2013: Highlights for World Media Monitoring

The highlight of 2013 was when TheBlaze (Glenn Beck’s news website which receives about 170 million page views per month) wrote an article about my op-ed which debunked the claim that Beck is a Nazi sympathizer. It is a huge honor since Glenn Beck is my favorite TV news personality, and one of the most influential people in America.

The title was “Read the powerful op-ed from Israel debunking an ugly claim about Glenn Beck: ‘We are with you, you are not alone’,” published on October 10. It received 163 comments, 149 Facebook shares and 123 Twitter retweets. You can read it here.

My op-ed, “Glenn Beck a Nazi sympathizer, seriously?” was also published on TheBlaze. You can read it here.

Besides that all 7 of the op-eds I submitted to Arutz Sheva (IsraelNationalNews.com, Israel’s 3rd largest news site) were published. These were the subjects I decided to write about in 2013:

As for WorldMediaMonitoring.com, these were the ten most viewed posts in 2013:

  1. “Ancient Golden Treasure Found at Foot of Temple Mount,” September 9
  2. “Tel Aviv named one of world’s best beach cities,” June 18
  3. “What’s it actually like in Israel?,” September 10
  4. “Norway is now Judenrein (Jew-free). Who Cares?,” January 24
  5. “Islamicized Sweden Has Declared War on the Jews,” April 21
  6. “UK: Yet another Muslim rape gang uncovered,” July 6
  7. “Video: UK Muslim Rape Gangs Target Young Sikh Girls,” September 10
  8. “Glenn Beck explains why World War 3 could be on the horizon,” June 5
  9. “Photo: Boston jihad murderer Dzhokhar Tsarnaev placing bomb near one of his murder victims, 8-year-old Martin Richard,” April 19
  10. “Sharia in action in Iran: 850,000 girls under age 10 are married,” April 27

Major websites that now link to WorldMediaMonitoring.com include TheBlaze (Glenn Beck’s news site), Arutz Sheva (IsraelNationalNews.com). Atlas Shrugs (Pamela Geller’s website), Good News from Israel, and BareNakedIslam.

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Good news from Israel, December 29

This is brought to you by verygoodnewsisrael.blogspot.com, a free weekly newsletter of Israel’s achievements and heartwarming stories from the Jewish State.

Five antibodies to treat cancer.  Israel’s Compugen has discovered five candidate antibodies that have the potential to treat cancer.  The antibodies target proteins on the surface of cancer cells in order to deliver highly toxic chemicals to kill them.  Initial results are expected late 2014 although the concept has been proved.

A pill for Type 1 diabetes.  Israeli biotech Ormed is developing oral medicines to treat conditions that normally require injections.  Its flagship product, the ORMD-0801 insulin capsule for Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes has just successfully completed clinical trials.  Ormed’s share price rose 115 percent on the news.


Minorities speak out for Israel.  Muslims, Druse, Beduins, and Christian Arabs staunchly came out in support of the country as a Jewish and democratic state at a Zionist Conference for Human Rights in Tel Aviv

“Israel Apartheid” The latest rap video from Ari Lesser.  It’s even better than his “Boycott Israel” video.
YouTube Preview Image
People say Israel’s an Apartheid state
But I can’t relate to that baseless hate
It’s not really fair to try and compare
A racist regime with the war on terror

The folding car.  (Thanks to Israel21c)  The City Transformer is an Israeli concept car designed for the urban environment.  To cater for limited parking places, the car’s width can be reduced from 1.6 meters to a mere one meter.  Weighing only 400 kg, it will run on a rechargeable battery.


Even better translation.  Businesses can now speak even more clearly to foreign customers. Israel’s Lexifone has launched version 2 of its phone conversation translation system.  It translates in real time French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and of course English.

Muslim Brotherhood signs pact with al-Qaeda

This will do nothing to stop those who insist that the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate.”

“Report: Muslim Brotherhood signs pact with al-Qaeda,” by Roi Kais for Ynet News, December 26:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood movement has signed a pact with the al-Qaeda-affiliated radical Salafi organization Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, which claimed responsibility last week for a terror attack in the city of Mansoura, security sources told the London-based Arabic-language al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper.

According to the sources, the Muslim Brotherhood has an alliance with another al-Qaeda-affiliated organization. Meanwhile, senior Muslim Brotherhood member Ibrahim Al-Sayed said the Egyptian government’s decision to declare the movement a terror organization was meaningless and would not harm the movement.

Iranian nuclear deal: Now the Twelfth Imam can come

This is a very important article to read if you want to understand the goal of the Iranian nuclear program and the lunacy of their fanatical religious beliefs.

“Now the Twelfth Imam Can Come,” by Robert Spencer, founder of JihadWarch.org, for FrontPage Mag, November 26, 2013:

12th-ImamAmong the many who decried the Obama Administration’s catastrophic capitulation to the nuclear ambitions of the Islamic Republic of Iran, none spelled out its potential consequences as trenchantly as Israel’s Economy Minister Naftali Bennett: “We awoke this morning to a new reality,” he said Sunday. “A reality in which a bad deal was signed with Iran. A very bad deal. If a nuclear suitcase blows up five years from now in New York or Madrid, it will be because of the deal that was signed this morning.”

