Obama: Israelis have true peace partner in Abbas. Abbas: We have the same policies as Hamas. Hamas: Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah.

“Of course, Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with anyone who is dedicated to its destruction. But while I know you have had differences with the Palestinian Authority, I believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas…” —Barack Obama, March 21, 2013

“As far as I am concerned, there is no difference between our policies and those of Hamas.” — Mahmoud Abbas, March 15, 2013

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it” — Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, as quoted in the Hamas Charter

“Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah” — Hamas’s Al Aqsa TV

More on this story. “PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: EU Can Remove Hamas from Terror List, No Difference between Our Policies and Theirs,” from MEMRI, March 15:

Following are excerpts from an interview with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, which aired on Russia Today TV on March 15, 2013.Interviewer: It is said that the EU plans to remove Hamas from the list of terror organizations. Do you view this as a step toward complete recognition of the legitimacy of the [Hamas] government?

Mahmoud Abbas: I do not think that they will acknowledge the legitimacy of the Hamas government. After what happened, and given that Hamas has honored the truce, and has declared that it supports peaceful popular resistance… As far as I am concerned, there is no difference between our policies and those of Hamas. So why are they labeled as terrorists? In my opinion, [the EU] can remove Hamas [from the list], why not?

Interviewer: But you do not fire missiles at Israel.

Mahmoud Abbas: Neither we nor Hamas fire missiles. Since the end of the second Intifada, we have committed ourselves to refrain from using weapons. We say this out in the open. It’s no secret. We don’t hide this under the table. We say loud and clear that we have no intention or desire to violate… or rather, to engage in an armed Intifada with Israel. I say this loud and clear.

Hamas declared [the same], but then there were skirmishes once or twice. Hopefully, that was the end of it.

Israel surrenders under pressure from Obama, apologizes for defending itself against jihad flotilla, will pay victims’ families

YouTube Preview Image

By Robert Spencer, founder of JihadWatch.org: This is a dark day for Israel. The people on the Mavi Marmara flotilla were genocidal Jew-hating jihadis, as you can see in the video above: they were chanting a jihad war cry recalling Muhammad’s massacre of the Jews of Arabia: “Khybar, Khybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return.” See the photos here of their weapons. In rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey, the fact that Israel fought back against these jihadis is a serious offense. And now Israel, under pressure from Obama, has apologized for defending itself, and set a precedent that it can be pressured into making self-defeating concessions after doing so.

“Turkey, Israel make US-brokered peace after Mavi Marmara apology,” from Today’s Zaman, March 22:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered an apology to Turkey for a 2010 raid on an aid flotilla that resulted in the deaths of eight Turks and a Turkish American, ending a deep crisis in ties between the two former allies.

In a statement carried by Reuters, Netanyahu said he “expressed apology” to the Turkish people for any error that could have led to loss of life in the flotilla incident. He also said Israel has agreed to pay compensation to the families of the victims and that Israel and Turkey agree to work together to improve the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territories.

A Turkish official in Ankara confirmed the apology, telling Today’s Zaman that Netanyahu called Erdoğan to offer an apology and that Erdoğan accepted it.

The breakthrough came as a result of what appears to be a US bid to normalize relations between the two former allies. News of the apology came just after President Barack Obama said that Erdoğan and Netanyahu spoke on the phone on Friday. The announcement came hours after Obama wrapped up a visit to Israel.

“I am hopeful that today’s exchange between the two leaders will enable them to engage in deeper cooperation on this and a range of other challenges and opportunities,” Obama said in the statement released by the White House. “The United States deeply values our close partnerships with both Turkey and Israel, and we attach great importance to the restoration of positive relations between them in order to advance regional peace and security.”

Netanyahu promised Erdoğan that he will lift restrictions to goods civilian people will use in Palestinian territories, including Gaza, and this will continue until peace holds.

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Muslims hate Obama more than Bush

USA Today: U.S is now less popular in the region than at the end of the George W. Bush administration.


