Politicians lambaste Obama admin after Libya attack suspect transferred to Tunisia where U.S officials can’t interrogate him

The Tunisian man arrested over the deadly terror attack in Benghazi… has now been identified through facial recognition software as having been present at the U.S. diplomatic outpost during the siege, senior U.S. intelligence officials told Fox News Tuesday. The only problem is that Ali Ani al Harzi, who was detained at a Turkish airport in the days following the attack for travelling with false documents, has now been transferred to Tunisia, where U.S. interrogators are unable to reach him.

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“Romney’s $2 Billion Sacrifice for America,” Newsmax

Christopher Ruddy’s Perspective: Mitt Romney passed up well over a billion dollars to do public service.

It’s an amazing statement, but it’s true.

…A recent Forbes magazine article by Nathan Vardi headlined, “Mitt Romney: The Most Expensive Political Career in American History.”

As Vardi observes, “Lots of people pay a high price for getting into politics, but no one has likely given up more, at least financially, than Mitt Romney.”

Just how much?

Well, Forbes estimates Romney would be worth around $2 billion if he had stayed at Bain Capital rather than run for office.

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Egyptian authorities reportedly seize 1.7 million documents proving Jewish ownership of assets in Cairo

Two tons of papers, about to be shipped to Israel, grabbed by police in what Egyptian media call ‘dangerous security breach’

Egyptian authorities confiscated some 1.7 million documents reportedly proving Jewish ownership of land and assets in Cairo. The documents were reportedly about to be shipped out of the country to Israel, in what the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram is calling “the most dangerous case of security breach in history.”

The documents were found in 13 large cases, ready to be transported to Jordan and from there to Israel, Egyptian media reported Sunday.

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Did Obama Issue an Order to Aid the Americans in Libya? Former Asst to Secretary of Defense Weighs in

Bing West: If Obama did issue an order, that order is immediately written down, all of that is on the record. I would like to see the execution order… I have very serious doubt that such an execution order exists.

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“U.S. Prosperity Slides in Index That Ranks Norway No. 1,” Bloomberg News

The U.S. slid from the top ten most prosperous nations for the first time in a league table which ranked three Scandinavian nations the best for wealth and wellbeing.

The U.S. fell to 12th position from 10th in the Legatum Institute’s annual prosperity index amid increased doubts about the health of its economy and ability of politicians…

With the presidential election just a week away, the research group said the standing of the U.S. economy has deteriorated to beneath that of 19 rivals. The report also showed that respect for the government has fallen, fewer Americans perceive working hard gets you ahead, while companies face higher startup costs and the export of high-technology products is dropping.

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NY Times Called Bush’s 2.7% GDP a ‘Letdown,’ But Obama’s Lower GDP a ‘Steady Improvement’

The leftist bias of the New York Times beautifully encapsulated in seven words used about a week before two presidential elections. Headline over Saturday’s editorial on the third quarter GDP creeping up to 2.0 percent under Democrat Barack Obama: “Slow but Steady Improvement.” Headline twenty years ago (October 29, 1992) when Republican incumbent George H.W. Bush was in the White House and the third quarter GDP nearly doubled to 2.7 percent: “Gross National Letdown.”

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‘They Watched, and Our People Died’ in Benghazi’

An American unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was hovering over the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11 during the attack in which bloodthirsty Al Qaeda-linked terrorists murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.

The military backup that should have been racing to the scene, launched in response by those monitoring the Predator drone and other reconnaissance aircraft, moved too slowly and came too late, charged a former CIA commander…

Ambassador Stevens repeatedly noted in communiques to Washington that weak security was an issue at the consulate. He noted in June there had been a spike in attacks against “international organizations and foreign interests,” ABC News reported. In August, he sent a cable warning of a series of violent incidents that “dominated the political landscape
The ambassador underscored to his superiors at the State Department that the attacks were “organized” and that Libyan security personnel was not a “stabilizing force.” He also noted that the Libyan security force provided “little deterrence” – a major red flag that Washington apparently ignored.during the Ramadan holiday.”

Repeated requests to the Obama administration for additional security to the consulate in Benghazi were rejected.

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TUNISIA: ‘Moderate” Muslim leader planning slow takeover of country by radical extremists

There’s an uproar in Tunisia over a video that shows a leading politician advising young Salafist leaders on how they can take control of the state, gradually. The politician, Rashid al-Ghannushi, heads the country’s largest party, Ennahda, and is considered to be a voice of Islamic moderation.

INN  The video was first broadcast last April and re-broadcast October 9th. In it, Ghannushi told the Salafists: “The secularists are still in control of the media, economy and administration. Therefore, controlling them would require more time.”

He added that “the police and army’s support for Islamists is not guaranteed, and controlling them would also require more time.” ”I tell our young Salafists to be patient… Why hurry? Take your time to consolidate what you have gained,” Ghannushi said. He advised the Salafists to “create television channels, radio stations, schools and universities” to push their agenda.

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“South Africa’s ruling party endorses anti-Israel boycott,” The Times of Israel

Former deputy president Mbete says Israel is ‘far worse than apartheid South Africa’; Jewish leader compares Pretoria’s attitude to Israel with that of Tehran

Senior members of South Africa’s ruling party this week endorsed a boycott of Israel, seemingly contradicting Pretoria’s official stance of maintaining trade ties with Israel.

