Bill O’Reilly spars with Marc Lamont Hill over Obama & the IRS scandal, drones

factor-1Bill O’Reilly’s debate last week with Marc Lamont Hill started out on an even keel as The Factor host and his longtime guest covered President Obama’s role in the IRS scandal but heated up during their segment on Obama’s speech earlier today on national security.

Hill acknowledged early in the interview that someone at the top of the IRS echelon must be fired over the severity of the agency’s overreach in targeting conservatives, saying that the scandal “stinks,” but he wouldn’t budge when it came to Obama’s responsibility for what the IRS has done wrong.

Hill believes Obama likely didn’t know anything in advance of news reports; O’Reilly wasn’t exactly buying it, although he noted that the president’s staff may have hid things from him to keep “the big kahuna from the real nasty stuff.”

But when the subject of drones came up, the gloves came off. Hill vehemently blasted the government’s drone policy, to which O’Reilly responded with skepticism.

Watch the pair’s latest fiery debate below:

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