If that happens, it will also be because of the Shi’ite belief in the return of the Twelfth Imam. According to Islamic tradition, the dispute between the majority Sunnis and the Shiat Ali (Party of Ali) began upon the death of Muhammad in 632. The Sunnis contended that the prophet of Islam had made no provision for a successor as political, military, and spiritual leader of the Muslim community, and that therefore the Muslims should choose the best man among them as their leader. The nascent Party of Ali, on the contrary, claimed that Muhammad had designated his son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib as his successor, and that the successor of Muhammad had to be a member of the prophet’s household.

…According to the traditions of Twelver Shi’ism, the official religion of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the twelfth of these Imams, a boy of five years old, disappeared under mysterious and disputed circumstances in the year 874 – but remained alive. After his disappearance, he communicated to the world through four agents, the last of whom died in 941. At that point the Twelfth Imam went silent, entering the period of “Great Occultation.”

In his last communiqué to the world, via one of these messengers in 941, this mysterious figure consoled his followers with prophecies regarding his eventual reappearance. The circumstances of that reappearance could, in the hands of Iran’s mad mullahs, visit upon the world calamities of a scale never before seen. And Israel and America will bear the brunt.

“Hearts,” warned Mohammad al-Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam, in his last message, “will become inaccessible to compassion. The earth will be filled with tyranny and violence.” He was speaking of the time of his reappearance, explaining that he would only come back to the world when the evil that Muslims were suffering was at its absolute apex. In this he echoed a Shi’ite tradition of the words of the prophet of Islam himself, Muhammad, who prophesied that the Twelfth Imam would be “the Resurrector” and explained: “He will fill the world with peace and justice as today it is filled with violence and tyranny.”

That violence and tyranny is not incidental to the theology of the Twelfth Imam, which has revenge as its core and essence. The Shi’ites began to teach that the Twelfth Imam would return at a time when the Muslims were oppressed as never before, and suffering worse than ever. The Imam, in the company of Jesus (re-imagined, as in Sunni Islam, as a Muslim prophet), would finally end the horrific persecution of the true believers, taking up arms against their enemies and conquering and Islamizing the world.

This eschatological revenge fantasy would be of no concern to anyone but pious Shi’ites and religious anthropologists were it not for the element of Shi’ite tradition that requires that the earth be “filled with tyranny and violence” before the Twelfth Imam can return.

There is no requirement that non-Muslims must be responsible for that violence; Shi’ites filled with religious fervor, like the Ayatollah Khamenei and the mullahs behind him, could hasten the Twelfth Imam’s return and the consummation of all things by, say, launching a nuclear strike against Tel Aviv or some other Infidel outpost, knowing that by doing so they would almost certainly be provoking a retaliatory strike that would subject the Muslims in Iran to more defeat and repression than even the Shi’ites had previously suffered. That would be enough to bring the Twelfth Imam out of the well where he is said to be hiding.

But that is a matter of religious hope and speculation; the devastation that would supposedly lead to his reappearance, however, would be all too real. The two powers that the Iranian mullahs have long designated as the “Great Satan” and the “Little Satan” – America and Israel – would be the only targets of an Iranian attempt to hasten the Twelfth Imam’s coming.

A nuclear strike from Tehran into Israel could kill, estimates say, upwards of twenty million people, completely destroying the Jewish State.

Barack Obama, by acceding to the Iranians’ nuclear ambitions, has given a tremendous impetus to these revenge fantasies, probably not realizing or caring that Iran’s mullahs take the prophesies of the Twelfth Imam very seriously indeed – seriously enough for them to bet the entire world upon them. Obama has just made the odds appear to them to be considerably more favorable than they were just a week ago.

Click here for full article.

Israel and the Moral Midgets of American Academe

FrontPage Mag (Dec 24) — A province of the academic Lilliput called the American Studies Association has voted to boycott Israeli academics because of “the Israeli occupation of Palestine” and “the systematic discrimination against Palestinians.” The well-earned criticism of this vote is probably the most attention this organization has ever received outside the parochial precincts of the American university, where “conferences” of like-mindedness pedants regularly gather together to read papers to each other and ritualistically affirm their fossilized political and intellectual orthodoxy. Indeed, what this vote tells us about the corruption of American higher education is more worthy of comment than its impact on Israel’s intellectual life, considering that “American Studies” is a political rather than a scholarly enterprise unlikely to concern genuine Israeli scholars. Martin Kramer’s response gets it just about right: “Boycott me, please.”

