“Better Elected Islamists Than Dictators,” Online Video Debate

Daniel Pipes who is president of the Middle East Forum, the author of 12 books, and his biweekly columns are read around the world:


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…And if dictators are bad and kill thousands, ideological dictators, Nazis, communists and Islamists kill millions and even tens of millions, tens of millions. Mao, Stalin, Saddam Hussein and so forth. These are people with a vision how they’re going to change society. So I argue that we’re better off with plain old greedy dictators who can evolve, who do evolve if they’re pushed, who are not that terrible to their population, who we can work with. We’re far better off with them than we are with the ideological ones. So in short, the motion that’s before us, “Better —” if you agree with this motion, “Better Elected Islamists Than Dictators,” you are in effect saying that you also agree with the idea that the motion, “Better Elected Nazis Than Dictators.” Adolph Hitler was elected, was he not?

Click here for video of the 1 hr 50 minute debate


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