Beck highlights ‘total massacre that the media completely ignored’ – and how it relates to Egypt & Syria

The Blaze (September 12) — Many Americans have been horrified by the violence and lawlessness gripping “Arab Spring” countries, despite the administration’s confidence that the wave of revolutions marked a bright new chapter for the region.

“Once the radicals came to power, the systematic targeting of people who disagree with them – especially Christians – began,” Glenn Beck said on his weekday television show Thursday.  “Today, kidnappings, murder, forced conversions, rape, and forced marriage [are] rampant throughout the region…How’s it looking, Mr. President?”

But while “the situation faced by the Christian minorities in the Muslim world is dark,” Beck said, “it is nothing new.”

“In 1955, Turkey committed one of the most unthinkable acts.  Nobody even talks about it, because most people don’t know that it even happened — and this is after they tried to wipe out the entire Armenian race through genocide in the early 1900′s,” Beck said.  “Which according to them is just a rumor, didn’t really happen — in fact president Obama has refused to call it a genocide.”

Beck also asked TheBlaze’s national security adviser Buck Sexton to appear on the program.

In Sexton’s opinion, “There is a rising tide of Islamism that is much more pernicious, much more evil, than anything you are seeing on the news.”

He displayed a map of locations where there have been terror attacks tied to Al-Qaeda recently, and it spread across the entire Middle East and North Africa.

This is the reality,” he said.  “The black flags flying all across here are tied together.”

When Beck asked why the issue matters for Americans, Sexton replied: “It means that we’re heading for some very tough times.  It means that at some point, what’s happening here is going to spill over into our world.

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