The first thing revealed by this vote is the massive ignorance of history, including current events, that permeates American universities. Most obvious is the rote repetition of the phrase “Israeli occupation of Palestine.” This phrase is historically meaningless. There is no occupation in legal terms, because there has never existed a country to be occupied. The territory under question last existed formally as a province of the Ottoman Empire, which has long settled into the dustbin of history because it miscalculated badly and allied with the Central Powers in World War I. The legal disposition, through a U.N. resolution, of this territory by the mandatory powers that replaced the Ottomans after World War I was rejected and violently contested by the Arab nations that attacked Israel in 1948.

Until 1967, this territory was controlled by Jordan, whose annexation of it was never recognized internationally. It came under control of Israel as a result of the defensive Six Day War. Without that event, it is likely that despite international disapproval, the territory would have in time become part of Jordan according to the ancient wisdom that possession is nine-tenths of the law. After all, who boycotts China over its absorption of Tibet? If after their victory in 1967 Israel had behaved as most states do in such circumstances, she would have annexed the territory that by the legitimacy of history is part of Israel, and that was fairly won on the battlefield. And again following the usual practice of most states, Israel then would have expelled all the Arabs. This historically has been the common practice that no one other than the losers complained about after other wars. One and a half million Greeks, for example, were booted out of Muslim Turkey in 1923, from lands their ancestors had inhabited for nearly 3 thousand years, while half a million Muslims, descendants of invaders or Christians converted under the shadow of the sword, were sent to Turkey. Or consider the 12 million Germans kicked out of Eastern Europe after World War II. That’s what happens when a people start a war and lose.

And don’t forget, the Arabs living in the ancient Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria are the descendants of conquerors and occupiers, or recent immigrants drawn by the economic development by Jewish settlers. By any measure of historical justice or coherent thinking, what the historically challenged now call the “occupied West Bank” would have become part of Israel. The only accurate description of this territory is “disputed,” its final disposition dependent on successful negotiations that the so-called Palestinians have never engaged in sincerely, since their ultimate goal is not their own state but the destruction of Israel. And apparently the ASA agrees with that aim, as it refers not to the “occupation” of the West Bank, but of “Palestine,” which the Arabs consider encompasses all the territory from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

The same incoherence is evident in the phrase “discrimination against Palestinians.” There is no such thing as “Palestinians.” “Palestine” was the name given to Judea by the Romans after the destruction of the country in 136 A.D., an act of damnatio memoriae by which the Romans attempted to obliterate any trace of the existence of an enemy. Thus they renamed the country after the Philistines, a people that in effect no longer existed. Later Palestine was an administrative unit of the Ottoman Empire, and “Palestinian” denoted anyone living there, including Jews, just as today “Californian” does not refer to a distinct national or ethnic group but to anyone living in California. The Arabs today called Palestinians are not significantly different ethnically, linguistically, or culturally from the Arabs living in Jordan, Lebanon, or Syria.

If you have any doubt, listen to Farouk Kaddoumi, head of the PLO Political Department in 1977. “Jordanians and Palestinians are considered by the PLO as one people,” he told Newsweek magazine. Earlier, after the Six Day War, Executive Council of the PLO member Zouhair Muhsin said, “There are no differences between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. We are all part of one nation. It is only for political reasons that we carefully underline our Palestinian identity… Yes, the existence of a separate Palestinian identity serves only tactical purposes. The founding of a Palestinian state is a new tool in the continuing battle against Israel.” The idea of a “Palestinian” nation has been a device for promoting the incremental war against Israel, appealing to ignorant Westerners and their own cultural ideals of “ethnic self-determination” or nationhood, concepts alien to traditional Muslim ideas of the ummah, the world-wide community of Muslims united not by blood or nationality but by religion.

This tactic, of course, has been wildly successful, as the continuing duplicitous diplomacy over the “two-state solution,” and as the latest boycott by American academics show…

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The Jihadist Cleansing of Christianity from Muslim Countries

From FrontPage Mag by Robert Spencer, founder of JihadWatch, December 25, 2013:

Christians in Muslim countries are awaiting Christmas not with joy, but with trepidation.

Egyptian Copts are the largest community of Christians left in the Middle EastFox News reported that in Iraq, “Christians are afraid to put up a Christmas tree or other decorations, according to one Christian pastor in Iraq. Such displays of faith in an increasingly extremist nation can bring threats and violence, say human rights groups. Christian churches must be regularly guarded, but congregants are even more on edge during their holiest days.”

And in Nigeria, according to Reuters, “fearing attacks by Islamist militant group Boko Haram over Christmas, Nigerian police said on Sunday they had ordered extra patrols, surveillance and covert operations to better secure potential targets during the festive period. The militants have struck every Christmas for the past three years, most dramatically in 2011, when they bombed three churches. One of them, on St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla, on the edge of Abuja, killed 37 people and wounded 57.”

Likewise in Indonesia, Reuters reported that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono “has ordered police to step up security around churches over the Christmas holidays following reports of possible attacks.”

