Noah’s Biblical flood actually happened, says famed archeologist who found the Titanic

The story of Noah’s ark and its associated flood continues to be retold to children and studied by theologians, alike. While some dismiss it as a mere fable, others believe wholeheartedly that the event literally unfolded, with a massive down-pouring of water ravaging the earth at God’s command. Among those who believe that Noah’s flood was a very real historical occurrence is Robert Ballard, one of the world’s most famed archaeologists.

Ballard, known for finding the Titanic, is now searching for evidence of one of history’s most talked-about events. Unlike other investigators who have their minds set on finding the actual ship, Ballard and his team have gone to Turkey to search for clues and evidence that corroborates the notion that a flood wiped away civilization thousands of years ago.

The investigation is taking place in the Black Sea off of the coast of Turkey, as Ballard is searching for the ancient civilization that was permanently covered by water, ABC News reports.

“We went in there to look for the flood,” Ballard explained in an interview with ABC’s Christiane Amanpour. “Not just a slow moving, advancing rise of sea level, but a really big flood that then stayed… The land that went under stayed under.”

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Davidic-era temple unearthed in dig near Jerusalem

Archeologists say figurines date to biblical times and provide evidence for the existence of ritual cult at Tel Motza.

6-635x357A 2,750-year-old temple and a cache of sacred vessels from biblical times were discovered in an archaeological excavation near Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday.

The finds, unearthed at Tel Motza on the western outskirts of the capital, date from the early monarchic period and include pottery figurines of men and horses, providing rare evidence for the existence of a ritual cult in the Jerusalem region at the beginning of the Judean monarchy. The precise significance of the figurines is still unknown.

1-7“The ritual building at Tel Motza is an unusual and striking find, in light of the fact that there are hardly any remains of ritual buildings of the period in Judea at the time of the First Temple,” said excavation directors Anna Eirikh, Hamoudi Khalaily and Shua Kisilevitz. They said the structure’s uniqueness was enhanced by the site’s proximity to Jerusalem, which was the kingdom’s main center and the seat of kings David and Solomon.

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Survey: 40% of France Holds Anti-Semitic Beliefs

israeltargetAmid the rise in hate crimes aimed at the Jewish community in France, the World Zionist Organization conducted a survey to calculate the level of anti-Semitism among French citizens.

The survey revealed that more than 40% of the French population holds some kind of anti-Semitic beliefs, the most common one being that Jews “have too much power in the business world.”

The survey also found that 47% of the population believes that “French Jews are more loyal to Israel than the country where they live.”

Nineteen percent of young men up to 24 expressed negative attitudes toward Jews in France and 43% of those with a university degree or higher expressed positive attitudes towards the Jews of France.

Fifty-four percent of those with a college education or higher believe the anti-Semitic sentiments are primarily based on negative feelings towards Jews as a whole and have nothing to do with anti-Zionist attitudes felt in other European countries. On this note, the survey also found that 60% of French citizens prefer not to lend an opinion on the Israel-Arab conflict.

Last year French President Francois Hollande promised to take a tougher stance on hate crimes aimed at the country’s Jewish population and said he would take efforts to curb the string of anti-Semitic crimes in the country.

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2 Biblical Lessons on Foreign Policy and Statism

The ancient Israelites understood leadership truths our modern politicians have forgotten.

1. Statism

When the Israelites asked to have a king, the prophet Samuel (Chapter 8) told them, at divine direction, that a king would make their sons:

Plow his fields, reap his harvest, and make his weapons and equipment for his chariots. He will take your daughters as perfumers, cooks, and bakers. He will seize your choice fields, vineyards, and olive groves, and give them to his courtiers [crony capitalism!]. He will take a tenth part of your grain and vintage [far lower taxes than today!] and give it to his eunuchs and courtiers [entitlements? Crony capitalism?].

In short, he would make the people “work for him…and you shall become his slaves. The day will come when you cry out because of the king whom you yourselves have chosen [elections!]; and the Lord will not answer you on that day.”

jericho_walls_wide_view2. Foreign Policy

The basic principles of statecraft aren’t new. You can learn from the Bible that people understood four thousand years ago things that America’s current leaders have forgotten today.

When the two Israelite spies sent to assess Jericho’s defenses spoke to their informant Rahab, she told them how Israelite strength, determination, and thus credibility — the people of Jericho had heard how God favored the Israelites — had already determined the outcome of the battle. I know you shall win, she explained,

Because dread of you has fallen upon us, and all the inhabitants of the land are quaking before you. (Joshua 2)

But after the great Israelite victory at Jericho, Joshua became over-confident and so accepted bad intelligence that only a small force would be needed to take the city of Ai. He sent just one-tenth of his troops. But as a result, the Israelites lost that battle. Even though our casualties were only 36 men out of 3000, the troops panicked and ran. It was a self-inflicted defeat.