President Obama’s first journey to Israel as president comes amid earth-shattering change in Middle East, much of it for the worse. The Arab Spring, which once raised hopes of freedom and dignity, has diverged onto the dark path of Islamist authoritarian rule. In Syria, tens of thousands of people have died in a bitter civil war that might have recently seen its first use of chemical weapons. And Iran continues its march toward nuclear weapons capability, heedless of international condemnation. Obama’s effort to seek peace between Palestinians and Israelis is in tatters.

That’s why the White House has been lowering expectations for Obama’s trip to Israel all this week. He will announce no new peace plan, grand design or major foreign policy initiative. His advisers are calling the trip a “listening tour.” That is what you call a state visit when you have little to say.

Failed beginning

Despite downgrading the trip, many see Obama’s arrival as the sequel to his 2009 visit to Cairo, where he announced a “new beginning” with the Muslim world. Four years later, that doesn’t auger well for renewed efforts in Israel and the West Bank. According to the latest survey by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project, confidence in Obama in Muslim countries dropped from 33% to 24% in his first term. Approval of Obama’s policies declined even further, from 34% to 15%. And support for the United States in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Pakistan is lower today than it was in 2008 in the closing year of George W. Bush’s administration. That collapse of support has not happened elsewhere.

In his Cairo speech, Obama pledged a relationship between America and Muslims around the world “based on mutual interest and mutual respect.” But in 2013, interests are diverging, and respect is in short supply.

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Why on earth is Obama going to Israel?

img397955Why exactly is President Obama going to Israel? A variety of theories have been advanced as to why he is making the trip now and what might be accomplished.

Some have suggested that Obama needs to reassure Israel, to hold their hands and tell them that the US-Israeli relationship is special. This suggests that Obama cares about Israeli feelings, at least in the sense that positive sentiments advance policy goals, and that Israelis might be thus comforted by his presence. But the record of bad relations between Obama and Netanyahu is too long, and the fact that Obama is on record saying that Israelis don’t know what is best for them, whereas he does, has mitigated whatever good vibrations he might spread now.

Others have suggested that Obama is going to take advantage of the unique circumstances of weakness in the Arab world in order to force progress in Israeli-Palestinian relations. But the Palestinian Authority is again engaged in fruitless reconciliation talks with Hamas and has accused Israel of sabotaging those talks with back channel contacts with Hamas. It has also orchestrated violent protests against Israel in advance of Obama’s trip to create a price tag for its cooperation. The idea that Obama holds a strong hand falls short.

Still others believe the visit is a kind of reset, an opportunity to rebuild relations badly damaged by the misstep of forcing Israel to adopt a construction freeze that was neither asked for nor reciprocated by Palestinians, as a condition for resuming negotiations. Given the appointment of Chuck Hagel to be Secretary of Defense, despite revelations regarding his peculiarly obsessive hostility towards Israel and near indifference towards other issues, this rings particularly hollow.

On the whole, the timing of the visit is so inauspicious as to arouse suspicion that a change of American policy is indeed in the making. Consider the Middle East scene today. The Egyptian military is making veiled threats against the American-supported Muslim Brotherhood Morsi government. The civil war in Syria is spreading into Lebanon. The threat of an Islamist takeover in Jordan has never been greater. And Iran, with the help of North Korea, inches ever closer to a nuclear weapon.

…But at another level the visit is dangerous. For one thing it will inevitably expose just how out of sync the US is with Israel as well as the region. The bad chemistry between Obama and Netanyahu will produce awkward body language when they meet. American spokesmen will visibly dance around unwanted questions regarding Hamas and Hezbollah, or Muslim antisemitism. The famously aggressive Israeli press will analyze Obama’s every move and every word, as will the Palestinian press. And despite carefully stage-managed meetings with selected groups, groups of Israelis and Palestinians are likely to loudly protest, causing embarrassment all around.

But the real impact of the Obama visit to Israel will not be in Israel but rather in Arab and Muslim countries. After all, it is in those countries that Obama has arguably (and if popularity polls are to be believed, unsuccessfully) invested the most political capital, and it is there that his trip to Israel will create the most disappointment and resentment. The ‘Arab Street’ will want to see overt confrontation between Israel and the US and will be disappointed when it doesn’t appear. More nuanced observers in those societies will assume other forms of American pressure on Israel, because they desire it, and then will be disappointed when evidence does not quickly appear. And virtually all local observers, especially in government ministries and official media, will obsess over the visit as a welcome respite from the situations in Syria and Egypt. The near tragic element of Obama’s visit and its timing then is that it plays directly into the region’s traditional use of Israel as a weapon of mass distraction.

