Merry Christmas from Latma

For all my Christian friends, and for everyone concerned about the future of Christianity in the Middle East and Eurabia, here are Latma’s Christmas songs for your viewing pleasure and as food for thought to complement your egg nogs.

Christmas in Eurabia from last year.

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Jihad Bells from 2010.

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As you can see, these songs become even more relevant with each passing day. When you make your giving decisions for the end of the year, please support our efforts at Latma. You can make your tax deductible donations to Latma through the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Israel Security Project. Please click on this link to donate.

This explains why Obama received almost 70% of the Jewish vote

The Jews in the United States are not Jewish.

Mormons Most Religious of Any Faith: Mormons are by far the most religious of any group in this analysis, based on self-reported importance of religion and religious service attendance, followed by Protestants/other non-Catholic Christians and Muslims. Catholics are slightly less likely than these groups to say religion is important in their daily life and that they attend religious services frequently. Those who identify with a non-Christian religion other than Judaism or Islam are less religious still. And Jews are the least religious group measured.

“Indonesia: Jakarta Archbishop complains about how hard it is for Christians to get permits to build churches” JihadWatch

“The subject peoples … are forbidden to build new churches.” (‘Umdat al-Salik, o11.5). Islamic law also forbids Christians to repair old churches.

Sharia Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia: “Jakarta Archbishop complains about church permits,” from The Jakarta Post, December 25

The Archbishop of Jakarta Mgr. Ignatius Suharyo has complained about the difficulties faced by Christians in Indonesia in gaining building permits when they want to construct churches.

During Christmas celebrations in Jakarta Cathedral on Tuesday, Suharyo expressed his hopes that the government would soon resolve problems related to church-building permits.

“We are not allowed to build our own places of worship. Then we pray wherever we can, in often far from ideal circumstances. But we are not even allowed to do this either,” he said as quoted by on Tuesday. “We don’t know what else to do.”

Suharyo referred to the ongoing disputes in the construction of the Filadelfia Batak Christian Protestant Church (HKBP) in Bekasi and Yasmin Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) in Bogor, West Java. The two churches have spent years struggling to obtain permits to build churches but have faced adamant rejection from several hardliner groups.

Suharyo mentioned another case of a church in Karawaci, Banten, which had to wait for 24 years before its building permit was issued.

Suharyo urged the government to take significant steps to resolve the problems, as he believed that every religion should have the same opportunities to build places of worship.

Don’t hold your breath, Sayyidna.

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Egypt expected to pass constitution; currency limits imposed

(Reuters) – Egypt is expected to announce on Tuesday that voters approved a new Islamist-backed constitution, and the government slapped limits on carrying cash abroad to save the economy from collapse after weeks of street violence and political disarray.

President Mohamed Mursi, an Islamist elected this year after a 2011 revolution toppled long-serving autocrat Hosni Mubarak, has been accused by liberal, leftist and Christian opponents of ramming through a basic law mixing religion with politics.

Mursi says the charter has sufficient guarantees of minority rights, and that quickly enacting it will bring an end to the uncertainty and unrest plaguing Egypt since Mubarak’s ouster in the wave of revolts across the Middle East and North Africa.

The referendum result appears to be in little doubt, and opposition groups which marched for weeks against the new charter did not announce plans for any major demonstrations to mark the official announcement.

Unofficial tallies from Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood showed the charter was approved by a 64 percent majority. The electoral commission will announce the official result at 1700 GMT.

In a move aimed at preventing capital flight and a potential bank run, the government banned people from carrying more than $10,000 in foreign currency cash in or out of the country.

A growing sense of crisis has gripped Egypt’s polarized society, with a rush by Egyptians to take out savings from banks compounding worries about the future of its battered economy. On Monday, Standard and Poor’s cut Egypt’s long-term credit rating.

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New Pentagon effort will send Army teams to Africa as terror threat grows (AP)

WASHINGTON – A U.S. Army brigade will begin sending small teams into as many as 35 African nations early next year, part of an intensifying Pentagon effort to train countries to battle extremists and give the U.S. a ready and trained force to dispatch to Africa if crises requiring the U.S. military emerge.

