Liberman: If Israel launches a ground incursion into Gaza, IDF needs to ‘go all the way’

“We are ready for a wide-scale ground operation, if necessary, but it should be noted that the IDF enters Gaza, it cannot be stopped in the middle; it needs to go all the way.”

“This wasn’t done after the ground operation in Cast Lead,” he said, explaining that the military stopped short of fully carrying out its objectives in its assault on Hamas four years ago. “We we paid a heavy price in world opinion and still did not achieve our goal.”

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“Romney Wins in a Landslide (at Least in Israel): What it Means,” The Times of Israel

On the election map, the State of Israel is not just blue and white; it is solidly red.

The Presidential election results are in. Well, at least the votes from Americans in Israel. Not one to keep readers in suspense, I’ll reveal the most important numbers up front: Gov. Mitt Romney received 85%–85%!–of the vote; President Obama managed only 14.3%. This, according to exit polling just released by iVoteIsrael, the non-partisan group promoting and facilitating voting by U.S. citizens currently in Israel. Their statistics reveal some fascinating results. More importantly, these results have implications for the outcome of next week’s election. (Again, not to keep you in suspense: those implications favor the Republicans.)

First, that 85% should be seen in a broader perspective. Israel has become a “red state” through such a solidly Republican vote. In fact, if Israel were in the United States, it would be the “reddest” state in the entire country. Redder, even, than Utah, or Wyoming or Oklahoma. Significantly redder. That should be a startling development for the Democrats, who once owned the pro-Israel vote.

Second, that 14% for Obama is 40% lower than the vote he received from Israel in 2008. That should worry his campaign. Even if his support in the Jewish community in America has eroded by only half that much, he may have trouble clearing the 60% mark. An interesting historical note: for almost a century, every Republican candidate who received 30% or more of the Jewish vote was victorious–and it looks like Romney will win well over 30%.

Third, the total vote from Israel–80,000 ballots–is huge. That’s about 25% of all ballots cast from all expat communities combined, which together have 20 times as many Americans as Israel has. It also represents 50% of eligible voters in Israel, a participation rate fully ten times that of Americans in the rest of the world. That’s an incredible rate considering the cumbersome process of registration and absentee ballot application and mailing faced by each individual Israel-based voter. It’s also more than double the number of ballots ever cast before from Israel.

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“President Obama Offers A Repeat Of His Same Failed Policies,” Forbes

A central theme of President Obama’s reelection campaign is that we can’t go back to the same economic policies that caused “the mess we are in,” by which he means the 2008 financial crisis. He identifies those policies as the same tax rate cuts and regulatory rollbacks supported by GOP nominee Mitt Romney. This is just about the only Obama theme that has resonated with at least some of the public.

But substantively the theme is foolish. There is no economic theory under which tax rate cuts cause recessions. Even under Keynesian economics, tax rate cuts are expansionary. Even Karl Marx never said that tax rate cuts cause economic downturns.

Tax rate cuts are inherently pro-growth because they increase incentives for productive activities, by enabling producers to keep a higher percentage of what they produce.  The result is greater savings, investment, business start ups, business expansion, job creation, higher wages, and more economic growth, depending on exactly which tax rates are cut.

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