, and argued that the regional strategic environment has become favorable for a peace agreement because opponents of peace have weakened over the past two years.

He also expressed irritation with continued settlement building in the West Bank. The State Department today acknowledged that Washington had “made its concerns known” to the Israeli government.

Kerry also warned the group of “negative consequences” for Israel if the parties fail to succeed in clinching peace.

…”[Kerry] spoke about there being no alternative,” one attendee said, noting that the word “Jerusalem” did not come up in the meeting…

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