‘Palestinian State’ Would Leave Israel ‘Indefensible’

Arutz Sheva (Oct 30) — As negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority continue amid international calls for a 23rd Arab state in the Judea and Samaria (West Bank) region – which would leave Israel with the territory it held prior to the 1967 Six-Day War – familiar calls from within Israel are being heard warning of the “indefensible borders” the Jewish State would be left with in such an eventuality.

It is not a new claim. Israel’s former Foreign Minister Abba Eban famously referred to the so-called “’67 borders” as “Auschwitz borders,” provocatively expressing the fears of many Israelis that a return to the 1949 Armistice lines would leave them perilously vulnerable to attack in a neighborhood which has proven all too often to be hostile to their very presence.

But is that really the case? Or, as some critics of Israel claim, are those fears simply unfounded?

One prominent Israel advocate who has taken it upon himself to clearly illustrate the case is New York based attorney Mark Langfan. On Tuesday Langfan appeared on the CBN News show “The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck,” and, with the aid of three topographical maps set out to prove why in his view a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria would create an indefensible security situation for Israel.

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Restoring Israel’s Rights: The Levy Report

Frontpage Mag (Oct 28) — The Jewish people’s considerable rights to the land of Israel are founded upon several bases:

Jews have been on the land for close to 4,000 years, most notably within eastern Jerusalem (where the Old City and the Temple Mount are located), and Judea and Samaria – all places where ancient Israelite heritage is marked.  Jews, in fact, are the indigenous people of Israel, present not only historically, but with continuity over the centuries.

In modern times there are legal precedents for establishing the Jewish claim to Israel: This is with reference to the San Remo Conference, the Mandate for a Jewish Homeland in Palestine, confirmed in international law, and more.

These Jewish rights have certainly not diminished over the years.  Yet there is a prevailing perception that this is the case – that there has been a rethinking of what properly accrues to the Jewish State of Israel.  A revisionist perception, we might say.

This perception has been fueled by Palestinian Arab leader Mahmoud Abbas and his cohorts, who – in insisting ad nauseum that Israel’s proper place is behind the “1967 border” – reveal themselves to be major advocates of the dictum that, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Of course this business of a “1967 border” is a lie: there was no border established to Israel’s east after the War of Independence ended in 1949, only a temporary armistice line.  The armistice agreement was not even with a “Palestinian people,” but with Jordan.  Nor did Security Council Resolution 242 require Israel to pull back fully from Judea and Samaria, which was secured defensively during the Six-Day War in 1967.

…In January, 2012, Netanyahu appointed a committee – popularly referred to as the Levy Committee – to examine the status of Israeli building in Judea and Samaria. Edmund Levy, former Justice of the High Court, headed the committee; its other members were Alan Baker, international lawyer and former adviser for the Foreign Ministry, and Tehiya Shapira, retired Tel Aviv District Court Judge.

The Committee’s Report, which was released on July 8, 2012, is 90 pages long in the original Hebrew.  (Only summaries exist in English.)  It consists of both conclusions and recommendations and provides legal arguments and research.

The accusations currently being leveled by the international community against Israel as a violator of “international law” because of building in Judea and Samaria are countered by the Levy Report conclusions.  That is, because of both historical and legal factors, the decades-long presence of Israel in Judea and Samaria is not “belligerent occupation.” Israel’s situation is unique (sui generis) and Israel has the legal right to settle in Judea and Samaria.

The Report then offers a number of important recommendations, consistent with the conclu­sions, regarding adjustments in Israeli policies and practices in Judea and Samaria. These recommendations would clarify the rights of Israeli citizens living in Judea and Samaria, who currently find themselves at a serious disadvantage: The Israeli legal system default there favors Arabs.

At present, law-abiding, tax-paying Jewish Israeli citizens who bought their homes in Judea or Samaria in good faith and with the assistance of multiple government agencies can be forced to abandon those homes, if ownership of the land on which their homes are located is challenged by local Arabs, before the issue of who actually owns the land has been properly adjudicated.

These and a host of similar situations are violations of basic rights for Jews that should not be permitted to continue. Levy Report recommendations speak to these concerns.

I have it from an impeccable source that when Prime Minister Netanyahu first saw the Report, he declared, “Ah, this is just what we need.”

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60 Minutes confirms Benghazi is a real scandal, and you’ve been lied to

60 Minutes had an absolutely devastating report on the Obama administration’s failure to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans in Benghazi.

I’ll post the video when available (update – available and added), but the heart of the report is that there were clear and unequivocal warnings which were ignored, and the Obama administration lied about these warnings after the attack.

Hillary and Obama blamed a video and stood by the caskets perpetuating that lie.

And remember how almost all of the media obsessed with Mitt Romney’s statement over Benghazi, and colluded to ask Romney gotcha questions while downplaying and obfuscating what really happened.

60 Minutes said its investigation took almost a year.

Just try not to get chills during Navy Petty Officer’s World Series national anthem

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If Wilson’s voice sounds familiar, that’s because he’s nailed patriotic anthems at sporting events before. As far back as 2003, when he was then a 14-year Navy veteran, Wilson was being recognized for his stirring performances. Yet the lifelong Cardinals fan (who wowed the home crowd earlier during the baseball playoffs) remains humble.

