Over 45 churches & Christian institutions reportedly attacked in Egypt – Where’s the media?

As the Egyptian government attempts to disband supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, a wave of devastating violence has swept through the country. The AP has reported that 638 people have been confirmed killed and nearly 4,000 are injured. It’s now being uncovered that much of this violence is being committed against Christians and their institutions.

This morning on radio, Glenn gave his listeners a rundown of the institutions that have been attacked and what is happening to the Christian Egyptians as their nation unwinds into chaos — something the mainstream media has been deafeningly silent on.

Click here for full list of attacked institutions with photos and sources.

Much like Kristallnacht was blamed on the communists, the Christians are being blamed in Egypt. And Glenn believe’s that Israel will soon be blamed as well.

“This is, by the way, the Muslim Brotherhood,” Glenn continued. “The Muslim Brotherhood is the one doing this. Because they needed somebody to blame. They couldn’t blame it on their fellow Muslims who threw the — Morsi out. So they had to blame it on somebody. So they are blaming it on the Christians. The next target will be the Jews, but this is what’s happening to the Christians. And we’re sending $2 billion a year to them, and our government is playing footsie with the Muslim Brotherhood, and this is what they’ve — this is what they’re doing right now. Right now.”

Glenn went on to state that it is time to cut off support and aide to Egypt.

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