The teams will be limited to training and equipping efforts, and will not be permitted to conduct military operations without specific, additional approvals from the secretary of defense.

The sharper focus on Africa by the U.S. comes against a backdrop of widespread insurgent violence across North Africa, and as the African Union and other nations discuss military intervention in northern Mali.

The terror threat from Al Qaeda linked groups in Africa has been growing steadily, particularly with the rise of the extremist Islamist sect Boko Haram in Nigeria. Officials also believe that the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, which killed the ambassador and three other Americans, may have been carried out by those who had ties to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

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Stakelbeck on Terror: An Unholy Alliance = Islamists and the Left

This is really good, pay close attention to what they discuss in this segment. It is somewhat Christian-based, but many hard truths.

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Stakelbeck and his panel covers: freedom of speech, Obama blaming a Youtube video for the terror attack in Benghazi, Libya; the similarities between the left and the Islamists, Sharia Law and women’s rights, how we fight Islam and being called “Islamophobes”, Israel’s and the Jews’ role in fighting Islam.

Australia: Muslim cleric says, “Islamic law permits by definition, by prophetic statement and by practice female circumcision”

Islamic apologists in the West maintain that female genital mutilation has nothing to do with Islam, and that only greasy Islamophobes think otherwise. But eventually Muslims themselves get around to vindicating every last charge that greasy Islamophobes have ever made about Islamic belief and practice.

“Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” —‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64

“Female circumcision is a right, says imam,” by Rachel Baxendale for The Australian, December 24:

“Islamic law permits by definition, by prophetic statement and by practice female circumcision,” he wrote. “The definition under Islamic law for female circumcision is exclusively the removal of the uppermost extra skin at the top of the clitoral glans.

“Female circumcision in its legitimate form is a personal and human right of a woman; genital mutilation is a horrible crime.”

Imam Afroz indicated he believed the practice should only be performed on post-pubescent women. The imam argued his definition of female circumcision was the same as labiaplasty, or genital cosmetic surgery, which was legal in Australia.

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists vice-president Ajay Rane said he had three main concerns about Imam Afroz’s paper.

“Firstly, I felt that there was confusion in the article itself. On the one hand, he’s saying female circumcision is supposed to be a woman’s right in Islam, on the other, he’s saying it’s a cultural thing,” he said. “The second issue is that of consent, and the third is who does these procedures?

“How do you train them to understand the difference between removal of a small and large amount? How do you control that?”…


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EGYPT: Careful what you wish for

Ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak: “I kept the Muslim Brotherhood in jail or in exile so they couldn’t make you slaves to sharia rule.”

On the eve of the 2nd round of voting in a referendum on the Muslim Brotherhood-drafted, sharia-based constitution, violence has erupted with opponents of the constitution setting two buses ablaze which were used by Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

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Most chilling picture of 2012? At least it had a happy ending: Ex-Marine Jon Hammar Freed from Mexican Prison

“No American should be in a Mexican jail for five months without being able to have his case in front of a judge,” Nelson said in that statement. “We’re grateful; this is a good Christmas present.”

Hammar and his friend were on their way to Costa Rica in August and planned to drive across the Mexican border near Matamoros in a Winnebago filled with surfboards and camping gear. Hammar asked U.S. border agents what to do with the unloaded shotgun. His family said agents told them to fill out a form for the gun, which belonged to Hammar’s great-grandfather.

But when the pair crossed the border and handed the paperwork to Mexican officials, they impounded the RV and jailed the men, saying it was illegal to carry that type of gun. Hammar’s friend was later released because the gun did not belong to him.

After spending 5 months fearing for his life and freedom, sometimes chained to his bed, a former U.S. Marine has been freed from a Mexican prison, U.S. officials and his lawyer said late Friday.

The attorney for 27-year-old Jon Hammar tweeted Friday night that his client had been released from a detention center in Matamoros, Mexico.

