Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei: No cure for barbaric Israeli regime but to be annihilated

Iran’s supreme leader also accuses Israel of poisoning Arafat and calls for the arming of the Palestinians in the West Bank.

Khamenei twitterJerusalem Post (Nov 10) — Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took to Twitter on Saturday where he unleashed a string of vitriolic tweets against Israel.

In one of the tweets Khamenei writes: “This barbaric, wolflike & infanticidal regime of #Israel which spares no crime has no cure but to be annihilated. #HandsOffAlAqsa. ”

In another tweet Khamenei accuses Israel of poisoning the late Palestinian Authority President Yasser Arafat.

He also tweeted that the “only means to confront a barbaric regime like Israel is arming West Bank.”

“They demolish homes & farms in #WestBank, humiliate people, cut their water & electricity, kill their children & youth! #FreePalestine,” he wrote.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that US President Barack Obama sent Khamenei a letter suggesting cooperation in the fight against Islamic State.

On Friday Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said Iran should not be included in any coalition that is formed to fight Islamic State.

“Iran is completely unacceptable as a partner for any coalition,” said Liberman, stating that this was true even when fighting extremist forces in Syria and Iraq.

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Caroline Glick: Terror decentral

Caroline Glick is the Senior Contributing Editor at the Jerusalem Post and writes two weekly columns that are regularly syndicated.

jerusalem terror attackJerusalem Post (Nov 7) —  In the postmortems of the terrorist car attacks in Jerusalem, it is easy to see the writing on the wall. Ibrahim al-Akary, the terrorist who on Wednesday ran over crowds of people waiting to cross the street and catch the Jerusalem Light Rail, was the brother of one of the terrorist murderers freed in exchange for IDF hostage Gilad Schalit.

He had placed the photograph on his Facebook page of Moataz Hejazi, the terrorist killed by police after shooting Yehuda Glick outside the Begin Heritage Center last Wednesday.

A few days before Abdur Rahman Slodi got into his car and mowed down three-month-old Chaya Zissel Braun and a dozen other pedestrians two weeks ago, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas exhorted the Palestinians to prevent Jews from visiting the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site, by all means possible.

Slodi had served time in prison for terrorist offenses and was active on social media where he expressed murderous hatred for Jews and a desire to kill them.

So yes, the writing was on the wall. But unfortunately, the writing is on all the walls, or Facebook walls. It is not at all clear how Israeli security services could have known to distinguish these men from the thousands of other Palestinians and Jerusalem Arabs who hate Israel, support the murder of Jews and identify with various terrorist organizations.

On Thursday security forces arrested several people in villages around Hebron with suspected ties to Akary. So he may not have been acting on his own. But all the same, neither he nor Slodi seem to have been directed to carry out their attacks by a cell commander who himself was directed by a higher level terrorist operative.

Rather, in all likelihood, something triggered both men to carry out attacks in a wholly independent or semi-independent manner.

The question is, what was the trigger and how was it pulled? The Israeli media are obsessed with the question of whether or not we are experiencing an third Palestinian terrorist onslaught, or intifada. Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch insists that we are not. Others insist that we are. Whatever we want to call it, we are seeing a new form of Palestinian terrorist warfare against Israel, which in many key aspects mimics the larger jihad carried out by al-Qaida and its affiliates and spin-offs.

…  Ideology is not something that people pick up or discard quickly or easily. For a person to be attracted to the jihadist cause he has to undergo indoctrination over a significant period of time.

You cannot incite a person to strike if he hasn’t already been indoctrinated in a manner that makes him amenable to your incendiary call to action.

And this brings us back to the Palestinians and the trigger for the attacks conducted by independent or semi-independent terrorist operatives.

With the exception of Pakistani students in madrassas, few societies have undergone the mass indoctrination that the Palestinians have undergone over the past 20 years of Palestinian Authority rule. From the cradle to the grave, and most significantly in the school system, Palestinians are indoctrinated to hate Jews and seek the violent destruction of Israel. They are told that it is an Islamic duty to fight Jews and destroy Israel.

This is as true in regular PA schools as it is in schools run by the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA).

We are experiencing today in Jerusalem a decentralized terrorist campaign rooted in the 20-year indoctrination of the Palestinians.

Yes, Hamas and Fatah still operate terrorist cells and units that are members of terrorist hierarchies.