Obama’s visit, by virtue of being routine and ill-timed has the potential to feed the region’s worst instincts. Disappointment with Obama will quickly turn to the default setting of blaming Israel. Is that Obama’s true goal, a back handed form of incitement? Probably not. Nothing in the Obama’ administration’s international dealings suggests this level of sophistication; its manufacture of resentment is generally reserved only for the Republican Party. But that will be one of its effects and it will, in all probability, set back the cause of peace, and that of addressing the region’s other issues.

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Over Half of Israel’s Police to Secure Obama Visit

img405794By Israel National News: With less than a week left until U.S. President Barack Obama arrives in Israel for a visit, the Israel Police are preparing a huge force to keep him safe. About 15,000 police, comprising over half of Israel’s total police force, will work 12-hour shifts starting Wednesday, when Obama lands at Ben Gurion Airport.

Obama will be accompanied by an entourage of about 600 people.

Police will be on special alert throughout the visit.

About 3,000 police men and women will secure the Jerusalem district, aided by 50 scooters, 25 ATVs, 35 mounted police, 100 buses and hundreds of squad cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

Four hundred people from the logistics division will be in charge of providing more than 50,000 meals for the on-duty police, and for providing sleeping quarters for 1,500 police nightly. More than 1,000 police will directly provide security for the presidential entourage at the Israeli presidential helipad, at Binyanei Hauma, at the President’s Residence, at the Prime Minister’s Residence, as well as Har Herzl, Yad Vashem, the Israel Museum and additional locations.

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Michelle Obama and John Kerry to Honor Anti-Semite and 9/11 Fan

On Friday March 8, Michelle Obama will join John Kerry at a special ceremony at the State Department to present ten women the Secretary of State’s International Women of Courage Award. The award, says the press release, is given to “women around the globe who have shown exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for women’s rights and empowerment, often at great personal risk.”  Five of these awards are being given to women from Muslim-majority countries, underscoring the unique plight of women in those countries. The only problem is that one of the women to be recognized is an anti-Semite and supports the 9/11 attacks on the United States. Samira Ibrahim, as the State Department’s profile describes her, “was among seven women subjected by the Egyptian military to forced virginity tests in March 2011.” The press release further notes that Samira “was arrested while in high school for writing a paper that criticized Arab leaders’ insincere support to the Palestinian cause.” Apparently, the State Department is unaware of her other convictions.

  • On Twitter, Ibrahim is quite blunt regarding her views. On July 18 of last year, after five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver were killed a suicide bombing attack, Ibrahim jubilantly tweeted: “An explosion on a bus carrying Israelis in Burgas airport in Bulgaria on the Black Sea. Today is a very sweet day with a lot of very sweet news.”
  • Ibrahim frequently uses Twitter to air her anti-Semitic views. Last August 4, commenting on demonstrations in Saudi Arabia, she described the ruling Al Saud family as “dirtier than the Jews.” Seventeen days later she tweeted in reference to Adolf Hitler: “I have discovered with the passage of days, that no act contrary to morality, no crime against society, takes place, except with the Jews having a hand in it. Hitler.”
  • Ibrahim holds other repellent views as well. As a mob was attacking the United States embassy in Cairo on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, pulling down the American flag and raising the flag of Al Qaeda, Ibrahim wrote on twitter: “Today is the anniversary of 9/11. May every year come with America burning.” Possibly fearing the consequences of her tweet, she deleted it a couple of hours later, but not before a screen shot was saved by an Egyptian activist.

