Glenn Beck explains the ‘real reason why you should care about the Middle East’

One of the hottest topics in the news day-in and day-out, oftentimes, is the Middle East. On his weekday television program Wednesday, Glenn Beck addressed the fundamental question: why should you care?

Beck began by explaining why he cares, saying his approach radically changed after 9/11, when he vowed to do all he could to better understand the region and the world at large.

One of Beck’s main motivations, which he said you may or may not agree with, is the Bible, and how we are “wound in so deeply to Israel.”

“If you disagree with the Bible, that’s fine, whatever, but you have to understand the role [it] played in history, and why this matters,” Beck said.

“We are a nation that is based on Judeo-Christian values and the Bible, period…But there’s no way to deny that the majority of our laws come directly from the scriptures…and the Bible comes from Judah,” Beck continued. “The people of Jerusalem – we owe our existence in many ways. We owe our laws to them…We owe the people of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we owe our support and our allegiance. Not blind allegiance – and I’m not talking about putting troops down on the ground. We have to be not only on their side, but God’s side.”

Beck looked at a number of pieces of American history illustrating the country’s connection to Israel, from the Statue of Liberty to the United States seal. Watch the entire segment, below:

So what does that translate to?  If you accept that it’s important to pay attention the Middle East, what should you be considering today, in Beck’s opinion?

He pointed to three things that he said the media has largely ignored:

1) Egypt could collapse soon, Beck said, “and it will throw the region into absolute chaos.”

2) Libya is also on the brink

3) Turkey just gutted its military, which was “the biggest force for stability and modernity in the country and that part of the world.”

Beck described the situation as a “trifecta for chaos,” adding: “Global war, I believe, is coming.”

He brought in TheBlaze’s national security advisor Buck Sexton to weigh in:

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