“I’ve been singing in front of people since I was five.” Wilson told the Navy website at the time. “But you always have to remember who you are and where you came from. There is always someone out there who is better, so we all need to be thankful for what we have.”

So how’d it all start?

“When the Reserve Center found out I could sing, they asked me to sing at drill,” the husband and father of two daughters told the website. “They liked what I did and they asked me again. That’s where it started.”

And ever since, so have the crowds. In the video above he is singing the National Anthem on 9/11/2011 before a St. Louis Rams game.

U.N. praises Saudi Arabia on women’s rights

This is the latest evidence that the UN is not only useless and worthless, it is a corrupt and evil organization. Women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to vote, not allowed to drive, not allowed to walk in public without a male escort, their value in court is half of a man, if they are raped it is their fault and sent to prison, and the list goes on. And that’s a country the UN wants to praise. How the UN has any respect left around the world is beyond me.

“U.N. praises Saudi Arabia on women’s rights,” by Jessica Chasmar for The Washington Times, October 24:

As the U.N. Human Rights Council scrutinized Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, only a small minority of democracies raised concerns over the kingdom’s oppressive human rights record.

Out of the 102 countries that took the floor in Geneva, more than 80 of them praised Saudi Arabia, UN Watch reported. Canada, U.K. and the Czech Republic were among those who raised concerns.

The watchdog website said that anti-democratic regimes often engage in quid pro quo agreements. For instance, if China praises Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, the kingdom will return the favor when China is reviewed on Thursday.

Saudi Arabia is poised to win a seat on the Human Rights Council in elections next month.

Ruled under Islamic Sharia law, lashing female rape victims and beheading homosexuals, public flogging, amputations and eye-gouging are common.

Dozens of nations commended the kingdom for steps taken to improve the lives of women and children.

Pakistan commended “laudable steps taken by Saudi Arabia to promote and protect the rights of children and women,” UN Watch reported.

France commended the kingdom “with its progress in the role of women in society.”

And Mauritania, a country that still practices slavery, commended Saudi Arabia “for always seeking to strengthen human rights. … We commend Saudi Arabia in terms of the progress on guaranteeing fundamental rights and freedoms, socioeconomic progress, participation of women at all levels and participation in society.”

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New York Times hires Muslim columnist who rants about “massive Zionist conspiracy” that “rules America”

The once respectable newspaper looses credibility on a daily basis.

“New columnist for New York Times is anti-Israel conspiracist,” by Jamie Weinstein for the Daily Caller, October 24:

In addition to your daily dose of liberal invective, you will now get a monthly infusion of anti-Israel conspiracy on the New York Times opinion page.

Earlier this month, the New York Times announced that it had hired Egyptian novelist Alaa Al-Aswany to write a monthly column for the paper. But according to Egypt scholar Eric Trager of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Al-Aswany buys into the conspiratorial notion that a cabal of Jews controls American leaders.

Writing in the New Republic, Trager explains that Al-Aswany has been able to cultivate an image of himself in the West as an enlightened liberal who ardently opposed the dictatorial regime of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. But his more nefarious views have largely been hidden from the West’s view because Al-Aswany most often expresses them in Arabic, says Trager.

For instance, notes Trager, Al-Aswany declared earlier this year on Egyptian television that President Obama is prevented from “go[ing] against Israel’s desire” by a “massive Zionist organization” that “rules America.”

Al-Aswany also holds the bizarre conspiratorial view that the United States supported the virulently anti-Semitic and anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in order to help Israel.

“[T]he United States supports the Muslim Brotherhood to reassure Israel,” Al-Aswany said on Egyptian television earlier this year, Trager reports….

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Chinese Military Engaged in Political Warfare Against the United States

The Washington Free Beacon (Oct 22) — China’s military is using covert political warfare operations to influence U.S. policies and opinions toward Beijing while working to defeat perceived enemies like the United States and Taiwan, according to a report on the sub-rosa activities.

The activities of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) General Political Department (GPD) include funding pro-China activities abroad, recruiting intelligence sources, spreading propaganda, engaging in media activities, funding front groups that promote Chinese strategy and goals and supporting perceived “friends” of China.

The report is the first public study of Chinese military political warfare and was produced by the Project 2049 Institute, an Arlington, Va. think tank focused on bringing democracy to China and other Asian countries by 2049.

The report identifies one of the PLA political operations as the Sanya Initiative. That initiative brought together retired senior Chinese and U.S. military officers, including former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff retired Adm. Bill Owens, that have lobbied the Pentagon and Congress using the propaganda theme that China poses no threat to the United States.

…Chinese political warfare also shares roots with the Soviet Union’s use of so-called “active measures” during the Cold War. Those KGB-run operations included spreading lies to undermine the United States, like an operation claiming AIDS was a U.S. biological warfare program.

Soviet active measures also used forged documents to undermine U.S. political figures.

“By contrast, no single [Chinese] authority, with the exception of the Politburo Standing Committee, appears to enjoy an exclusive monopoly over political warfare,” the report said.