Just today, apparently after having been warned that her vicious tweets might cause her trouble during her visit to the U.S., she has written on twitter: “My account has been previously stolen and any tweet on racism and hatred is not me.” However, in the past she never made any mention of her account being “stolen.” The record of her anti-Semitic tweets is still available online. The decision to honor Ibrahim reflects poorly on the State Department, which is either incapable of doing the minimum amount of research required to find out who she is, or does not care that the secretary of state and First Lady are about to honor an anti-Semite who longs for violence against Americans. It’s understandable that now with Islamists having come to the fore after all the hope that the Egyptian uprising inspired, American policymakers are looking for the good guys, real liberal activists that deserve U.S. support. Samira Ibrahim is not one of them. (Weekly Standard)

Barack Obama just used your hard-earned tax dollars to give Hezbollah (U.S.-designated terrorist group) 200 Armored Personnel Carriers

Well, it didn’t take long for Obama to unveil his real agenda – the destruction of Israel by arming Israel’s enemies – Libya, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and now Lebanon. This way, he can let his Muslim brothers join forces to do his dirty work – attacking Israel – while he sits back and tells the UN to take care of it.

obama-hagel-brennanIsrael says, “Well, we can minimize the damage by diversifying our own arsenal and weaning ourselves off of US-made military equipment… better late than wait until we find ourselves at war and out of spare parts because Hagel and Obama won’t sign the requisition orders to Boeing and Lockheed.”

Frontpage Magazine  It’s only fair that with the Muslim Brotherhood getting 200 Abrams tanks and 20 F-16′s, Hezbollah should get 200 armored personnel carriers.  While tragically there was no money available to provide security for the US mission in Benghazi, there’s always room for giving billion dollar weapons packages to the terrorists who attack US embassies. And after all, whatever the Muslim Brotherhood gets, Hamas gets, by virtue of their being a surrogate of the Muslim Brotherhood.

lebanon_m113_30112006_news_001When Hezbollah overturned the Lebanese government and replaced it with a coalition dominated by the Shiite terrorist group, backed by Iran, there were worries that this might prevent Lebanon from receiving US aid.

But those worriers had clearly never met Obama who will never unfairly deprive Islamic terrorists of the weapons that they are entitled to under the code of social justice.

The United States has provided more than $140 million in equipment and assistance to the Lebanese armed forces in the past six months, including six Huey 2 helicopters, a 42-metre coastal security craft, more than 1,000 guns – including grenade launchers – and 38 million rounds of ammunition.

The United States has given 200 armored vehicles to Lebanon, the Lebanese army said… The M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs) arrived by ship to Beirut on Sunday, the army said in a statement. A Lebanese security source said the army now had 1,200 APCs.

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‘Obama: Israel doesn’t know what’s good for it’

img397955The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, writing in Bloomberg View, has revealed that U.S. President Barack Obama said repeatedly recently that Israel does not know what its own best interests are.

When informed about the Israeli decision to approve construction plans in the E1 area, “Obama, who has a famously contentious relationship with the prime minister, didn’t even bother getting angry,” wrote Goldberg. “He told several people that this sort of behavior on Netanyahu’s part is what he has come to expect, and he suggested that he has become inured to what he sees as self-defeating policies of his Israeli counterpart.

“In the weeks after the UN vote, Obama said privately and repeatedly, ‘Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.’ With each new settlement announcement, in Obama’s view, Netanyahu is moving his country down a path toward near-total isolation.”

…”But it is in terms of American diplomatic protection – among the Europeans and especially at the UN – that Israel may one day soon notice a significant shift.”

Goldberg warns the U.S. may not support Israel in U.N. votes like the one that recently affirmed the PLO’s nation status, and that Obama may eventually offer “a public vision of what a state of Palestine should look like,” in which he will affirm that it should have its capital in East Jerusalem.

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Obama Appoints Islam’s Apologists

The shared perspective of Hagel, Kerry, and Brennan.

Waving aside any pretense of diversity, invoking seldom heard themes of merit and competence, President Barack Obama is about to appoint to his cabinet three of the most naive older white guys that ever walked up the Capitol steps…

All of these candidates are rabidly pro-Islam, pro-Arab, or both. All are apologists for those causes. All are strong proponents of Obama’s vision of the world, a diminished U.S. military, and a more sympathetic outreach to Islam.