Patrick Ventrell, the acting deputy spokesman for the State Department, confirmed Hammer’s release and return to the U.S. in a statement Friday night.

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Syria: “Our first goal is to get rid of Assad. Then we want a state where the Quran is the only source of law.”

They want to make Syria a Sharia state, which means no alcohol or tobacco, or “immoral” movies and TV shows. No one seems to be offering any other vision of Sharia, despite claims in the West that it is so multifarious as to defy easy characterization.

“Jabhat Al Nusra’s new Syria,” by Balint Szlanko for The National, December 15

… “Our first goal is to get rid of Assad. Then we want a state where the Quran is the only source of law,” he said. “Sharia is the right path for all humanity – all other laws make people unhappy.”

Jabhat Al Nusra has emerged this year as the most powerful and high-profile Salafist group in the Syrian conflict, openly embracing suicide bombing as an important weapon against a technologically superior enemy. It has claimed several successful attacks, many of which have killed civilians, on major government targets such as the Damascus headquarters of the elite air force intelligence service….

Sitting in an unheated room furnished with only a carpet and a few pillows, Abu Ahmed described a new Syria, where alcohol and tobacco would be banned.

“These rules will be introduced gradually. We will advise people at first,” he said when this journalist pointed out that enforcing such a law would be difficult in a country where smoking is so widespread.

…But he also expressed sympathy with Al Qaeda.

“I like them because they are mujaheddin who want to apply Sharia,” he said.

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These are the 7 most telling U.S. economic charts of 2012

If nothing else, 2012 will be remembered for the roller-coaster ride that was the U.S. economy. There were dives in stocks, increases in “income inequality,” gains made in the housing sector, and contractions in manufacturing.

And here to help us recap the economic ups and downs of 2012 are seven charts handpicked by the American Enterprise Institute’s James Pethokoukis [all block quotes via AEI]:














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“Why Christian Persecution Is Islam’s Achilles’ Heel” By FrontPage Magazine

Which of the following three headlines is most difficult for the media—including the usual array of liberal pundits, apologists, academics, and politicians—to whitewash or rationalize away?  Which most exposes Islam’s inherent intolerance?

A) “Allahu Akbar” screaming Muslims fire rockets into Israel

B) “Allahu Akbar” screaming Muslims riot and commit acts of violence in Europe

C) “Allahu Akbar” screaming Muslims torch a Christian church in a Muslim country

The answer is C—Christian persecution.


Because in both scenarios A and B, Muslims will always be portrayed and seen as the “underdogs”—and hence always exonerated for their behavior. No matter how violent or ugly, no matter how many Islamic slogans are shrieked—thus placing their behavior in a purely Islamic context—Muslim violence against the West and Israel will always be dismissed as a product of the weak and outnumbered status of Muslims—their status as underdogs, which the West tends to romanticize. And so they will always get a free pass, without further ado.

They may be screaming and rioting, firing rockets and destroying property—all while calling for the death and destruction of the “infidel” West and/or Israel to cries of “Allahu Akbar!” Still, no problem. According to the aforementioned array of pundits, apologists, academics, and politicians, such bloodlust is a natural byproduct of the frustration Muslims feel as an oppressed minority, “rightfully” angry with the “colonial” West and its Israeli proxy. Indeed, that is precisely how even the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. by al-Qaeda were rationalized away by many “experts”—even as al-Qaeda’s own words exposed their animus as a direct product of Muslim doctrine not temporal grievances.

Most recently, the New York Times, in the context of the rocket attacks on Tel Aviv, asserted that Israel “needs a different approach to Hamas and the Palestinians based more on acknowledging historic grievances,” thus taking all blame off the “aggrieved” and “underdog” Muslims and Palestinians.

But if Muslims get a free pass when their violence is directed against those currently stronger than them, how does one rationalize away their violence when it is directed against those weaker than them, those who have no political influence whatsoever? Consider the most obvious of these scenarios, the growing epidemic of Muslim persecution of Christians. From one end of the Islamic world to the other—whether in Arab lands, African lands, Asian lands, or Sinic lands, wherever Muslims are a majority—the largest non-Muslim religious group, Christians, suffer untold atrocities.

