Little Girl Proclaims ‘I Shall Buy a Bullet’ on Hamas TV’s Anti-Israeli Children’s Show

The Blaze (May 25) — The children’s show on Hamas television that recently portrayed a giant bumble bee character who encouraged Palestinian kids to punch, throw stones at and shoot Jews has broadcast a new episode showing a little girl reciting a poem proclaiming that she would walk through thorns and fire in order to buy a bullet “at any price.”

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported that the episode of “Pioneers of Tomorrow” was in honor of the anniversary of the “Nakba” or “catastrophe” as many Palestinians refer to the founding of the State of Israel in the spring of 1948.


The child, Zahra, was prompted by a child host of the show and the bumble bee character named Nahoul to recite her poem called “The Bullet.”

“That’s great. How wonderful, Zahra,” the bee proclaimed.

“I shall walk barefoot. I shall walk in the pouring rain. Through thorns, despite the fire, Despite the pain…I shall buy a bullet, at any price,” Zahra recited from memory.

“They dispersed my family. They ripped apart my books, And they stole my smile,” the girl said of Israel.

“Between me and them, there are wars and bloodshed. So I shall buy a bullet, at any price. I shall buy a bullet, at any price,” concluded the little girl with painted fingernails, wearing a dress embroidered in the traditional Palestinian style and a Palestinian flag painted on her cheek.

MEMRI reported that this latest episode aired on May 16 on Al Aqsa TV. Another past episode of the program which received Western media attention showed a character that was a knock-off of Mickey Mouse who proclaimed the “answer” to Israel “is an AK-47” and his aspiration was for “world leadership under Islamic leadership.”

The political leaders of Hamas are currently finalizing a unity agreement with the PLO’s Fatah faction, which would have the radical Islamic group join the Palestinian Authority government. Hamas is officially designated a foreign terrorist organization by the State Department and, therefore, if it were to join the government of President Mahmoud Abbas, U.S. lawmakers have said that it would lead to a cut in the more than $400 million annual direct U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas’ Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh last week said, “We will not give up the weapon of resistance, and we will not forsake resistance,” suggesting the group would not under any unity government agreement give up terrorist attacks on Israel.

Here is an excerpt from the Hamas children’s program with English translation courtesy of MEMRI:

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