The nominee for director of Central Intelligence, John Brennan, has told audiences that Jihad is internal struggle, and not Holy War. Brennan thinks Jerusalem is Al-Quds, and that conflating Islam with the actions of those who yell “Allah Akbar” before they blow themselves up is simply wrong…

Like Brennan, Obama’s nominee for secretary of Defense, Charles Hagel, espouses engagement with Iran and has embraced the Islamic narrative of the Arab/Israeli conflict. On several occasions, Hagel refused to denounce Arafat’s use of terrorism. He has become an apologist for Palestinian suicide bombings, claiming that desperate people resort to desperate measures. Hagel has consistently seen Israel as the obstacle to resolving the conflict…

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Does the Jerusalem Post read our blog?

Probably not, but one of their journalists reached the same conclusion as we did two days ago in our blog post: Welcome to Obama’s America – “Pew Poll Confirms ‘Israel Gap’ Between Republicans, Democrats”

Since Barry Rubin elaborated and is very eloquent, I highly recommend that you read his article titled “The Region: Is Israel losing support?”

U.S. President Obama delivers remarks at the White House in WashingtonThis isn’t really about Israel, it’s about the liberal Democratic intellectual (or pseudo-intellectual) upper middle class milieu claiming Israel is wantonly throwing away support by acting irrationally.

There’s been a strange phenomenon building in the past few weeks that’s been puzzling me. But I’ve just figured it out. Various people – there are many examples so you can insert your own – have been writing that Israel is making some big mistake. It is losing support, especially liberal and American Jewish support, they explain, because of the way it’s been behaving.

What’s puzzling about this is that nothing has actually happened to imply that any great opportunity is being missed that might justify this attitude. There has been no recent turn toward peace by the Palestinian Authority; no great new idea promising a breakthrough; no change in personalities that offers some shocking new opportunity.

The regional picture has been getting worse for reasons having nothing to do with Israel, Hamas has been getting stronger and the PA remaining intransigent.

…THERE HAS just been yet another in a long series of polls about what Americans think of Israel and the Palestinians. These polls have been broadly consistent. In 2012, about 71 percent of Americans say they side with Israel – as high as that number has ever been in all of history. And that’s compared to only 20% who say they side with the Palestinians, a figure that has been stable now for three years.

But here’s the point: apparently, Democratic and liberal support for Israel has gone down. The idea of supporting Israel’s control over Jerusalem was at first left out of the Democratic platform, then booed and opposed by a majority of the delegates voting (though undemocratically added anyway by the leadership). Of course, they did the same regarding the mentioning of God, so Israel is, as has so often been the case historically, in good company…

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Welcome to Obama’s America – “Pew Poll Confirms ‘Israel Gap’ Between Republicans, Democrats”

386131[From IsraelNationalNews.com] The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) has highlighted a recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press that illustrates the “large gap” in support for Israel between Republicans and Democrats.

The poll, taken in mid-December, asked, “In the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, which side do you sympathize with more, Israel or the Palestinians?”

The survey confirms the continued existence of a large “Israel gap” between Republicans and Democrats, states the RJC.

According to Pew, “There continue to be stark partisan differences in Middle East sympathies. Conservative Republicans maintain strong support for Israel with fully 75% saying they sympathize with Israel compared with just 2% who sympathize with the Palestinians. By contrast, liberal Democrats are much more divided: 33% sympathize more with Israel, 22% with the Palestinians.”

“This poll confirms the troubling shift among rank-and-file Democrats, for whom support of Israel is now a minority position,” said RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks. “Other polls this past year as well as the boos from the floor when a pro-Israel resolution was brought before the Democratic National Convention last summer, all point to lower support for Israel among Democrats.”

“The traditional bipartisan support for Israel in Congress and the country is threatened by the leftward shift of the Democratic Party, a shift that increasingly makes it hard for some Democratic leaders to support Israel because of liberal pressure,” Brooks added.

WMM Analysis: American support for Israel will continue to decline as a result of the population leaning further to the left and Obama’s anti-Israel stance.

Int’l community’s ‘attacks on Israel puzzling, especially when atrocities are taking place every day in Syria,’ says author


[The Daily Caller] After spending more than six years living in Israel, author Lela Gilbert says she finds the “constant attacks on Israel” by the international community “puzzling,” especially when so much horror is being inflicted by Israel’s neighbors on a daily basis.