Joshua understood the danger in this event:

O Lord, what can I say after Israel has turned tail before its enemies? When the Canaanites and all the inhabitants of the land hear of this, they will turn upon us and wipe out our very name from the earth. (Joshua 7:8-9).

But rather than take responsibility for his error, Joshua or others in the leadership concluded that a man had stolen three items from the looting of Jericho that were supposed to be consecrated for God. That was the equivalent in that time of making a video that insulted a religion. The thief and all of his family were stoned to death.

Well, about four thousand years later, what do Americans expect is going to happen with incidents like Benghazi, not to mention enthroning America’s enemies in Egypt, Tunisia, and perhaps Syria? As everyone in the Middle East understands, shows of weakness — and even worse of self-flagellation,  apology, and the loss of self-confidence — only persuade your enemies to hit you harder.

In the Biblical case, the war went much better after the scapegoat was purged. Perhaps having found an explanation for the defeat restored morale. And renewed victories — starting with the conquest of Ai by the entire Israelite army — rebuilt credibility with the enemy and demoralized them.

The United States faces the problem of credibility but it isn’t going to solve the issue by stoning a video-maker but by having a leader who understands the nature of the enemy, that leadership trumps apology, and that America’s enemies may be quaking but mainly with laughter.

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Norway is now Judenrein (Jew-free). Who Cares?

images-976It does not stop with Norway. Jews are leaving England, and Jew hatred is on the rise in France, Italy and the Netherlands. This is a huge problem that is the direct result of the Islamic invasion of immigrants. Yet few Jews, and not many more Christians, are willing to acknowledge that fact.

Political Islam  Earlier this year, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten reported that the last Jews in Norway are leaving. (Judenrein is German for cleansed of Jews. Some debate whether there are a few hundred Jews are still remaining, but the problem is the same.) Who cares? Certainly not the Jews or the Christians of America. The progressives, secularists, the media or any other social group you can find, do not care. NO ONE CARES.


And why is this news ignored? Because if you recognize the effect (persecution) then you must inquire about the cause of the persecution. Norway is filling up with Muslims. The cause of the recent build up of Jew hatred in Europe is Islam, and Jews and Christians do not want to touch Islam, except to bend a knee to Mohammed. This is not to say that Jews do not resist anti-Semitism, but it seems that they only attack it when it is from the Christians.


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“The Future of Judaism” by Daniel Pipes

pipesUntil the eighteenth century, there was basically only one kind of Judaism, that which is now called Orthodox. It meant living by the religion’s 613 laws, and doing so suffused Jews’ lives with their faith. Then, starting with the thinker Baruch Spinoza (1632-77) and moving briskly during the Haskala, or “enlightenment,” from the late eighteenth century, Jews developed a wide variety of alternate interpretations of their religion, most of which diminished the role of faith in their lives and led to a concomitant reduction in Jewish affiliation.

These alternatives and other developments, in particular the Holocaust, caused the ranks of the Orthodox to be reduced to a small minority. Their percentage of the total world Jewish population reached a nadir in the post-World War II era, when it declined to about 5%.

The subsequent 60 years, however, witnessed a resurgence of the Orthodox element. This was, again, due to many factors, especially a tendency among the non-Orthodox to marry non-Jews and have fewer children. Recent figures on America published by the National Jewish Population Survey also point in this direction. The Orthodox proportion of American synagogue members, for example, went from 11% in 1971 to 16% in 1990 to 21% in 2000-01. (In absolute numbers, it bears noting, the American Jewish population went steadily down during these decades.)

Should this trend continue, it is conceivable that the ratio will return to roughly where it was two centuries ago, with the Orthodox again constituting the great majority of Jews. Were that to happen, the non-Orthodox phenomenon could seem in retrospect merely an episode, an interesting, eventful, consequential, and yet doomed search for alternatives, suggesting that living by the law may be essential for maintaining a Jewish identity over the long term.

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‘The Hand of God’: How my father survived the Nazi-inspired Farhud


In the wake of the U.N.’s predictable yet galling vote to move the Palestinians one step closer to statehood as reward for targeting Israeli men, women and children with 12,000 rockets, I realized that we are, in the truest sense, living in an Orwelian universe where evil is good and good is evil and those who commit unspeakable ill are gifted with moral equivalence and, at times, even their own countries. It is a place where that sacred vow, “never again” — a solemn oath once repeated like a mantra — has, in the end, been relegated to the dustbin of history.