Meanwhile, Xinhua reported that last Saturday, “Syria’s armed rebels fired multiple mortar shells on a church in Syria’s southern province of Daraa, killing 12 people and injuring many others.” Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham “told Xinhua in an interview that Syria’s long-term crisis has displaced more than 450,000 Christian Syrians and killed more than a thousand of them.” IB Times reported Thursday that in the Central African Republic, Muslims recently murdered Christians wholesale, “killing nearly 1,000 men over a two-day period and systematically looting civilian homes.”

Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Sako recently said that Iraqi officials were readily giving Christians visas to leave the country, saying that there was “a whole strategy to help Christians leave Iraq” and warning: “The Middle East is going to empty of Christians.”

The Fox News article in which Curry’s quotes appeared did not identify what kind of “extremists” were menacing the remaining Christians in Iraq. And that’s part of the problem: there is little chance that these “extremists” will be defeated, and the Christians in Muslim lands defended, if we can’t even talk about who they are and why they are doing what they are doing.

Nor is Fox the only one guilty of this criminal silence. Steven B. Nasatir, president of the Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago, in the Washington Post in October compared the persecution of Christians to Kristallnacht, without ever naming who exactly was doing the persecuting. Everyone knew who perpetrated Kristallnacht, and why they did it, and Steven B. Nasatir, I am sure, knows full well who is persecuting Christians today. He may even know why despite ubiquitous attempts to cover up the reasons, but in his entire piece he fastidiously avoids mentioning who is behind the persecution.

This sort of thing can be expected from the egregiously compromised Washington Post, but it does raise a question: how does Steven B. Nasatir, and the WaPo for that matter, propose to combat this persecution if we are not even allowed to name the persecutors? How can we combat an enemy we cannot even name?

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Iran Says It Is Developing New Centrifuges

Fox News (Dec 27) — Amb. John Bolton on Iran’s ‘superficial’ concessions – Iran building a new generation of centrifuges.

“Officials: Iran Talks Hit Bump Over Enrichment,” AP, December 27, 2013:

Iran is taking steps to improve its ability to speed up uranium enrichment that could delay implementation of a nuclear deal with six world powers because Tehran’s moves are opposed by the United States and its allies.

Iran’s nuclear chief, Ali Akbar Salehi, said late Thursday that his country is building a new generation of centrifuges for uranium enrichment but they need further tests before they can be mass produced. His comments appeared aimed at countering criticism from Iranian hardliners by showing their country’s nuclear program is moving ahead and has not been halted by the accord.

But two officials familiar with Iran’s nuclear activities said Tehran has gone even further by interpreting a provision of the interim Geneva nuclear deal in a way rejected by many, if not all, of the six powers that sealed the Geneva deal with Iran.

They told The Associated Press Friday that Iranian technical experts told counterparts from the six powers last week that some of the cutting-edge machines have been installed at a research tract of one of Iran’s enriching sites. They gave no numbers.

Click here for full article.

“Top Dem presses Obama on Iran sanctions after centrifuge surprise,” Fox News, December 27, 2013:

President Obama faced mounting bipartisan pressure on Friday to drop his resistance to an Iran sanctions bill after Tehran announced a new generation of equipment to enrich uranium — a move the Israelis claimed was further proof the regime seeks nuclear weapons.

One of the president’s top Democratic allies is leading the charge for Congress to pass sanctions legislation, despite the president’s pleas to stand down. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez, D-N.J., told Fox News that the “Iranians are showing their true intentions” with their latest announcement.

“If you’re talking about producing more advanced centrifuges that are only used to enrich uranium at a quicker rate … the only purposes of that and the only reason you won’t give us access to [a military research facility] is because you’re really not thinking about nuclear power for domestic energy — you’re thinking about nuclear power for nuclear weapons,” he said.

Menendez was reacting after Iran’s nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi said late Thursday that the country is building a new generation of centrifuges for uranium enrichment.

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“Krauthammer: Obama ‘supine’ on Iran,” Fox News, December 27, 2013:

President Obama is “simply not serious” about nuclear negotiations with Iran and “the Iranians know it,” Charles Krauthammer said Friday following Tehran’s announcement of a new generation of equipment to enrich uranium.

“The only surprising thing here is that the Iranians are so confident about how supine Obama is on this that they stick a finger in his eye and announce it publicly,” Krauthammer said on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

The syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor said that as for Iran’s six-month nuclear deal with the U.S. and other world powers, “there is nothing in the agreement that stops the Iranians from enriching more uranium and producing the machines that enrich the uranium. That was the problem at the beginning. That’s what made the agreement a farce at the start.

“Unless you go after the uranium enrichment, unless you curtail or destroy the machines that enrich the uranium, you have done nothing to stop the progress of Iran,” he said.

Click here for video.

‘Bulls**t’: It was posted on a humor site, but this serious takedown of the TSA is blistering

TSAThe Blaze (Dec 25) — In a blistering takedown of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s approach to airport security, the former chief of security for Israeli airports described an agency riddled with incompetence and wastefulness and that, despite large infusions of government money, may never have actually stopped a single terror attack. The TSA may even be inviting a deadly attack on airline passengers due to poor planning, he charged.