The rationalizations used to minimize Muslim violence against the West and Israel simply cannot work here—for now Muslims are the majority, and they are the ones violent and oppressive to their minorities, often in ways that would make the worst Israeli treatment of Muslims look kind and benevolent.

In short, Christian persecution is one of, if not the clearest reflections of Islamic supremacism. Vastly outnumbered and politically marginalized Christians simply wish to worship in peace, and yet still are they hounded and attacked, their churches burned and destroyed, their women and children enslaved and raped (see monthly “Muslim Persecution of Christians” reports for an example).

These Christians are often identical to their Muslim co-citizens, in race, ethnicity, national identity, culture, and language; there is no political dispute, no land dispute. The only problem is that they are Christian—they are the other—and so must be subjugated, according to Sharia’s position for all “others,” for all infidels—including Israel and the West.

Such is the true nature of Muslim rage throughout the world: it is a byproduct of doctrinal intolerance if not downright hatred for the other, who must always be kept in a state of subjugation and humiliation, according to the letter of the Quran.

Accordingly, while Christian persecution is the clearest example of this hate, it also explains why others are so despised, for example, Israel.

Consider: Christians and Jews are both constantly castigated in the Quran: Muslims are admonished not to befriend either of them (5:51) and to fight and subjugate them “until they pay tribute with willing submission and feel themselves brought low” (9:29). Christians under Islam are suffering accordingly—as despised dhimmis, abused and “brought low,” routinely plundered of their lives, dignity, and possessions.

On the other hand, Israel—the dhimmi that got away—actually has authority and power over Muslims. Now, if dhimmis are supposed to be kept in total submission to Muslims, how then when one of them actually lords over Muslims?

Hence Islam’s immense and existential rage against the Jewish state.

Original source: FrontPage Magazine

Expose: Sweeping no-go areas for Jews in Europe, “European Jewsh History is nearing its end”

Israel’s former Chief Rabbi noted the obvious: The Jewish existence in Europe is coming to an end. Muslims are now finishing Hitler’s work and dream. How many Jews dare to see the obvious, and how many live in denial? Anyway, you can thank Islam, mass immigration, the Prophet Muhammad and cowardly, anti-Semitic, oil-greedy European politicians.

Europe nearly “exterminated” all of its Jews, and chose instead to import tens of millions of Muslims. As country after country caves and cowers to Islamic supremacist demands, violence and hatred, the Jews, the most despised of people under Islam, are fleeing in droves — and those who stay must hide. Europe will reap what she has sown.

This rampant violence and hate is never covered by the mainstream media. Instead we are subjected to the non-stop fiction of of “islamophobia” and the mythical victimhood narrative employed by Islamic supremacists and their media quislings.

Christians, of course, will suffer the same cruel fate, and the same scourge that ushered in Europe’s Dark Ages will usher in the Modern Dark Age.

“Op-Ed: EXPOSÉ: No-go Areas for Jews in Europe” Israel National News, December 18, 2012

Israel has room for all Jews and welcomes them, but that does not have any bearing on what is going on in Europe. Rabbi Lau predicted that European Jewish history is nearing its end.

Surprised that Israelis entering Jordan are required to deposit religious Jewish items, like skullcaps and tefillin, for “security reasons?

It’s happening in many European countries as well, where Jews are once again in grave danger and Judeophobia has become the common currency of politics.

Jews in Denmark have just been warned by Israeli officials not to appear publicly wearing Jewish religious symbols such as yarmulkes or stars of David in order to avoid increasing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic altercations. “We advise Israelis who come to Denmark and want to go to the synagogue to wait to don their skull caps until they enter the building and not to wear them in the street, irrespective of whether the areas they are visiting are seen as being safe,” said Israel’s ambassador to Denmark, Arthur Avnon.

Got that? To be identifiable as a Jew in public in Europe is to invite violence. There are European areas in its bigger cities where you cannot go outside looking like a Jew – it’s like being in Gaza.

