Netanyahu to spend another $350 million so every Israeli has gas mask

The war is coming. As we reported on back in March: Israel, for the first time, finds itself facing four active terrorism borders. As for Syria, a former IDF general stated “Israel has a choice between bad and worse,” referring to the Assad Regime as bad, and the Islamist rebels as worse. Earlier this week, Israel held nationwide chemical warfare drill; and last month the IDF called up 2,000 reservists to the north of Israel in surprise drill.

Today, the Times of Israel reports that Israel’s PM “Netanyahu to spend another $350 million so every Israeli has gas mask:”

A postal worker helps a child try on a gas mask in Jerusalem.

A postal worker helps a child try on a gas mask in Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking Thursday at a meeting concluding this week’s Home Front drill, instructed government ministries to equip all of Israel’s residents with gas mask kits. The exercise, called “Turning Point 7,” tested the country’s readiness for chemical and conventional rocket attacks.

Only 58% percent of Israelis have gas masks… Demand for gas masks has risen by 30 percent over the past two weeks, as Israelis have become increasingly skittish over the prospect of war breaking out in the north. The rise comes in the wake of two aerial bombings near Damascus earlier this month, reportedly carried out by Israel. An Israeli analyst said Thursday that Syrian-Israeli tensions are now “incendiary.”

Facing the threat of thousands of enemy rockets, Israel’s home front is more vulnerable than ever, Netanyahu added at the meeting.

“We are deep in the era of missiles that are aimed at civilian population areas,” Netanyahu said during a meeting of the Emergency Economy Committee. “We must prepare defensively and offensively for the new era of warfare. The state of Israel is the most threatened state in the world. Around us are tens of thousands of missiles and rockets that could hit our home front.”

The new Stockholm Syndrome: Issuing tickets while Sweden burns

Islam Translated — It’s been a busy week for many of the counter-jihad bloggers, who daily have had to revise their headings on the “Youth Riots” in Sweden, as they entered their third, fourth, fifth, sixth nights of car burnings, vandalism and mass psychosis. Of course, as we all have become accustomed to deciphering, the “Youths” are actually Muslims, and this is the same type of behavior seen in Muslim quarters of Paris and elsewhere, as all across Europe and England, Muslim areas have become “No Go Zones” even for the police. The same is nearly true now in some American cities such as Dearborn, Michigan, where Muslims population growth and influence of local government and police has resulted in persecution of Christians, stonings, and arresting of Christians for exercising their Constitutional rights to free speech on public sidewalks.

Stockholm meter maid tickets a vehicle (earlier set aflame by rioting Muslims) for not having a tag of arrival

Stockholm meter maid tickets a vehicle (earlier set aflame by rioting Muslims) for not having a tag of arrival

Then, just when you think the world might be starting to wake up to the true nature of the Islamic threat, after not only the week-long Muslim car-burning riots in Sweden, but also the rapid succession of the Boston Marathon Jihad Bombing, the broad-daylight beheading of a British soldier to cries of “Allahu Akbar,” and the stabbing of a French soldier by a Muslim in Paris, we read the most stunning statement of capitulation and self-emasculation:

”Our ambition is really to do as little as possible.” – Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Lofving (Swedish newspaper Expressen, Tues. 5/21/13)

Well, it’s hard to imagine living down to a lower expectation, but in fact, this inventive strategy of non-intervention has been exceeded by the same Stockholm police:

Swedish parking laws, however, continue to be rigidly enforced despite the increasingly chaotic situation. Early Wednesday, while documenting the destruction after a night of rioting in the Stockholm suburb of Alby, a reporter from Fria Tider observed a parking enforcement officer writing a ticket for a burnt-out Ford.

