UN Human Rights Council adds China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Cuba

For years I’ve said that the UN is not only useless and worthless; it is a corrupt, evil and anti-Semitic organization. Here is the latest proof:

“Saudi Arabia, Russia and China Elected to UNHRC,” Arutz Sheva, November 13, 2013:

In a very ironic move, a host of countries with questionable human rights records on Tuesday won seats on none other than the UN Human Rights Council.

Among the countries to win seats on the council are China, Russia, Algeria, Cuba, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia which came under fire from Amnesty International over its poor human rights record as recently as last month.

AFP reported that the UN General Assembly elected 14 seats on the 47-member council which is taking on increased diplomatic importance because of Syria’s civil war and other conflicts.

In addition to the above, France and Britain returned to the Geneva-based body. South Africa, Morocco, Namibia, Maldives, Macedonia and Mexico also secured three year terms, according to AFP.

The move was criticized by groups such as Human Rights Watch and the Geneva-based NGO UN Watch.

“With the return of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Cuba, human rights defenders will have their work cut out for them at the Human Rights Council next year,” Peggy Hicks, global advocacy director for Human Rights Watch, was quoted by AFP as having said.

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