Good news from Israel, December 29

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Five antibodies to treat cancer.  Israel’s Compugen has discovered five candidate antibodies that have the potential to treat cancer.  The antibodies target proteins on the surface of cancer cells in order to deliver highly toxic chemicals to kill them.  Initial results are expected late 2014 although the concept has been proved.

A pill for Type 1 diabetes.  Israeli biotech Ormed is developing oral medicines to treat conditions that normally require injections.  Its flagship product, the ORMD-0801 insulin capsule for Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes has just successfully completed clinical trials.  Ormed’s share price rose 115 percent on the news.


Minorities speak out for Israel.  Muslims, Druse, Beduins, and Christian Arabs staunchly came out in support of the country as a Jewish and democratic state at a Zionist Conference for Human Rights in Tel Aviv

“Israel Apartheid” The latest rap video from Ari Lesser.  It’s even better than his “Boycott Israel” video.
YouTube Preview Image
People say Israel’s an Apartheid state
But I can’t relate to that baseless hate
It’s not really fair to try and compare
A racist regime with the war on terror

The folding car.  (Thanks to Israel21c)  The City Transformer is an Israeli concept car designed for the urban environment.  To cater for limited parking places, the car’s width can be reduced from 1.6 meters to a mere one meter.  Weighing only 400 kg, it will run on a rechargeable battery.


Even better translation.  Businesses can now speak even more clearly to foreign customers. Israel’s Lexifone has launched version 2 of its phone conversation translation system.  It translates in real time French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and of course English.

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