When questioned, the officer explained that the ticket was issued because the vehicle lacked a tag showing its time of arrival. The fact that the vehicle had been effectively destroyed – its windshield smashed and the interior heavily damaged by fire – was irrelevant according to the meter maid, who asked Fria Tider’s photographer to destroy the photos he had taken. (Fria Tider, 5/24/13)

This two-pronged approach of Stockholm’s finest is a depressing metaphor for the overall response of the West — Europe, the United States and Canada — to the adherents of Islam exploding, butchering, stabbing and beheading all around us:

  1. Do as little as possible,
  2. Prosecute the victims.

We see approach #1 in play via the Obama Administration purging from its national security lexicon any reference to Islam, treating the Ft Hood massacre as “workplace violence,” and doing nothing to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens and the U.S. Benghazi consulate staff, neither by providing adequate security to begin with, nor through sending a team to defend/rescue them. The Obama administration has sought to engage with the Muslim Brotherhood to promote Islamic regimes throughout the Middle East, while doing as little as possible to protect Christians and other religious minorities, or to hold accountable the extremist Islamic governments they have helped sweep into power. Aside from drone attacks (which pose their own set of issues) and the killing of Osama bin Laden, the Obama administration’s ambition, like the Stockholm police, seems to be to “do as little as possible” to deal adequately with what is a major national security threat, and what is quickly turning into a religious cleansing movement if not outright genocide.

We see #2 in the pressures being brought on free speech here and abroad. The arrest of a Coptic filmmaker in the wake of the Benghazi attack for producing a video about Muhammad which had nothing to do with prompting the attack, and the Obama administration’s support of UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which called upon Western nations to criminalize “defamation of religion,” i.e. criticism of Islam. Even without Islamic blasphemy laws codified on the books, the relentless charges of “Islamophobia” leveled against any and all who report truthfully on Islam’s texts, teachings, culture, historical practices and current atrocities has a dampening effect on free speech, and in essence prosecutes the innocent for standing up for preserving our culture and liberties.

The old saying, “Nero fiddled while Rome burned” can now be applied to the willfully blind leaders of the tottering remnants of Western Civilization. In the new Stockholm Syndrome, they’re writing tickets and persecuting the victims while Muslims burn the world down.

‘World’s oldest Torah’ scroll found at Italy university

This Torah scroll may be more than 850 years old

This Torah scroll may be more than 850 years old

BBC — The University of Bologna in Italy has found what it says may be the oldest complete scroll of Judaism’s most important text, the Torah.

The scroll was in the university library but had been mislabelled, a professor at the university says.

It was previously thought the scroll was no more that a few hundred years old.

However, after carbon dating tests, the university has said the text may have been written more than 850 years ago.

The university’s Professor of Hebrew Mauro Perani says this would make it the oldest complete text of the Torah known to exist, and an object of extraordinary worth.

The university says that in 1889 one of its librarians, Leonello Modona, had examined the scroll and dated it to the 17th Century.

However, when Mr Perani recently re-examined the scroll, he realised the script used was that of the oriental Babylonian tradition, meaning that the scroll must be extremely old.

Another reason for the dating is that the text has many features forbidden in later copies under rules laid down by the scholar Maimonides in the 12th Century, the university says.

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Kids TV praises Gaza mom’s suicide bombing

The video is almost 4 years old but still very relevant. This kind of propaganda is fed to children all over the Middle East.

The Gaza psychiatrist reveals the result of the Hamas propaganda: 36% of boys between the ages 12-14 want to be a suicide bomber when they turn 18. 17% of girls said the same.

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Bill O’Reilly spars with Marc Lamont Hill over Obama & the IRS scandal, drones

factor-1Bill O’Reilly’s debate last week with Marc Lamont Hill started out on an even keel as The Factor host and his longtime guest covered President Obama’s role in the IRS scandal but heated up during their segment on Obama’s speech earlier today on national security.

Hill acknowledged early in the interview that someone at the top of the IRS echelon must be fired over the severity of the agency’s overreach in targeting conservatives, saying that the scandal “stinks,” but he wouldn’t budge when it came to Obama’s responsibility for what the IRS has done wrong.

Hill believes Obama likely didn’t know anything in advance of news reports; O’Reilly wasn’t exactly buying it, although he noted that the president’s staff may have hid things from him to keep “the big kahuna from the real nasty stuff.”

But when the subject of drones came up, the gloves came off. Hill vehemently blasted the government’s drone policy, to which O’Reilly responded with skepticism.

Watch the pair’s latest fiery debate below:

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Reunited! Will Smith rocks house with DJ Jazzy Jeff, surprise ‘Bel Air’ guest

smith-3-2Will Smith transformed himself from a successful rapper to a household name when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air became a pop-culture phenomenon in the early 90s.

The series aired its final episode 17 years ago this week…and Smith (along with his son, Jaden) marked the occasion with a few big surprises on the UK’s Graham Norton Show.