But at the same time, they have used a model similar to al-Qaida’s in developing semi-independent and wholly independent networks of operatives and operational cells. These independent cells are highly motivated and are willing to wait until they receive generalized signals from their leadership to strike.

…  On Thursday Fatah’s Facebook page was full of images calling for Palestinians to run over Jews.

As Palestinian Media Watch reported, one used a play on words between the Arabic acronym for Islamic State and the Arabic word for running something over, thus positively associating the terrorists who run over Jews with members of Islamic State.

Hamas – Fatah’s partner in the PA’s coalition government – was similarly quick to praise Akary and call for more such attacks.

In dealing with this burgeoning, decentralized terrorist campaign, aside from taking action to protect bus stops with various barricades, Israel needs to go after the triggers.

It needs to break up the indoctrination system.

And it needs to destroy the Palestinian leadership’s ability to communicate their incendiary messages.

Since UNRWA schools operating in Jerusalem engage in anti-Semitic indoctrination, Jerusalem municipal authorities must give them the choice of using Israeli textbooks or shutting down. If Israel wishes to assert its sovereignty, UNRWA schools would be a good place to start. Beyond that, preachers in mosques who incite murder and call for the destruction of Israel should be arrested.

As for the PA’s communications networks, all of the radio and television signals operating in the PA come from the Israeli electromagnetic spectrum. It is time to shut them down. As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated on Wednesday, Abbas is directly inciting the murderous attacks on Jerusalem through the PA media organs. The way to protect Jerusalem is to remove him and his Hamas partners from the airwaves.

There has been a lot of talk over the years about providing positive and negative incentives to convince the Palestinians not to engage in terrorism.

But now is not the time for incentives. The population mobilized through incitement has become too fanatical to engage with reason.

The terrorists who take the wheel and run over pedestrians know that they will more than likely never come home. And they don’t care.

They certainly don’t care that Israel will destroy their homes. And they also certainly won’t be impressed by discounted mortgages if they integrate into Israeli society.

In the long term, it is imperative that Israel provide incentives to both the Jerusalem Arabs and the Palestinians to integrate peacefully with Israeli society. But before the government can seriously engage in this task, it needs to destroy the triggers of this terrorist onslaught. It is not enough to complain about Palestinian indoctrination and incitement. It is time for Israel to end them.

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Pictures: Star-studded event raises record $33 million for IDF

Celebrities show their support for the Israeli Defense Forces at a gala in Los Angeles.

Arnold schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Haim Saban at FIDF Gala. (photo credit: PETER HALMAGYI)

Arnold schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Haim Saban at FIDF Gala. (photo credit: PETER HALMAGYI)

Jerusalem Post (Nov 7) — The Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) kicked off a fundraiser in Hollywood on Thursday evening to honor Israeli soldiers and the Defense Establishment.

A-listers such as Barbra Streisand, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were among the more than 1,200 guests that showed up at the iconic Beverly Hilton Hotel for the annual event.

Pamela Anderson, who also attended, showed her love for the holy land and said that “Israel is magical. It is one of my favorite places to be. A mixture of old and new, arts, music, freedom. The people of Israel are interesting, aware and generous. You can see they are very senstive to the world’s problems. Israel is a place everyone must experience.”

Israeli celebrities also showed face, including actor Moran Atias, musician Idan Reichel and actor Noa Tishbi.

Haim Saban, the man behind the event, announced that the even raised a record 33.5 million dollars for the IDF.

Model Joanna Krupa, Chris Tucker, and Haim Saban at FIDF Gala. (photo credit: PETER HALMAGYI)

Model Joanna Krupa, Chris Tucker, and Haim Saban at FIDF Gala. (photo credit: PETER HALMAGYI)

Haim Saban and Pamela Anderson at FIDF Gala. (photo credit: PETER HALMAGYI)

Haim Saban and Pamela Anderson at FIDF Gala. (photo credit: PETER HALMAGYI)

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A river of water technologies connect Israel to Africa

The Israeli company Waterways brings Israeli solutions to Africa with cultural sensitivity and an emphasis on people, planet and profit. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

YouTube Preview Image

Israel’s MFA (Nov 6) — Economists predict that in the next 15 years Africa’s economy will be growing at a frenzied pace, similar to India and China. Early birds have started racing into Africa to get businesses off the ground.

