Don’t forget Iran

Iran-Terror-Plot-NigeriaIsrael Hayom discusses global terrorism, and notes that “The Paris terrorist attacks sparked unprecedented shock around the world. A global mobilization effort is underway, with the goal being to crush the head of the Islamic State snake and prevent the group from carrying out further attacks,” but reminds readers of the far more lethal terrorist attacks conducted by Iran and Hezbollah in recent decades.

The author is baffled by the growing legitimacy granted to Iran by the international community since the signing of the nuclear deal this past summer, and points out that “Iran has missiles that can reach most of Europe and a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a far greater threat to international security than Islamic State.”

The author concludes: “What is the difference between Islamic State propaganda videos and the chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” on the streets of Tehran? Is there a difference between an Islamic State terrorist and a terrorist backed by Iran and Hezbollah? The difference is largely tactical. It is easier to deter Iran, as it has a wider range of interests than Islamic State. But the threat posed by Iran to Israel, for example, is no less than that posed by Islamic State.

In fact, Iran is more dangerous. It is an unfortunate twist of fate that the world is ignoring the threat posed by Iran for the sake of fighting a lesser threat.”

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