Terror in Nice: Time to unite in the fight against radical Islam

What is it going to take for us to correctly identify the enemy and unite in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism?

A 13 year old Jewish girl stabbed to death in her own bed in Israel? A massacre at a gay club in Orlando? Attacks against travelers in Brussels and music fans in Paris? Yazidis, Christians and other minorities persecuted throughout the Middle East? Muslims who are butchered because they are the ”wrong” kind of Muslim? Pedestrians run over by a truck in Nice?

The reason for radical Islamic terrorism is not poverty, lack of opportunities, or Israeli ”occupation” (who exactly is Nice or the LGBT community in Orlando ”occupying”?). It is a political ideology that calls for the destruction of Western society and the establishment of Sharia law worldwide.

We are all targets of this totalitarian medieval ideology and therefore we have to unite and fight it together.

It’s not too late to turn the tide on this war but we all need to do our part. Educate yourself on the enemy, elect the right leaders, get involved in your community and don’t be afraid to speak up but base your arguments on facts and not prejudice.