Iran is now a force with which to be reckoned, nearing the finish-line of its nuclear weapons program and pumping a seemingly boundless supply of money and arms into the hands of Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamic extremists bent on liquidating the Jewish people. In turn, the cooling of relations with Egypt following Hosni Mubarak’s ouster, and with the Muslim Brotherhood now circling King Abdullah’s Jordan like a vulture, it appears the Jewish State could soon find itself less two friendly neighbors in the coming months and years ahead. Thus, Israel faces the same if not greater existential threat today than it did 65 years ago.

Reflecting on the past, present and future, I was prompted to ask myself once more: Indeed, whatever did happen to “never again?” Are our memories so fleeting?

There are few chapters in history that have ever revealed the face of evil, or that were wrought in more human suffering and degradation than the Holocaust, or Shoah. What many do not realize, however, is that the poisonous barbs of Hitler’s Final Solution were not confined solely to Europe, but stretched far beyond to the East, where my father, and his father were born…

The Farhud

On June 1, 1941, as Jews in Baghdad were preparing festive meals in anticipation for the holiday of Shavuot, a heavily armed mob of Iraqi Muslims took to the streets in a vicious rampage, targeting the city’s Jewish communities. Thousands of Islamic men equipped with guns, swords, knives, homemade grenades and other crude weapons searched out and slaughtered any Jewish man, woman or child they captured.

An image of a “hamsa,” or “Hand of God,” was painted on Jewish homes to single them out for attack. Ironically, this symbol is meant to be used as a talisman for protection. The families inside had no choice but to band together and steel themselves with whatever weapons they could muster.

My father was there. He recalled the savagery in complete and utter detail for the entire duration of his life. Although he was only a child at the time, the situation demanded he become a man, and he did.

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Hillary Clinton’s legacy

hclintonThis week, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be making her swan song appearance on Capitol Hill, providing at last to Senate and House panels her testimony about the Benghazigate scandal…

In other words, the object of the exercise must be to understand how we got to the point in Libya where Shariah-adherent jihadists felt able to attack American facilities and diplomatic personnel murderously and with impunity.

Legislators must ensure that the following issues, for example, are also addressed:

Who was responsible for devising and executing the policy of engaging, legitimating, empowering, funding and arming Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood?

Does Mrs. Clinton recognize that the wholly predictable effect of overthrowing Moammar Gadhafi was to unleash al Qaeda-linked forces like Ansar al Shariah in Libya and arm them and their counterparts in places like Mali and Algeria?

Who was responsible for promoting the fraudulent narratives that al Qaeda is basically the only enemy we face and that it is, as President Obama repeatedly declared during the campaign, “on the path to defeat”?

Mrs. Clinton aggressively promoted the line that just such an offensive video was responsible for the attack in Benghazi and that the video maker must be subjected to, in her words, “shaming and peer pressure.” Now that we know that was not the case, does she regret finding a pretext to incarcerate him for a year and fostering the Istanbul Process that threatens the freedom of expression of every other American?

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In Safed’s fabled synagogues, myth and reality intertwine

abuhav-decorative-ceilingx-965x543One fateful day in 1837 the Avritch Rabbi brought all of his parishioners into their Safed synagogue. As they worshipped together he suddenly admonished them to run to the Ark, and just before a terrible earthquake shook the building, he cried out, “Hold onto the scrolls and you shall be saved!” Much of the synagogue collapsed in that quake; only the portion which held the Holy Scriptures remained intact.

Fact or fable? Like so many stories about Safed there may be some element of imagination involved. But no one can deny that the synagogue was destroyed — and the Torah scrolls were unharmed.

Anything written about mystical Safed, with its enchanting lanes and unique houses of worship is bound to be laced with folklore, tales of wondrous miracles, and fascinating historical tidbits.

haari-synagogue-with-stunning-colored-pillars…All kinds of legends have sprung up concerning this elegant, impressive house of prayer which was built by students of the renowned Spanish rabbi Yitzhak Abuhov. One story holds that after the rabbi’s death his students had a collective dream.

In the dream the rabbi complained to his pupils that his synagogue back in Spain was surrounded by churches. After they awoke the students prayed together and the Spanish synagogue miraculously appeared in Safed the next day.

Although the synagogue collapsed twice during severe earthquakes, the southern wall, which faces Jerusalem and holds the Torah arks, remained intact and is still made of the original light colored 16th century stone. Benches are plush and the decorations in the synagogue, including some wonderful paintings by Ziona Tajar, are beautiful.

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#MyJihad in France: Jihadist bomb threat forces evacuation of Lyon metro

QuranClockAd“Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers” — Qur’an 3:151

Muslims casting terror into the hearts of the unbelievers riding the Lyon metro is acceptable to the intelligentsia. Just don’t put up any posters in that metro or any other that calling attention to their doing it. That would be absolutely unacceptable “Islamophobia.”