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Sweden: Muslim riots rage in Stockholm for sixth night [video]

Firemen extinguish a burning car in Kista after youths rioted in few differant suburbs around Stockholm on May 21, 2013

Firemen extinguish a burning car in Kista after youths rioted in few differant suburbs around Stockholm on May 21, 2013

The self-flagellating media blames “social exclusion” when, in fact, Muslims do not want to integrate. This is part of the Islamic culture of supremacism and domination.

Quran 5:51 O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends: They are but friends to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.

The riots are Muslim, as is the beheading in the streets of London and the jihadist bombings in Boston, but still the media will not address the root cause, the reason. And it is to our great peril.

Young Muslims who enjoy tolerance, social institutions and welfare while living in Sweden nevertheless refuse to integrate into the West, Gerolf Annemans told RT. 

For those new to the deception and obfuscation, “youth gang,” “Asian,” “immigrant,” “youth,” “immigrant youth,” “North African,” and “Moroccan” all mean the same thing. The prohibited M word — blasphemy under the sharia. “Do not offend Islam.”

“For years, Sweden – one of Europe’s most tranquil countries, famous for its attractive immigration policies and generous welfare system – has been accepting an influx of immigrants, which now make up about 15 per cent of its population.” Yes, and it will only get worse. Because the politicians are still clinging to their failed ideas and Western guilt, “The claims of social exclusion in immigrant-dominated suburbs have been partly conceded by Sweden’s Integration Minister Erik Ullenhag, who said the ministry is aware of ‘discrimination in these areas.'”

Atlas reader ilip adds, “It’s interesting how the Swedish media is desperately trying not to make a big deal out of this. It’s also funny how they say “immigrants” as if all immigrant communities are involved in this. It is very specifically “Allahu Akbar” -shouting Muslims doing the rioting. And in one article, The Independent wrote “a group of people from local mosques gathered and patrulled the streets, trying to calm the youths down”. Isn’t anyone asking why these mosques haven’t dealt with the situation before it got this out of hand? If there are so many “angry young men” in the suburbs, why are they not dealing with that in a constructive way? And why is it always Muslims who are involved in this kind of thing anyway? Sweden has hundreds of thousands of non-Muslim immigrants who do not act like this, even though many of them live in the exact same neighborhoods and have the same levels of income.’

“Stockholm riots spread west on sixth night,” from The Local, May 25

“Muslim riots grow in Sweden: cars burn in fifth night of rampant violence, burning cars, smashing windows, throwing rocks, attacking police,” from Atlas Shrugs, May 25

‘They don’t want to integrate’: Fifth night of youth rioting rocks Stockholm RT, May 24, 2013

Youth gang riots in the Swedish capital Stockholm have entered fifth straight night. Hundreds of mostly immigrant teenagers tore through the suburbs, smashing windows and burning cars in the country’s worst outbreak of violence in years.

Video below: With an immigrant accent, he says in Swedish: “All of the suburbs will be set on fire, Allahu Akbar.” ‘Allahu Akbar’ is the signature phrase of Islamic terrorists, meaning “God is great.”

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Full video and transcript of UK jihad murderer: “We are forced by the Qur’an”

Video from The Sun.

Why were the references to the Qur’an cut out by mainstream media sources?

The only reason we have killed this man today is because Muslims are dying daily by British soldiers. And this British soldier is one. It is an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. By Allah, we swear by the almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone. So what if we want to live by the Shari’a in Muslim lands? Why does that mean you must follow us and chase us and call us extremists and kill us? Rather you lot are extreme. You are the ones that when you drop a bomb you think it hits one person? Or rather your bomb wipes out a whole family? This is the reality. By Allah if I saw your mother today with a buggy I would help her up the stairs. This is my nature. But we are forced by the Qur’an, in Sura At-Tawba, through many ayah in the Qu’ran, we must fight them as they fight us. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. I apologise that women had to witness this today but in our lands women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your governments, they don’t care about you. You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start busting our guns? You think politicians are going to die? No, it’s going to be the average guy, like you and your children. So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back so can all live in peace. So leave our lands and we can all live in peace. That’s all I have to say. [in Arabic:] Allah’s peace and blessings be upon you.