“I find the constant attacks on Israel puzzling, especially when atrocities are taking place every day in Syria, and too frequently in Egypt, Iraq, Iran and many other Middle Eastern countries,” Gilbert, an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute and the author of numerous books, told The Daily caller in an interview about her new book, “Saturday People, Sunday People: Israel through the Eyes of a Christian Sojourner.”

“Why is this so? Some of it is ideological – Israel is categorized as a pariah state, a ‘colonial’ outpost in a post-colonial world, or an infidel trespasser in pan-Islamic utopia. But I don’t think anti-Semitism can be overlooked either. And unbalanced or dishonest reporting of news simply serves to feed the fire.”

Gilbert said she believes that President Barack Obama’s Middle East policy would benefit if he talked to Israelis “who have suffered grave losses at the hands of Palestinian terrorists.”

“As for President Obama, from what we know of his past, he is well versed in the Palestinian narrative through his studies and social involvements with Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and others. I would suggest that he spend a day or two having face-to-face conversations with Israelis who have suffered grave losses at the hands of Palestinian terrorists,” she said.

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Did you know about the surprising views on Israel of Obama’s likely pick for Secretary of Defense?

Israel’s supporters over the past few days have been voicing alarm at the prospect former Sen. Chuck Hagel is likely to be tapped by President Barack Obama as the nation’s next defense secretary.

That alarm is reaching fever pitch with prominent Democrats and Obama supporters now on the record expressing concern about the choice. This is due to Hagel’s past expressed hostility toward Israel’s supporters in Washington including his refusal as senator to sign onto pro-Israel and anti-terrorism statements.

Just last week, suggestions he does not support Israel were bolstered when the think tank Hagel chairs, the Atlantic Council, published an article headlined “Israel’s Apartheid Policy” equating Israel with South Africa’s historic racist policy.

The article’s author, Arnaud de Borchgrave, wrote: “Apartheid is what gradually emerged in the West Bank under Israeli occupation since Israel’s victory in the Six Day War almost half a century ago.”

Eli Lake at the Daily Beast spoke to “a senior pro-Israel advocate in Washington” who said: “The pro-Israel community will view the nomination of Senator Chuck Hagel in an extremely negative light. His record is unique in its animus towards Israel.”

Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein told Algemeiner in September when Hagel’s name first emerged as a possible defense secretary: “He is one of the most hostile critics of Israel that has ever been in the Senate.”

“There is only a handful of senators that have been openly hostile to Israel and Chuck Hagel is one of them,” Klein added.

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This is very troubling: “Obama planning direct talks with Iran – Channel 10 News says US president keeping Israel out of the loop” by The Times of Israel

Washington has decided to negotiate directly with Iran, and will resort to military force in four or five months if diplomacy can’t persuade Tehran to relinquish its alleged atomic weapons program, Israel’s Channel 10 News reported on Tuesday night, quoting a senior American official.

The channel’s veteran diplomatic correspondent Emmanuel Rosen reported that President Barack Obama had decided to bypass Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and leave Israel out of the loop. Rosen said that Obama believed Netanyahu was personally behind a recent series of purported leaks from reports produced by the UN’s International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) about the Iranian program.

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Robert Spencer: Obama Throws Israel to the Wolves

And so soon after he posed as a passionate and convinced Zionist during his third debate with Romney. Over at PJ Media I discuss the glee among Israel’s enemies:

Barack Obama pressured Israel to accept the current ceasefire agreement with Hamas that was devised by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi, and Israel’s worst enemies are thrilled.

Hamas declared November 22, the day the truce went into effect, a “national holiday of victory.” Israel National News reported that “mosques in Gaza City blared through their loudspeakers: ‘Allahu Akbar (G-d is great), dear people of Gaza, you won. You have broken the arrogance of the Jews.’”

A Hamas sheikh, preaching at the funeral of one of those killed in Gaza, declared that Hamas had just won a great victory, one that would prove to be “the first nail in the coffin of Israel.”

…Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad crowed: “Zionists have reached the dead point and have no other alternative but officially recognizing and bowing to the absolute right of the Palestinian nation.” …Meanwhile, Moussa Abu Marzouk, Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal’s deputy, has already stated obliquely that Hamas has no intention of keeping to the terms of the ceasefire anyway. Marzouk rejected calls for Hamas to stop amassing weapons, saying: “These weapons protected us and there is no way to stop obtaining and manufacturing them.”

…For its part, Islamic Jihad was eager to emphasize that the jihad against Israel would go on. “The battle with the enemy has not ended,” a masked jihadist from the group maintained. “Our choice in fighting and getting weapons to defend our people is going on.”

Another indication that the jihad against Israel will flare up again soon enough came from the imprisoned Saudi…

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“Romney Wins in a Landslide (at Least in Israel): What it Means,” The Times of Israel

On the election map, the State of Israel is not just blue and white; it is solidly red.

The Presidential election results are in. Well, at least the votes from Americans in Israel. Not one to keep readers in suspense, I’ll reveal the most important numbers up front: Gov. Mitt Romney received 85%–85%!–of the vote; President Obama managed only 14.3%. This, according to exit polling just released by iVoteIsrael, the non-partisan group promoting and facilitating voting by U.S. citizens currently in Israel. Their statistics reveal some fascinating results. More importantly, these results have implications for the outcome of next week’s election. (Again, not to keep you in suspense: those implications favor the Republicans.)

First, that 85% should be seen in a broader perspective. Israel has become a “red state” through such a solidly Republican vote. In fact, if Israel were in the United States, it would be the “reddest” state in the entire country. Redder, even, than Utah, or Wyoming or Oklahoma. Significantly redder. That should be a startling development for the Democrats, who once owned the pro-Israel vote.

Second, that 14% for Obama is 40% lower than the vote he received from Israel in 2008. That should worry his campaign. Even if his support in the Jewish community in America has eroded by only half that much, he may have trouble clearing the 60% mark. An interesting historical note: for almost a century, every Republican candidate who received 30% or more of the Jewish vote was victorious–and it looks like Romney will win well over 30%.

Third, the total vote from Israel–80,000 ballots–is huge. That’s about 25% of all ballots cast from all expat communities combined, which together have 20 times as many Americans as Israel has. It also represents 50% of eligible voters in Israel, a participation rate fully ten times that of Americans in the rest of the world. That’s an incredible rate considering the cumbersome process of registration and absentee ballot application and mailing faced by each individual Israel-based voter. It’s also more than double the number of ballots ever cast before from Israel.

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Anti-Obama filmmaker saves the President’s nephew’s life. You wont believe it until you hear it.

Dinesh D’Souza made a documentary called “2016: Obama’s America” which was released in August 2012. It is already the second biggest political documentary of all time, having grossed over $33 million. Although the movie is very critical of President Obama, his brother, George Obama recently called Dinesh for a favor. You won’t believe how that phone conversation ended.

This is the clip where Dinesh told Glenn Beck about George Obama (at 13:28, but I recommend watching the entire clip.)

YouTube Preview Image


Two trailers for “2016: Obama’s America”

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


“2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA” Dinesh D’Souza’s Movie with Glenn Beck on GBTV

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Other interviews with Dinesh D’Souza about his documentary and books about President Obama

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


“Israel rattled by rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric from Egypt,” FoxNews.com

The new tone coming out of Egypt – punctuated by President Mohammed Morsi mouthing “Amen” to an Imam’s call for the destruction of Israel – is rattling residents of the Jewish state, who claim the Obama administration isn’t taking the ratcheted-up rhetoric seriously…

The party that propelled Morsi to power, however, has made no secret of its contempt for Judaism and Christianity. When Mohammed Badie in 2010 became leader of the Muslim Brotherhood – and consequently President Morsi’s spiritual guide – he stepped up his attacks on Israel even while Hosni Mubarak still held an iron grip on power in Egypt.

Determined to recapture Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa (Golden Dome) Mosque, Badie told his followers, “Every Muslim is obliged to wage Jihad in order to restore it (Jerusalem) to Muslim rule”. Of the Jews he added, “Allah would free the world of their filth and corruption…Jerusalem will be regained only through Jihad, not through negotiations.”

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