“French city Lyon briefly evacuates metro on bomb alert,” from Reuters, January 18:

(Reuters) – The southeastern French city of Lyon temporarily shut and evacuated its underground railway system due to a bomb alert, local officials and the city’s transport operator said.The metro was later reopened and traffic returned to normal after security experts carried out checks, the operator said.

France is on high alert and has stepped up army patrols of public buildings and transport networks as Islamist militant groups have threatened revenge attacks for France’s military campaign against al Qaeda-linked rebels in Mali.

Making fun of Glenn Beck, great stuff

Here at TheBlaze, we can say with a certain amount of authority that things move very quickly in the world of Glenn Beck.

Actually, to be perfectly honest, many times we have a hard time keeping up with all the announcements and initiatives taken up by Beck. Luckily, we’re not alone. The following video from TheBlaze TV’s “The B.S. of A.” does a pretty good job summarizing how most of us feel about the speed at which events unfold in the Beck media empire.


YouTube Preview Image

Barack Obama just used your hard-earned tax dollars to give Hezbollah (U.S.-designated terrorist group) 200 Armored Personnel Carriers

Well, it didn’t take long for Obama to unveil his real agenda – the destruction of Israel by arming Israel’s enemies – Libya, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, and now Lebanon. This way, he can let his Muslim brothers join forces to do his dirty work – attacking Israel – while he sits back and tells the UN to take care of it.

obama-hagel-brennanIsrael says, “Well, we can minimize the damage by diversifying our own arsenal and weaning ourselves off of US-made military equipment… better late than wait until we find ourselves at war and out of spare parts because Hagel and Obama won’t sign the requisition orders to Boeing and Lockheed.”

Frontpage Magazine  It’s only fair that with the Muslim Brotherhood getting 200 Abrams tanks and 20 F-16′s, Hezbollah should get 200 armored personnel carriers.  While tragically there was no money available to provide security for the US mission in Benghazi, there’s always room for giving billion dollar weapons packages to the terrorists who attack US embassies. And after all, whatever the Muslim Brotherhood gets, Hamas gets, by virtue of their being a surrogate of the Muslim Brotherhood.

lebanon_m113_30112006_news_001When Hezbollah overturned the Lebanese government and replaced it with a coalition dominated by the Shiite terrorist group, backed by Iran, there were worries that this might prevent Lebanon from receiving US aid.

But those worriers had clearly never met Obama who will never unfairly deprive Islamic terrorists of the weapons that they are entitled to under the code of social justice.

The United States has provided more than $140 million in equipment and assistance to the Lebanese armed forces in the past six months, including six Huey 2 helicopters, a 42-metre coastal security craft, more than 1,000 guns – including grenade launchers – and 38 million rounds of ammunition.

The United States has given 200 armored vehicles to Lebanon, the Lebanese army said… The M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs) arrived by ship to Beirut on Sunday, the army said in a statement. A Lebanese security source said the army now had 1,200 APCs.

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‘Obama: Israel doesn’t know what’s good for it’

img397955The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, writing in Bloomberg View, has revealed that U.S. President Barack Obama said repeatedly recently that Israel does not know what its own best interests are.

When informed about the Israeli decision to approve construction plans in the E1 area, “Obama, who has a famously contentious relationship with the prime minister, didn’t even bother getting angry,” wrote Goldberg. “He told several people that this sort of behavior on Netanyahu’s part is what he has come to expect, and he suggested that he has become inured to what he sees as self-defeating policies of his Israeli counterpart.

“In the weeks after the UN vote, Obama said privately and repeatedly, ‘Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.’ With each new settlement announcement, in Obama’s view, Netanyahu is moving his country down a path toward near-total isolation.”

…”But it is in terms of American diplomatic protection – among the Europeans and especially at the UN – that Israel may one day soon notice a significant shift.”

Goldberg warns the U.S. may not support Israel in U.N. votes like the one that recently affirmed the PLO’s nation status, and that Obama may eventually offer “a public vision of what a state of Palestine should look like,” in which he will affirm that it should have its capital in East Jerusalem.

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Bill O’Reilly: The unintended consequences of a liberal America

This is a very simple and direct video about the dangers of liberalism. O’Reilly’s talking points are not possible to embed, so click here to view the video.

Here is the transcript of the conclusion of his talking points:

So let’s recap; an enormous amount of entitlement spending that may drive the nation into bankruptcy, Judeo Christian philosophy de-emphasized in the schools, abortion and drugs more widely available. Should we be celebrating this move to the left? You make the call.