Why Coca-Cola’s New Ad Has Received More Than One Million Views in Just Days

A new ad released in the Philippines by Coca-Cola has amassed more than 1 million views in just days — and about halfway through the video, it becomes clear why.

The ad, published on YouTube Thursday, shows a series of individuals answer one question: who are the people you say thank you to everyday?

YouTube Preview Image

Each person reveals the special person they appreciate in their hectic lives: a driver, a grocery bagger and an apartment security guard. Then the individuals admit that they don’t know know the names of these people.

In the second half of the three minute commercial, the ad then shows the individuals say thank you to the people they appreciate by handing them a personalized Coca-Cola bottle featuring their name.

It’s unclear how the documentary-style ad was filmed, or how the individuals learned the name of the people they appreciate, (AdWeek suggests it was staged), but it has nonetheless warmed the hearts of thousands on the Internet.

“Good thing I didn’t skip this video,” one individual commented on YouTube. “Thank you, Coke.”

“This is the only advertisement I didn’t skip,” another echoed. “This is truly heart touching.”

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