…Jewish students have been advised not to wear a kippa in the streets in Germany either…Whenever its pupils go on trips to the zoo or the museum, Jewish pupils are warned: “Speak German, not Hebrew, put a baseball cap over your kippah so you don’t give stupid people something to get annoyed about.”

…A few days ago Finland’s Jewish community was advised not to wear the skullcap in public for fear of anti-Semitic attacks.

In Malmö, Sweden, the country which once gave the world saints like Raoul Wallenberg, members of the local synagogue decided not to keep on their kippahs upon exiting their synagogue.

Norway’s Jewish Community has advised its members against speaking Hebrew loudly on the streets or wearing Jewish emblems. Norwegian police have just increased security around Oslo’s main synagogue.

Everywhere in Europe, steel barriers are in place outside certain buildings with Jewish or Israeli connections to prevent parking…

Every time I see a Jewish child walking down the street in Vienna, Paris or Rome wearing a kippah, I know that Hitler did not get to finish his job. It makes me feel proud – or at least somewhat better.

But the Holocaust, in which two thirds of European Jewry were annihilated, did not end when Nazi Germany and its satellites were routed militarily. The spirit of annihilation continues eighty years later. That’s why Israel’s former chief rabbi, Meir Lau, predicted that European Jewish history is nearing its end.

Indeed, it seems a tragic but unavoidable process: Europe as a Jew-free continent or a realm of fear in which Jews will survive as “invisible”, like during the Inquisition, where even lighting candles on Shabbath is a hazard because someone could see the holy flames from the street.

Europe’s streets are getting very dark these days and the sublime orchestras are playing Richard Wagner’s “Tristan und Isolde” and “Die Meistersinger” once more, while the faith in “truth as beauty and beauty as truth” can again meet its horrible end.

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Iran: “Israeli death squad” responsible for Sandy Hook massacre

No one surpasses the Iranians in their fanatical Jew-hatred. Qur’anic antisemitism leads them to see the Zionists behind everything; the Qur’an brands the Jews as the worst enemies of the Muslims (5:82) and portrays them as wickedly trying to turn the Muslims away from their faith and thwart them at every turn.

“Iran: Newtown massacre was Israeli conspiracy,” by Dudi Cohen for Ynet News, December 18:

“The Newtown massacre was the result of an Israeli conspiracy” an Iranian news website proclaimed Tuesday.

The United States is still reeling from the murderous rampage that left 20 children and six adults dead in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday. Tehran – which on Sunday offered its condolences to the victims and their families – is now promoting an alternative explanation to the horrific event.

Iran’s Press TV website quoted Michael Harris, former Republican candidate for governor of Arizona and GOP campaign finance chairman, as saying that “An Israeli death squad was involved in the Sandy Hook shooting.”

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Rasmussen: Following School Shooting, 86% Want More Action to Identify and Treat Mental Illness

Americans want something done following the horrific news from Sandy Hook Elementary School last week, and a plurality believes a greater emphasis on mental health issues will be the most effective way to prevent such tragedies.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Americans believe more action to treat mental health issues will do the most to prevent incidents like last Friday’s school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty-seven percent (27%) think stricter gun control laws will do the most to prevent such shootings, while 15% put the emphasis on limits on violent movies and video games. Ten percent (10%) are undecided.

86% want more to treat mental illness, 49% want limits on violent movies, 47% stricter gun control.

The national survey of 1,000 Adults was conducted on December 17-18, 2012 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

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Astronomers find ‘Earth 2’

The nearest single Sun-like star to the Earth hosts five planets – one of which is in the “habitable zone” where liquid water can exist, astronomers say.

Tau Ceti’s planetary quintet – reported in an online paper that will appear in Astronomy and Astrophysics – was found in existing planet-hunting data.The study’s refined methods of sifting through data should help find even more far-flung worlds.

The star now joins Alpha Centauri as a nearby star known to host planets.

In both those cases, the planets were found not by spying them through a telescope but rather by measuring the subtle effects they have on their host stars’ light.

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