Though his analysis was posted on the humor website Cracked, airline security expert Rafi Sela detailed serious flaws in American airport protection, ones he contrasted starkly with his own experience in Israel.

For one thing, Sela said the notion that standing in a security line and stripping off one’s shoes is a “necessary precursor to safe flying” is “bullsh**.”

“The TSA couldn’t protect you from a 6-year-old with a water balloon,” Sela wrote.

Sela told TheBlaze that despite posting the article on a humor site, it is serious and accurately reflects his analysis of the dire state of American airports, which he shared in detail with Cracked writer Robert Evans.

“There is truth in every parody,” Sela told TheBlaze in an email. “I think when we get to a stage where Congress has been made aware of the issues and decided not to act even on a pilot basis and continue to waste billions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money to make the big industries bigger, it might be a good idea to just joke about it because NO ONE is taking this seriously anyway.”

He said that after years of “trying to get the attention of the U.S. Senate … White House, airlines and airports,” he has decided that “the USA is no longer a leader in security.”

 ’Hiding things is so easy to do, it isn’t even funny’

Sela told Cracked that “Ben Gurion [International Airport, near Tel Aviv] is probably the most threatened airport in the world. It has between 50 and 70 incidents every day. Nobody hears about those because we handle them.”

While the Israeli airport drills its screeners seven times a day, Sela said TSA agents are drilled only once or twice a year. With the high turnover rate in the agency, many operate without having been tested.

“Security can’t be treated like a fast food company. These people are tasked with finding bombs, not flipping burgers,” he told Cracked.

Sela made a strong case for profiling – not racial profiling, but behavioral profiling.

“[I]f you only check luggage and you don’t check the person behind the luggage, how do you know he hasn’t camouflaged something into the luggage that you can’t find? Trust me: Hiding things is so easy to do, it isn’t even funny,” he said.

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CNN poll: Opposition to Obamacare hits record highs, support crashes to new lows

The Blaze (Dec 25) — The results of CNN’s latest poll on Obamacare were delivered just two days before Christmas — and it’s unlikely they are making President Barack Obama very happy.


The telephone poll, taken between December 13-19, asked 1035 adults — 950 of whom were registered voters — the following question: “As you may know, a bill that makes major changes to the country’s health care system became law in 2010. Based on what you have read or heard about that legislation, do you generally favor or generally oppose it?”

62% of those polled said they oppose the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while support for the law hit an all-time low of just 35%.


The increased cost or anticipated increased cost of health care under Obamacare is also starting to weigh heavily on how people see the plan. According to the survey, 63% or respondents say that they expect health care costs will increase. Only 7% expect their medical care to be cheaper under ACA.

Read the entire 14-page report here.

Hamas Minister: First Israel, then the World

Hamas supporters hold copies of the Koran during demonstration in Khan Yunis, Gaza

Hamas supporters hold copies of the Koran during demonstration in Khan Yunis, Gaza

IsraelNationalNews (Dec 24) — The ultimate goal of the Hamas movement is to establish Islam worldwide, Hamas minister Fathi Hammad declared during a recent public address in Gaza.

“We shall liberate our land, Allah willing. We shall liberate our Al-Aqsa Mosque, and our cities and villages, as a prelude to the establishment of the future Islamic Caliphate. Therefore, brothers and sisters, we are at the threshold of a global Islamic civilization era,” Hammad proclaimed.

“The fuel and spearhead of this era will be Gaza, and its mujahideen and leaders will be from Gaza, Allah willing,” he added.

Hammad’s speech was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

He then appealed to Fatah, which heads the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria, to stop negotiating with Israel.

“We just sit and talk to the Jews. Enough with that! Come join us, the legions of the believers, which have translated the Koran into victory, the law of the Prophet’s ancestors into glory, and Jihad into liberation,” he urged.

“We shall be coming with a third Intifada, an armed revolution, a Jihadi revolution, Allah willing,” Hammad continued, adding that “Gaza and the West Bank will fuse together, along with our brothers within the 1948 borders, in a second Battle of Hattin, in order to uproot the Jews,” referencing the defeat of Christian Crusader forces by Saladin’s Muslim army in 1187.

Other sources quoted Hammad as warning that Hamas will fire any member of its armed forces, including the Gaza police, who does not take part in morning prayers.

Hammad, Hamas’ Minister of the Interior, is known to support the institution of Islamic law (Sharia) in Gaza.

Boycotting Israel is Academic Nonsense

Great article by Michael Ordman, who writes a free weekly newsletter containing positive news stories about Israel at: www.verygoodnewsisrael.blogspot.com.

The Jerusalem Post (Dec 25) — Last week we saw another suicidal attempt by so-called “academics” to sever themselves from the Jewish State. The real world, however, knows the true value of Israel’s life-enhancing innovations.