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Stares and Abuse: Irishman Wears Kippah for a Day In Sweden

"Jew For a Day" Patrick Reilly

“Jew For a Day” Patrick Reilly

Arutz Sheva (Oct 21) — An Irish journalist reporting in Malmo, Sweden, carried out an experiment to see what it would be like to be ‘a Jew’ for a day. He donned a kippah (head covering) and walked around the Swedish town to see what would happen next.

During the day, Patrick Reilly, who has lived in Malmo for two years,  was shocked by cold hard stares, and threatening looks he received.

On Monday, he spoke to Arutz Sheva’s Tamar Yona, about his harrowing day and saying “he was relieved when the day was over and he could take off the kippah.”

Reilly donned the kippa to experience for himself the high rate of anti-Semitism in the city, which led the Simon Wiesenthal Institute to issue a 2010  travel warning  urging extreme caution, which has not been rescinded. Both of the town’s rabbis have been the subject of anti-Semitic and abuse and attacks on their property.

Reilly documented his day as a Jew in the Swedish English language The Local where he writes:

“It was as if I had two heads judging by the number of stares arrowed in my direction.”

Traversing the city, he writes “ a burly man walked aggressively in my direction and mouthed “f***ing Jew” to his friend.” He also describes how in the space of a few hours wearing the white Jewish head covering clipped to his head, he was subjected to open mockery by shopkeepers.

The laughter at his expense was the least of Reilly’s concerns compared to the intimidating looks he received.

Waiting for drinks in one coffee shop, he said he felt the stares of two men “burning into the back of my borrowed shiny white kippah,” and describes how on one occasion, a group of men with dogs stopped in front of him with cold hard stares.

Reilly said that he had asked a friend to accompany him from a distance to help out if he got into any serious trouble, who he says also told of another group of men who had been staring solidly at him for 30 minutes from a cafe across the street.

At the end of the day un-clipping the kippa, Reilly said he was frankly relieved, and that the experience was frightening. “Even when I didn’t feel afraid,” he said, “I was made to feel different and unwelcome.”

Debt limit – A guide to American Federal debt made easy

This is hilarious and should be shown to everyone who either doesn’t understand America’s current financial situation, or someone who thinks raising the debt ceiling is a good idea.

It is almost two years old, but the revenue vs spending pattern has stayed the same. The only figure that has changed is the total debt which a couple of days ago passed $17 trillion.

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Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on CAIR’s media manipulation and more

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Last night, on Robert Spencer’s weekly appearance on Michael Coren’s Sun TV show.


1) CAIR’s media training guide describes how to manipulate the media.
2) Scottish flu vaccine program shut down because mohammadans complained about the use of swine gelatin.
3) Cement given to Gaza used for jihad terror tunnels instead of schools and houses

‘Wonderful World of Stu’ crew destroys Michael Moore on Canadian health system

Back in September, director and liberal crusader Michael Moore tweeted the following ahead of the series finale of the hit show “Breaking Bad”:

breaking-bad-canadaMoore contended that the Canadian national health care system would have saved protagonist Walter White from having to cook methamphetamine to secure his family’s financial future as he battled terminal cancer.

That sounded like a challenge to TheBlaze’s Stu Burguiere.

Armed with facts and stats (and wearing a ridiculous-looking “Breaking Bad”-inspired outfit) The Wonderful World of Stu crew explained just how wrong Moore was.

Watch a clip from last week’s episode of The Wonderful World of Stu:

US said to weigh gradually unfreezing Iranian assets

This is a disaster. The Iranian Regime will not stop their pursuit of nuclear weapons. They should not be rewarded for “negotiating,” a stall tactic they have been using for about 20 years now, while the centrifuges keep running at full speed.

Related: “Obama’s potential release of $12bn of frozen Iranian assets would be followed by $35 billion from Europe,” Debkafile, October 18, 2013.

“US said to weigh gradually unfreezing Iranian assets,” The Times of Israel, October 18:

Coming off a round of talks with Iranian representatives this week, Washington is reportedly weighing a proposal that would alleviate some of the sanctions-generated pressure on Tehran, giving the Islamic Republic access to billions of dollars’ worth of frozen funds in exchange for concessions on its nuclear program.

The plan calls for a graduated unfreezing of Iranian oversees assets without rescinding the sanctions themselves, affording US President Barack Obama the capacity to respond to offers made by Iran in the course of negotiations without undoing the years-long effort to put the existing sanctions regime into place, a unnamed senior official in the Obama administration told The New York Times late Thursday.

The official reportedly likened the plan – said to still be in debate in the White House and the State Department – to a “financial spigot,” which could be opened and closed at will.

Negotiations this week between world powers and Iran ended on an upbeat note, with a new round of discussions set for November, but Tehran has yet to put any concrete offers on the table regarding its controversial nuclear program, and US lawmakers are pushing ahead with new sanctions initiatives.

Demands grew in Congress for a speedy escalation of sanctions against Iran as the two days of nuclear talks ended, setting up a potential foreign policy clash with the Obama administration while it seeks a diplomatic end to the standoff.

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