But what works in Europe or America –– or even in Israel — doesn’t necessarily work in Africa, especially when you are talking about Africa’s poorest people.

That is why the new Israeli company Waterways has sprung to life. The basic idea is to take the enormous innovations in water coming out of Israel and adapt them to rural areas in Africa.

There is a triple bottom line to fulfill here: people, planet and profit, according to Waterways managing director and founder Ornit Avidar, a startup success story in her own right, and a former diplomat. She has made it her new life mission to help water technologies enter African villages and stick.

Through her research she’s found that about 50 percent of all water projects in Africa’s rural regions cease within a year of implementation.

Cultural reasons, lack of upkeep funding or conflict –– there are endless reasons why “abroad” solutions don’t work in Africa.

That’s too much money going down the drain, says a pragmatic Avidar, who has developed another way.

Soft solutions, for a change?

Rather than propose the sort of large water projects found in municipalities and cities in the West, Avidar has her water compass set on providing Africa’s villagers with soft solutions — scalable, powered by little or off-grid energy, and requiring no advanced technical knowhow to maintain. Her business approach also includes economic models to help villagers make money.

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New Palestinian Video Game Advocates Violence

The promotion of violence and anti-Israel propaganda within the Gaza Strip has no limits; it appears in school books, public speeches and TV programs. The latest is a new online video game entitled “Liberation of Palestine”. (Nov 3) —  In this new game, players have to “get rid of the Israeli settlements, buy weapons and to implement prisoner exchanges,” as explained in Hamas’ Falesteen newspaper. The game teaches players that negotiations “can never bring to any positive result” and that “the language of weapons is the most effective with the Israelis,” according to one of the game’s developers.

The game is also meant to “strengthen the national culture and plant desire for the liberation of Palestine in the hearts of the players, especially children,” according to Falesteen. In other words, the game is meant to inculcate the idea that Israel should not exist. Karam Hussein, one of the game’s developers, stated in an interview for “Arabic Sky News” that “the idea is to develop the spirit of resistance among Palestinian boys and girls.”

YouTube Preview Image

In the game , you can purchase a number of weapons including grenade launchers, AK47 assault rifles, and rockets. An explosive belt can also be purchased in order to perpetrate suicide attacks. The game is linked to social media platforms in which users receive upgrades and encouragement for their actions. Comments such as “Twenty-five zionist settlements were destroyed by [user]. God bless you and the path you have chosen,” are common on the game’s Facebook page.


This is yet another example of how Hamas and other terrorist organizations advocate violence and spread propaganda throughout the young generation in the Gaza Strip.

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Boko Haram’s treatment of captured Nigerian girls detailed in new report

root_girls_051214Fox News (Oct 28) — Nigerian girls have endured physical torture, rape and forced marriages in the secret forest camps of Islamist terror organization Boko Haram, according to a new Human Rights Watch report released Monday.

The report draws on interviews with 46 victims and witnesses of the group’s destructive actions. Boko Haram came to international attention in April, when its fighters abducted more than 270 girls from a boarding school in northeastern Nigeria. The kidnapping sparked an international outcry and put pressure on the Nigerian government to secure their release.

Dozens of the captured girls have escaped, but officials estimate that 220 remain missing.

Earlier this month, Nigerian officials claimed the release of the girls was near after a cease-fire agreement had been reached with the group. However, there has been no sign that the captives are close to being released, and thirty teenage girls and boys have been kidnapped since Wednesday from villages around Mafa town, 25 miles from the Borno state capital, Maiduguri, the local government chairman Shettima Maina told reporters.

Escaping residents said Boko Haram insurgents abducted 80 girls and women from neighboring Adamawa state on Oct. 18.

Older women in the group were released the following day and said the extremists kept about 40 younger women and girls, according to the residents. They spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation by the insurgents.

In all, the group is believed to have abducted more than 500 women and girls since 2009.

One 19-year-old told how she and her five friends were ambushed, captured, and threatened with death by Boko Haram fighters while walking to school. They were released after several days only after promising to convert to Islam and give up school.

The report describes how the group, whose name means “Western education is forbidden” in a rough translation, targets Christians and students, threatening to beat or kill them unless they convert to Islam, stop attending school, and wear the traditional hijab.

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