Whilst the American Studies Association was voting itself into oblivion, Israel’s VBL Therapeutics announced the development of the first of a new class of autoimmune disease medicines called Lecinoxoids.  ASA pro-boycott members must therefore be hoping that they are all immune from the likes of Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  It is also crazy for the “brainy” scholars at the ASA to ignore Israel’s groundbreaking neuroscience discoveries.  In contrast, Israel’s Brain Technologies has just signed a partnership research agreement with four US organizations with particular emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease.

It is obvious that highbrow ASA philosophers never look out of their ivory towers at the likes of Israel’s Circ MedTech, which has just been selected by the United Nations and the Rwandan government to help stop the spread of AIDS / HIV in the African country.  ASA eyes must also be so tightly shut that they cannot see the image enhancement device developed by Israel’s MobileOCT that could prevent up to a quarter of a million women from dying of cervical cancer every year.
YouTube Preview Image
I hope that no ASA hypocrites are still sneakily using their Israeli-powered smartphones and computers.  I trust that they were all logged off when Keepod presented its Israeli-developed operating system at the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation in Vienna.  Keepod runs from any USB drive, eliminating dependency on one physical computer. Keepod’s Unite project has the potential to provide access to computers and the Internet to 5 billion people.  Those “superior beings” in the ASA Executive apparently cannot envisage anyone of lesser ability.  So they must have been totally immobilized on hearing about Accelerating Inclusion in Israel (A3i) – the first start-up accelerator for hi-tech and social ventures that helps people with disabilities become entrepreneurs.
We cannot expect any straight talking from anti-Israel ASA members.  They would only be able to display crooked smiles if you spoke to them about the orthodontic system developed by Israeli Aerodentis that straightens the teeth during sleep, through the application of gentle pulsating force.  And they could only offer a limp response when presented with Israel’s Medic Shoes that relieve the foot pain common in those suffering from diabetes.
YouTube Preview Image

…But perhaps we should be generous and mindful that when trying to understand the Jewish State, anti-Israel members of the ASA suffer from a complete mental block.  To that end, I suggest we send in AcousticEye.  The Israeli pipeline diagnostic company gave an impressive demonstration at Tel Aviv’s recent WATEC water technology conference, of its unique system to detect defects, cracks, holes and blockages.

YouTube Preview Image

Finally, my quote of the week comes from the UK’s leading travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveller, which spotlighted Tel Aviv recently in its “Insider Tips” section.  It highlights “Tel Aviv’s creative energy and joie de vivre”. “Such positive energy is rare to find, and a pure joy to experience.” And in the next sentence it sounded a message that could be waved in front of all superficial anti-Israel academics. “This is a place where ideas are transformed into reality – where people enact their dreams rather than just talking about them.”

Now that is intelligent thinking!

Click here for full article.

Related: “U.S. scholars’ group votes in favor of academic boycott of Israel,” Dec 19, 2013

Statistics: Terror Attacks Increase As Talks Progress

Aftermath of Bat Yam bus bombing

Aftermath of Bat Yam bus bombing

IsraelNationalNews (Dec 23) — Israel’s Security Agency (ISA or the Shin Bet) statistics show that terror attacks are on the rise, Maariv reported Monday. The cause: resumed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The numbers for November 2013, which were released this week, show the highest number of terror attacks this year: 167, up from 82 in July.

Senior Defense officials confirmed to the daily that the PA-Israel talks have contributed to the upswing, along with internal unrest in the PA and passive encouragement to the Arab population to stage a “popular uprising.”

He added that the IDF, which is working with the PA police force, is dedicated to “continue to thwart efforts [against terrorism] everywhere, including in the refugee camps, and eliminate every terrorist infrastructure we identify.”

Noted terror attacks in November included the horrific stabbing of 19 year-old Eden Atias (z”l) and a staggering 55 attacks in the Jerusalem area – many of which involved Molotov cocktails.

The attacks have been rising steadily as talks progress. While only 82 terror attacks were recorded for July, August saw 99 attacks, September – 133, October – 139, and November – 167.

December has seen its own share of terror attacks as well.

On Sunday, a bus bombing in Bat Yam left 1 injured; Hamas and Islamic Jihad welcomed the bombing as a “response to the crimes of the occupation”. That same day, Israeli police forces thwarted a stabbing attempt at the Mishor Adumim junction.

Security officials also say they expect another outbreak of terror in spring 2014, when the discussions are set to either fail or produce an interim deal between Israel and the PA.

Islamic charity officials gave millions to al-Qaeda

terroristJihadWatch — Many Islamic charities in the United States and around the world have been shut down for funding terrorism, including what was once the largest Islamic charity in the United States, the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF), as well as the Global Relief Foundation (GRF), the Benevolence International Foundation (BIF), and many others. This is because the charitable giving required of Muslims, zakat, can be given to fund jihad, a meritorious activity according to Islamic law.

More on this story. “Islamic charity officials gave millions to al-Qaeda, U.S. says,” by Joby Warrick and Tik Root for the Washington Post, December 22:

When Qatar’s royal family was looking for advice on charitable giving, it turned to a well-regarded professor named Abd al-Rahman al-Nu’aymi. The 59-year-old educator had a stellar résumé that included extensive fundraising experience and years of work with international human rights groups.