‘Islamic jihad, Islamic jihad!:’ Michelle Malkin rips progressives, clashes with lib radio host over Islamic terrorism and the London machete attack

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The Blaze — Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin had some tough words for British progressives during an on-air debate last night with television host Sean Hannity and liberal radio personality Leslie Marshall. In discussing the horrific machete attack that left one man dead in London yesterday, Malkin blamed liberals, in part, for facilitating an environment that allows these attacks to occur.

Israel to hold massive chemical warfare drill

This is the reality they live in. Can you imagine ANY other country conducting nationwide emergency drills?

IDF Home Front Command soldiers take part in a 2011 defense drill simulating a chemical attack

IDF Home Front Command soldiers take part in a 2011 defense drill simulating a chemical attack

Israel to hold massive chemical warfare drill,” by The Times of Israel, May 22:

The Home Front Command on Wednesday was preparing for a massive military drill next week, to focus on coping with chemical weapons attacks. The nationwide exercise will drill the civilian population as well as military and emergency services.

The exercise was originally scheduled to take place three weeks ago but was postponed due to tension with Syria. The simulation, which is being run in conjunction with the emergency response services, starts Sunday morning as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces a week of national emergency preparedness.

The drill will include preparation for possible missile strikes against Israel, particularly in the greater Tel Aviv area. The first few days will center on protecting civilian populations at public institutions and private households. Two alarms will be sounded on Monday, at 12:30 p.m. and 7:05 p.m., and citizens will be requested to go to protected rooms or bomb shelters and to stay inside for 10 minutes.

The drill will mark the first time an entire network of early warning systems will be tested. In addition to sirens, civilians are to receive alerts from various sources, including from from cellphones, social networks, and the television.

Home Front Defense Minister Gilad Erdan warned Tuesday that rockets raining down on densely populated areas in Israel “are only a matter of time” and could happen at any moment. He referred to the threat posed to Israel by Syria and Iran’s unconventional weapons stockpiles.

“The question is no longer will rockets be fired at the large populated areas in Israel, the question is when it’ll happen,” Erdan told reporters…

Gaza Students: Clean the World of Jews

Hamas cartoon

Hamas cartoon

Arutz Sheva — The Hamas-affiliated student union in Gaza published a cartoon Tuesday in which a person whose body is made of a Palestinian Authority flag is seen throwing a Star of David – one of the best-known Jewish symbols – into a garbage can.

Text under the picture says, “Keep the world clean.”

The cartoon uses a Star of David rather than an explicitly Israeli symbol, indicating that it is meant to refer to Judaism or the Jewish nation as a whole and not the state of Israel alone.

The student union in question is known as the Islamic Bloc – in Arabic, al-Kutla al-Islamiya. It operates in high schools, universities and other educational institutions in Gaza. Its primary purpose is to teach the next generation about the importance of, in Hamas’ words, freeing Palestine from the Israeli occupation.

Hamas views all of Israel as occupied territory and justifies attacks on Israeli civilians as “resistance.”

Many teenagers active in the Islamic Bloc are sent to join the al-Kassam Brigades – the Hamas cells responsible for rocket fire on Israel. Some teen boys are sent to join the cells before finishing high school.

The Arab collapse – Middle East a vulture’s feast

NY Post — The Arab Spring has unleashed the Arab Collapse. Everybody still standing in the region is picking the flesh of the helpless. The Islamist cancer proved more virulent than Arabs themselves expected, while dying regimes behave with unrestrained ruthlessness.

The next country to go: Rescuers working at the site of a car bomb in Kirkuk, Iraq, last week. Violence is rising rapidly across the country.

The next country to go: Rescuers working at the site of a car bomb in Kirkuk, Iraq, last week. Violence is rising rapidly across the country.

And our diplomats still think everyone can be cajoled into harmony.

We’re witnessing a titanic event, the crack-up of a long-tottering civilization. Arab societies grew so corrupt and stagnant that violent upheaval became inevitable. That’s what we’re seeing in Syria and Iraq — two names, one struggle — and will find elsewhere tomorrow.

We can’t stop it, we can’t fix it, and we don’t understand it. But we can stay out of it…

We had our chance to extend the peace and keep both Iran and Wahhabi crazies at bay after we defeated Iraq’s insurgencies. But a new American president, elevating politics over strategy, walked away from Baghdad, handing Iraq to Iran. Now it’s too late. If George W. Bush helped trigger the Arab Spring, Barack Obama made this Arab Winter inevitable.