The move is likely to further strain already frayed ties between the countries…

In August, South Africa’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ebrahim Ismail Ebrahim called upon the citizens of his country to avoid visiting Israel because of Jerusalem’s treatment of Palestinians. “Israel is an occupier country which is oppressing Palestine, so it is not proper for South Africans to associate with Israel,” Ebrahim said.

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Anti-Obama filmmaker saves the President’s nephew’s life. You wont believe it until you hear it.

Dinesh D’Souza made a documentary called “2016: Obama’s America” which was released in August 2012. It is already the second biggest political documentary of all time, having grossed over $33 million. Although the movie is very critical of President Obama, his brother, George Obama recently called Dinesh for a favor. You won’t believe how that phone conversation ended.

This is the clip where Dinesh told Glenn Beck about George Obama (at 13:28, but I recommend watching the entire clip.)

YouTube Preview Image


Two trailers for “2016: Obama’s America”

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


“2016: OBAMA’S AMERICA” Dinesh D’Souza’s Movie with Glenn Beck on GBTV

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Other interviews with Dinesh D’Souza about his documentary and books about President Obama

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Des Moines hasn’t endorsed a Republican Presidential candidate in 40 years, endorsed Gov Romney yesterday

The Des Moines Register endorsement: Mitt Romney offers a fresh economic vision

…The nation has struggled to recover from recession for the past 40 months. Still, the economy is growing at an unacceptably anemic rate of around 2 percent a year and could slip back into recession depending on what happens in the European Union and China.

The workforce is still 4.5 million jobs short of the nearly 9 million that were lost in the recession. Longer term, looming deficits driven by Social Security and Medicare pose the single greatest threats to the nation’s economic security.

The president’s best efforts to resuscitate the stumbling economy have fallen short. Nothing indicates it would change with a second term in the White House…

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Enquirer presidential endorsement: Mitt Romney Accomplishments as governor, experience in business make him best choice to heal economy, D.C. dysfunction


The No.1 issue in our region and our nation today is how to recharge our economy and get more people working in good-paying jobs.

President Barack Obama has had four years to overcome the job losses of the Great Recession he inherited, but the recovery has been too slow and too weak. It’s time for new leadership from Mitt Romney, a governor and business leader with a record of solving problems.

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“Al Qaeda leader calls on Muslims to kidnap Westerners for prisoner deal,” Fox News

CAIRO –  The leader of Al Qaeda has urged Muslims to kidnap Westerners to exchange for imprisoned jihadists.

Ayman Al-Zawahri also urged support for Syria’s uprising and called for the implementation of Islamic Shariah law in Egypt.

In an undated two-hour videotape posted this week on militant forums, the Egyptian-born jihadist said that abducting nationals of “countries waging wars on Muslims” is the only way to free “our captives, and Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman,” the Egyptian cleric serving a life sentence in U.S. prisons for his masterminding of 1993 bombings in New York City.

Al-Zawahri also called upon ultraconservative clerics in Egypt to ensure clear mention of Shariah in the new constitution. The role of Shariah is hotly contested between liberals, ultraconservative Salafis, and the country’s best organized political group, the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Unemployment: The 5 Million Green Jobs That Weren’t,” Bloomberg.com

In 2008 candidate Barack Obama promised to create 5 million green jobs. He laid out a plan to invest $150 billion over 10 years that would advance a clean-energy economy built around biofuels, hybrid cars, low-emission coal plants, and renewable sources such as solar and wind. How many has he actually created?

…The Brookings Institution also has a tally, but it too goes only through 2010, and of the nearly 2.7 million green jobs it identifies, most were bus drivers, sewage workers, and other types of work that don’t fit the “green jobs of the future” that Obama imagined. The report does zero in on cleantech, which includes the wind, solar, fuel-cell, and smart-grid industries. In 2010, Brookings shows, there were 184,699 such jobs nationwide—up 2,642 since the president took office in 2009.

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“The U.S. expressway to Greece – Obama’s deficits 8 times higher than previous presidents’,” The Washington Times

When President Obama entered office, federal spending for fiscal 2008 already was way too high at nearly $3 trillion. Four years later, for fiscal 2012, Mr. Obama’s 2013 budget, released in February, shows he already has increased federal spending and the size of the federal government by more than 25 percent in just one term.
But that was just a warm-up for Mr. Obama. Obamacare, for example, does not even become fully effective until 2014 and is projected by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to increase federal spending by another $1.76 trillion by itself over the next 10 years. Mr. Obama’s 2013 budget proposes to increase total federal spending by another 53 percent by 2022, to $5.82 trillion, the highest government spending in world history.

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“Israel rattled by rise in anti-Semitic rhetoric from Egypt,” FoxNews.com

The new tone coming out of Egypt – punctuated by President Mohammed Morsi mouthing “Amen” to an Imam’s call for the destruction of Israel – is rattling residents of the Jewish state, who claim the Obama administration isn’t taking the ratcheted-up rhetoric seriously…

The party that propelled Morsi to power, however, has made no secret of its contempt for Judaism and Christianity. When Mohammed Badie in 2010 became leader of the Muslim Brotherhood – and consequently President Morsi’s spiritual guide – he stepped up his attacks on Israel even while Hosni Mubarak still held an iron grip on power in Egypt.

Determined to recapture Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa (Golden Dome) Mosque, Badie told his followers, “Every Muslim is obliged to wage Jihad in order to restore it (Jerusalem) to Muslim rule”. Of the Jews he added, “Allah would free the world of their filth and corruption…Jerusalem will be regained only through Jihad, not through negotiations.”

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