But one apparent accomplishment was omitted from the list: According to U.S. officials, Nu’aymi also was working secretly as a financier for al-Qaeda, funneling millions of dollars to the terrorist group’s affiliates in Syria and Iraq even as he led campaigns in Europe for greater freedoms for Muslims.

While working as fundraisers and activists, gulf officials funneled money to terrorists, officials say.

Nu’aymi was one of two men identified by Treasury Department officials last week as major financial backers of al-Qaeda and its regional chapters across the Middle East. Although U.S. officials routinely announce steps to disrupt terrorist financing networks, the individuals named in the latest case are far from ordinary. Both men have served as advisers to government-backed foundations in Qatar and have held high-profile positions with international human rights groups. The second man, a Yemeni, is heavily involved in his country’s U.S.-backed political transition.

Their alleged dual roles — promoting humanitarian causes and civil rights while simultaneously supporting extremist groups — reflect a growing challenge for counterterrorism officials attempting to monitor the torrents of cash flowing to Islamist rebel groups in Syria, current and former U.S. officials say….

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Good news from Israel

Since most international media only publish critical reports of Israel, here are some good news from Israel, courtesy of verygoodnewsisrael.blogspot.com, to counterbalance the slander hurled against her:

Wifi equipment to the Philippines.  (Thanks to Atid-EDI) Israeli company RADWIN has donated its point-to-point equipment to help re-establish communications networks in areas devastated by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).  The network infrastructure is essential to the recovery process in order to facilitate relief efforts.

Entrepreneurial solutions for people with disabilities.  PresenTense Israel, the Ruderman Family Foundation and Beit Issie Shapiro are launching Accelerating Inclusion in Israel (A3i) – the first start-up accelerator for hi-tech and social ventures that helps people with disabilities become entrepreneurs.

Israel is a major driver for Massachusetts’ economy.  A new independent study shows that over 200 Israeli-founded businesses contributed $6 billion in direct revenue and over 6,600 jobs in Massachusetts in 2012.

Israeli TV is available worldwide.  The Israeli Network (TIN) exports Israel and the feeling of belonging to it, around the world.  Watch Israeli TV with English subtitles; hear and learn the Hebrew language; see news as it happens from the Israeli point of view, rather than how foreign news channels often portray Israel.

Israel attends WTO conference in Indonesia.  Naftali Bennett was the first Israeli minister to visit Indonesia for 13 years when he attended the World Trade Organization conference in Bali.  He made a speech to 157 economic leaders and signed a trade agreement designed to inject a trillion dollars into the world economy.


New wonder treatment.  Israel’s VBL Therapeutics has developed VB-201 – the first of a new class of oral anti-inflammatories called Lecinoxoids.  VB-201 has the potential to treat immune-inflammatory diseases such as Psoriasis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and more.  The US FDA has also granted fast-track designation for VB-111, which treats GBM – an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Device for detecting cervical cancer.  A quarter of a million women die of cervical cancer every year.  Israel’s MobileOCT has developed an image enhancement device that can detect early stage cancer.  MobileOCT just won a $100,000 investment in an Elevator World Tour event in Tel Aviv.
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Computer access for all.  At the Center for Global Dialogue and Cooperation in Vienna, Keepod launched its Unite project – to provide access to computers and the Internet to 5 billion people. Keepod’s Israeli developed operating system runs from any USB drive, eliminating dependency on one physical computer.

Defense minister pulls his sleeves up.  Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon rescued a woman, whose car was stuck on one of Jerusalem’s snow-covered streets.  Yaalon and his staff, saw the woman in distress, stopped their vehicle, rolled up their sleeves and pushed the car out of the snow.

Asia wants to invest in Israel.  Please watch this excellent video featuring venture capitalist Jon Medved of OurCrowd. Here he is publicizing the funding of Israeli startups on Bloomberg TV Asia.


Go through the gates of Jerusalem.  A modern interpretation of Isaiah 62/10?
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The Palestinian ‘refugee’ diversion

palestinian refugeesIsrael HaYom (Dec 17) — Words play a central role in the conflict with the Palestinians. They influence the way we perceive it, as well as the probability of finding a solution. That is why it is strange that Israel, of all countries, in its official state bodies, employs the same word used exclusively by the Palestinians — “refugees” — when talking about the millions of people who in any other context would not be described as such.

In actuality, the vast majority of those people are descendants of the original refugees, who would not have been eligible to receive such a status had the conflict involved any other country but Israel. In any other conflict in the world resulting in refugees, they fall under the purview of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. According to UNHCR guidelines, refugee status cannot be automatically passed down a generation, and under no circumstance can this status be inherited without the simultaneous effort to resettle those refugees.