We must not be lured into the current fighting — centered, for now, on Syria — by cries of humanitarian necessity. The local powers could step in to stop the killing. But they won’t. Once again, they want us to pay the bill. (It’s time for the Saudis, especially, to give their own blood.)

We’ve paid enough. Rhetoric and red lines notwithstanding, we need to back off from Syria, if for no other reason than a strategist’s golden rule: If you don’t understand what a fight’s about, stay out.

Jihad experts decry White House terror training guidelines

94ed95af7554448c9d115deab377e94c-e1368832058296Daily Caller — Experts on Islam and terrorism are decrying the Department of Homeland Security’s recently revealed anti-terrorism training guidelines, which pressure cops to ignore Islamic beliefs when investigating terror crimes.

The Boston bombings demonstrated the impact of such training, Andrew McCarthy, a former New York prosecutor, told The Daily Caller.

“The Boston Marathon was bombed by a jihadist who had been investigated by the FBI … [and was confirmed in 2011 to be] an Islamist, which would have been hard not to do since he does not appear to have made any secret of it,” said McCarthy, who persuaded a New York jury in 1995 to convict “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman for his use of Islamic teaching to spur jihad attacks, including the 1993 attack against the Twin Towers.

But before the bombing, “the FBI closed its file [on Tamerlan Tsarnaev] because it found this did not constitute ‘derogatory information,’” McCarthy said.

McCarthy and other security experts, and even members of the American Islamic community, indicate that a culture of excessive concern for the sensibilities of Muslims supremacists is preventing law enforcement agencies from pursuing jihadists.

The 2011 guidelines unveiled Thursday by The Daily Caller are part of this pattern of deferring to Islamist chauvinism. (Related: Homeland Security guidelines advise deference to pro-Shariah Muslim supremacists)

Egyptian Muslim cleric: “Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews”

JihadWatch — They are the worst enemies of the Muslims (cf. Qur’an 5:82). So this is not unexpected. What is worst about it is that the international media and “human rights community” will not even bat an eye. But imagine if a Christian cleric said something even a tenth this hateful and evil — it would be the top story all over the world for days, maybe even weeks. But when it comes to Muslims, the multiculturalists display their unconscious ethnocentrism, and give their genocidal bloodlust a pass.

“Egyptian Cleric Sami Abu Al-‘Ala Calls on God to Annihilate Jews, Make Them Widows and Orphans,” from MEMRI, May 3:

Following are excerpts from a public address delivered by Egyptian cleric Sami Abu Al-‘Ala, which aired on Al-Hafez TV on May 3, 2013:

Sami Abu Al-‘Ala: Oh Allah, make the conspiracies of the Jews their own ruin. Oh Allah, crush their soldiers and their weapons, destroy their homes, freeze the blood in their veins, disperse them, make their children orphans and their women widows, and shake the earth under their feet. Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews as you annihilated the peoples of ‘Aad and Thamud. Oh Allah, make the Jews annihilate themselves.

Italy: Muslim gets five years for plotting jihad terror plots against Milan’s main synagogue and Jewish school

Only five years? Why only five years for plotting mass murder? The same sentence was given to a Muslim synagogue jihad plotter in New York. Who has agreed that Islamic jihadists who plot the mass murder of Jews in synagogues should be sentenced to only five years in prison?

Anyway, Muslims target Jews in Italy and in the U.S., and in Bulgaria, and in India, and elsewhere. Yet while there is international discussion of “Islamophiobia,” no one speaks about the international Islamic war against the Jews. Now, why is that?

“Moroccan jailed for Milan synagogue bomb plot,” from the JTA, May 17:

Milan syangogue

Milan syangogue

ROME – A 22-year-old Moroccan man has been sentenced to more than five years in prison for planning terrorist attacks on Milan’s main synagogue and Jewish school.

The five year and four month sentence against Mohamed Jarmoune was handed down by a court in Brescia on Thursday.

Italian media said the sentence was more than the four years asked by the public prosecutor. Jarmoune, who has lived in Italy since childhood, was arrested in Brescia in March 2012.

Investigators found documents on his computer analyzing the security measures of Milan’s main synagogue. He was also suspected of planning attacks and organizing terrorist groups through internet social network sites.