Israeli Takes Judo World Championship Gold

A resident of Netanya, Israel, Yarden Gerbi, born July 8, 1989, began training in judo at age 6.

30Last night, Yarden Gerbi has brought home the gold in the Rio De Janeiro judo championship. When Hatikva started playing, Yarden burst into tears, minutes after, in her final bout, she had made her French opponent pass out.

In an unprecedented achievement for Israeli judo, Yarden Gerbi on Thursday night won the Rio De Janeiro, Brazil judo world championship in her weight category (139 lbs.). This is the highest ranking ever in international championships for an Israeli athlete.

The 24-year-old judo champ proved last night why she is the no. 1-ranked judoka (judo practitioners), defeating unconditionally every one of her 5 opponents.

By the end of her victorious night, having beaten No. 2-ranked Clarisse Agbegnenou of France—who passed out, literally, in less than one minute—Yarden stepped up to the top of the podium and burst into tears when the national anthem Hatikva began to play.

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