Only the Palestinian refugees have their own U.N. agency, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, which grants, under its own auspices, automatic refugee status to any descendant of the original refugees — already in their fifth generation. Even worse, UNRWA does this while absolutely negating, as a condition of its work, any attempt to resettle the descendants of those Palestinian refugees in their current locations (the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon) or in any new place, thus perpetuating their situation. In other words, according to UNRWA, anyone born in Gaza to parents who were born and lived their entire lives there, who were also born to parents who were born and lived their entire lives in Gaza, is still considered a refugee from “Palestine.”

In the current situation, Israel’s adoption of the Palestinian term constitutes, even if unintentionally, a type of de facto recognition that instead of a mere tens of thousands of refugees, who indeed lost their homes during the war in 1948 and are still alive, there are 5 million at the very least.

…When people speak about the millions of “refugees” who will return to their homes, it is obvious that no type of peace accord can be reached which is based on one state for the Jewish people and a Palestinian state. However, if people would correctly only discuss the tens of thousands of actual refugees, all over the age of 65, the question would then receive its proper proportions and a solution to the problem could be rationally discussed.

As long as negotiations are ongoing and no final-status deal has yet been signed, it would behoove at least the Israeli side to refrain from using the Palestinian term with all its inherent meanings and connotations, instead using the accurate term, “descendants,” who are not the same as refugees.

By Dr. Einat Wilf who is a senior fellow with the Jewish People Policy Institute and a former member of the Knesset.

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Senior Palestinian official says most Palestinians were “enthusiastic supporters of Germany” during World War II

The Blaze (Dec 20) — A senior Palestinian official has told Russia’s RT television that the Palestinians were “enthusiastic supporters of Germany” during World War II, saying it was a “common” position among Palestinians at the time.

In an interview last week, senior Palestine Liberation Organization official Farouq Qaddoumi said, “I don’t think it would be wrong to say that we were enthusiastic supporters of Germany.”

Qaddoumi’s interview that originally aired on December 7th was translated on Wednesday by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). From its transcript:

Interviewer: You supported Hitler and his people.

Farouq Qaddoumi: Germany, yes. This was common among the Palestinians, especially since our enemy was Zionism, and we saw that Zionism was hostile to Germany, and vice versa.

Interviewer: There was a Nazi radio station in Arabic at the time, right?

Farouq Qaddoumi: I recall something like that.

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Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem during the British Mandate that controlled Palestine before 1948, was a strong supporter of Adolf Hitler. PLO official Qaddoumi was apparently referring to Husseini’s radio broadcasts in support of Nazi Germany. Husseini recruited Muslims for the Waffen-SS and met with Hitler, as seen in this famous photograph:

Hajj Amin Al-Husseini and Adolf Hitler in 1941

Hajj Amin Al-Husseini and Adolf Hitler in 1941

Radical Palestinians to this day have evoked Nazi imagery in their fight against Israel, including a recent rally at Al-Quds University where Islamic Jihad supporters gave Nazi salutes.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in July said a future Palestinian state would allow no Israelis to remain as residents.

“In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli – civilian or soldier – on our lands,” Abbas told Egyptian journalists.

Abbas “has consistently said that any future Palestinian state would be free of Israelis and Jews, much like the Nazis wanted Germany to be ‘Judenrein’ (free of Jews),” Israel National News noted.

Greetings from Chuck Norris – The epic christmas split

In case you saw the viral video/commercial with Van Damme doing the splits between two moving Volvo trucks, Chuck Norris just did a video which takes it to a whole other level.

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And remember:

  • There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.
  • When Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris.
  • Outer space exists because it’s afraid to be on the same planet with Chuck Norris.


Here is the Van Damme video in case you missed it:

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U.S. Senators submit sactions bill that could ‘kill’ Iran deal

At least there is still some common sense left in the world.

“Senators submit sactions bill that could ‘kill’ Iran deal,” The Times of Israel, December 19:

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan group of US senators on Thursday introduced new sanctions legislation that Iran has warned could “kill” its interim nuclear agreement with the six world powers. The “Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act” initiative was headed up by senators Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.).

The bill came as talks over the implementation of the interim agreement resumed in Geneva Thursday after a nearly week-long hiatus.

Menendez has long been known to be working together with Kirk to prepare the bill that would place further sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

The Obama administration has campaigned heavily against such legislation, arguing that it would limit the possibility of reaching a comprehensive deal with Tehran. In turn, Menendez has suggested that the proposed sanctions would only kick in after the conclusion of the six-month period covered by the interim deal, in the event that no long-term comprehensive agreement is reached to limit Iran’s nuclear weapons production capacity.

On Thursday, Menendez’s co-sponsor drew attention to a “powerful” advertisement published by Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel in The New York Times, in which Wiesel urged the Senate to move forward with new sanctions legislation. “We should and we will,” Kirk promised via his official Twitter account.

Earlier in December, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said that the imposition of new sanctions by Congress would kill the deal hammered out through months of negotiations in Geneva, and lately in Vienna.

In an interview with Time Magazines, Zarif was asked what would happen if Congress imposed new sanctions, noting that the legislation could be worded to include a six-months hold during the period of the interim agreement.

Zarif’s answer was succinct: “The entire deal is dead.”

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